Global Excellence Awards 2021 Page 23 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards In an increasingly globalised world, companies with solid roots to their home country are still an invaluable part of the worldwide market. Mx Skincare Holdings is one such company, setting itself apart from its competition with its 100% Australian skincare brand, designed, developed, and manufactured in the country proper and available all across the nation. Although it is presently only available in Australia, it is currently working with its legal team in order to secure trademarking in several different countries that it hopes it will be able to provide its incredible products to in the very near future, striving towards this as the next primary goal. Its motto, ‘where science meets luxury’, tells one a fair amount about this company’s priorities. With the latest scientific research, the finest active ingredients, and the best luxury formulas, its products can visibly transform the skin and give a client’s skincare regime the boost it needs to leave their skin glowing, healthy, and vibrant. Fundamentally, Mx Skincare Holdings is a results-driven company. This means that it has developed its notoriety and reputation from the word of its clients alone, always working hard to take in, work on, and implement feedback into Nov21688 Mx Skincare Holdings PTY LTD Best Luxury Cosmeceutical Unisex Skincare Brand 2021 its products so that each line continues to develop and improve depending on what its client base requires. Each product, in addition, has been specially formulated to penetrate the skin and minimise the impact of free radical damage caused by everything the UV radiation to toxins, pollutants, and more, protecting the skin from future harm and making a defensive measure a part of its client’s everyday regimen. Its results are also just one part of the full package these products provide. As well as long-term results, it is also a delight to apply, creating products that are light, refreshing, and not overwhelmingly fragrant, using silkysoft textures that melt into the skin thanks to the science backed formula in its creams, oils, and tinctures, transforming the skincare routine of the everyday into a spa moment in your own home. Essentially, Mx Skincare Holdings prides itself on quality without compromise. Using the best ingredients at the correct quantities, each product is rigorously tested, and quality control is one of its great passions, as is ethics in the broader sense; there are no animal derivatives in its products, and it is the Mx Skincare Holdings promise that none of its offerings have undergone animal testing. With its website containing a glossary of skin concerns that a customer can peruse to find what they might be struggling with, and then find the corresponding products that will help quickly and efficiently, its products include cosmeceutical facial oils, vitamin oils, eye cream, moisturiser, cleanser, hydrating masks, and an exfoliator. It looks forward to bringing each of these products to a much wider market in the near future, ready to show the wider global market one of Australia’s best kept cosmetic secrets. Company: Mx Skincare Holdings PTY LTD Contact: Allison Pickering Website: Mx Skincare Holdings, a company with a staunch dedication to skincare and creating the best everyday use products for its clients, takes its duty to its customer’s wellbeing very seriously. Operating with ethical prowess, strict internal quality control, and a constant dedication to bettering its products across the board, it has secured its position as one of Australia’s favourite skincare brands, and looks forward to being able to make this true of several other countries in the very near future.