Global Excellence Awards 2021

Page 18 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards To have the ability to create some of the most beautiful designs and become a part of someone’s story, history and future, is one of the best things to be involved in. However, at Rachel Tucker Studios, awarded the Best Fine Jewellery Manufacturer in Ontario, the most wonderful part of the journey is the one taken within a bespoke jewellery process – celebrating love in many forms. Rachel Tucker Studios Inc. The Best Bespoke Jewellery in Toronto & Best Fine Jewellery Manufacturer - Ontario Aug21193 Based in Toronto, Rachel Tucker Studios is a luxury jewellery manufacturer specialising in custom-designed pieces, servicing both the public and the trade by offering a unique perspective on everyday and occasion jewellery. Unparalleled within the industry for its impeccable quality of craftsmanship, its team of highly skilled goldsmiths can create stunning bespoke jewellery to be used for any occasion. The studio’s objective is to create expertly made jewellery pieces that last a lifetime as future heirlooms. Each piece within the workshop is treated as a VIP job with the most finite of details taken into consideration. Moreover, personal details are added to each piece created, thus ensuring a personal connection to the wearer. Overall, the studios specialist relies heavily on innovation and out-of-the-box design concepts that allow each customer to feel unique in their process and design. Doing this ensures that each piece is entirely different, which enables the studio to remain at the top of the industry by providing bespoke designs and a personal experience that is remembered and appreciated by the customer. For RTS, a significant part of its custom work involves remounting older jewellery pieces to give them new life. Thus, clients can come in with jewellery that is no longer worn, and the studio can create a fresh, contemporary design based on the customer’s thoughts and ideas. A significant aspect of the studio is that it offers in-person appointments in which the founder, Rachel Tucker, personally hand paints each design to scale, giving the customer an intimate and personalised view into what the finished piece will look like. Offering this service is incredibly rare, needing expert and precise skills that take years to perfect. Moreover, hand painted sketches offer a particular warmth within the details that computerised images cannot convey. Due to the studios office and workshop being within the same space, customers have the exclusive ability to view the process of how their jewellery is made from design to assembly and polishing. Moreover, customers can interact with the goldsmiths making their jewellery, a process that RTS makes transparent, which is another additional rare service offered as most jewellers do not provide this. Adding to the studio’s unique operations and services, RTS has an in-house laser, a machine that provides extreme precision that the traditional torch method does not provide. Currently, RTS is creating an inventory of one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery for 2022, working with rare and usual gems to ensure that nothing made at the studio can be found at any other jewellery shop. Whilst the studio will still be working with a traditional selection of diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, RTS will begin focusing on less common gemstones like spinel, chalcedony, labradorite and morganite, to name a few. RTS works with several high-end gem suppliers within the industry; however, one in particular has been supplying the studio with museum-quality gemstones, which will be the focus of its new inventory. This supplier travels directly to the mines in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Madagascar, Tanzania, and more to purchase raw materials that his stonecutter facets into unusual and wildly brilliant cuts that are a rarity in the jewellery industry. Thus, its special connection to this supplier and its various skills concerning expertise, craftsmanship, design and attention to detail aids in the expansion of the national reputation that is Rachel Tucker Studios. Excellent bespoke and one of a kind jewellery that Rachel and her team handcraft is a rare experience highlighted through the jewellery making process. Company Name: Rachel Tucker Studios Inc. Contact Name: Rachel Tucker Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Nov21219 N