Global Excellence Awards 2021 Page 25 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards Nomadic Washrooms, as suggested by the name, take the concept of the luxury Shepherd’s Hut toilets and makes it mobile. Fundamentally, this company offers washroom and shower facilities for weddings, events, and festivals that wish to offer guests something a little different to a Portaloo in the middle of a field; instead, their Washrooms are comfortable, spacious, and the hight of luxury. With few other offerings on the market quite like it, Nomadic Washrooms takes pride in providing one of the most luxurious toilet and shower hire concepts in the UK – and serving a wide variety of different customers – making itself a must-have at events and gatherings. For instance, for its clients’ weddings, it is quick to assure them that the facilities it offers are quirky and discrete, and can fit to the current trend of boho and rustic themes. Kate and Stu Richards, the founding couple behind this company, came up with the idea for Nomadic Washrooms during their own wedding where they had custom decorated (but stationary) washroom facilities to mirror the rustic atmosphere of the wedding itself, in the style of revamped old stable toilets at their venue. The guests enjoyed the in-theme and unique answer to creature comfort solutions, and after Nov21496 Nomadic Washrooms Best Luxury Toilet & Shower Trailer Provider - Wales that day, Kate and Stu decided that they simply must bring this idea of customised facilities to as many other people’s events as possible. A year or so of research and planning later, and they launched Nomadic Washrooms in October 2019, commissioning the company its first fleet of trailers. Hitting the ground running with a concrete brand, image, and marketing plan, Nomadic Washrooms quickly began to gain traction amongst its market segment of wedding clients, events planners, and events venues, attending the National Wedding Show in Birmingham in 2020 to generate further buzz amongst this element of its market segment. Consequentially, it came away from the show with 100 new enquiries and 60 confirmed bookings for 2021 and 2022. Of course, with the turmoil of the pandemic, many of these dates had to be rescheduled, but they pulled through the pandemic by focusing on other business elements such as Nomadic Appetite – their wood-fired pizza business – and loaning out two of its units to the BBC for a year during 2020. The company then hit the ground running with 6 trailers out on hire every weekend once the COVID restrictions were lifted for weddings and events from 2021 onwards. Now, its four members of staff are working hard in preparation for the 2022 season, maintaining the 6 existing trailers and managing the production of 2 more. With 8 in the fleet for 2022, they will be able to offer smaller trailers for intimate glamping weddings, huge 250+ guest capacity trailers for larger events, and a 6-bay shower unit for festivals. It also offers an accessible option and stocks each unit with eco-friendly bamboo toilet roll, hand soaps, and sanitizer, with a toilet attendant on hand if required to keep everything fresh and tidy during the event. Company: Nomadic Washrooms Contact: Kate & Stuart Richards Website: A friendly, charismatic small business operating all over the UK to bring luxury washrooms to events such as weddings, birthday parties and festivals, Nomadic Washrooms has made itself a staple in the events planning circuit. A relatively young company, this firm’s innovative idea of offering luxury shower and toilet facilities in the style of Shepherds huts to match the theme and ambience of any event, creating a tidy, hygienic, and discrete effect is a new and bold one quickly gaining traction.