Global Excellence Awards 2021

Page 26 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards Historical architecture is perhaps best known for its intricacies – luxurious homes were built using quality materials and techniques that have since fallen out of mainstream fashion. Bringing this artistry back into homes is Tartaruga Design Inc, a company that takes these centuries-old styles and refines them through cuttingedge technologies. Influenced by regency architecture, baroque styles, and much more, Tartaruga Design Inc designs and creates spectacular products that are sure to infuse homes with not only glamour, but historical accuracy. Tartaruga Design Inc Best Stone Fireplace & Mantelpiece Designers 2021 Nov21179 For over 25 years, Tartaruga Design Inc has been designing and manufacturing bespoke cast stone fireplace mantels, kitchen hoods, and architectural details for both indoor and outdoor applications. Specialising in classic Italian, French or English design, Tartaruga Design Inc takes great inspiration from historical architecture – its designs influenced by styles popular hundreds of years ago. For example, elements of Rococo, Gothic, and Baroque can be found within its pieces. Founded in 1994 by Luca Savazzi, a life-long sculptor, Tartaruga Design Inc benefits from an intense passion for design. Indeed, Savazzi has over twenty years of experience sculpting in a variety of materials and has travelled across the globe to study the architectural styles represented in the Tartaruga Design catalogue. As a result, it was on a trip back to his home country, Italy, that Savazzi would discover the technique that Tartaruga Design Inc would later become known for. The Scagliola technique became increasingly popular in Italian Baroque architecture throughout the 17th century. Upon bringing this practice back to the studio, Savazzi and his team worked tirelessly to perfect the technique, advancing it through the use of state-of-the-art technology. Tartaruga Design Inc attracts highly trained designers and sculptors, and over the years has built a team of enthusiastic, hard-working professionals. From the product design stages all the way to installation, the team is available at all hours to answer clients’ questions and provide assistance. At Tartaruga Design Inc, the customer comes first. Furthermore, the company has cultivated an environment that encourages collaboration between all departments of the company, as it aims to optimise communications. Consequently, each member of staff is kept informed throughout each step of the process, resulting in a time-effective method. Carefully researched, impeccably crafted, and locally produced, Tartaruga Design Inc’s historically accurate fireplace mantel and kitchen hood designs have become the industry’s benchmark for value and excellence. Bolstered by its reputation for excellence and lifelong relationships with its clients, the company has not only accomplished its mission, but exceeded it. Tartaruga Design Inc has consistently provided customers with a high-quality product that remains true to its historical influences. Such standing in the market has set it apart from the competition – it is unlike anything else out there. Many companies attempt to embrace historical architecture however, they fail to develop an understanding of historical architecture and proportion. Moreover, unlike Tartaruga Design Inc, the sculpting, or in some cases carving, is not accurate. Simply, the competition lacks the accuracy and artistry that Tartaruga Design Inc has perfected. In addition, the company does not shy away from evolution – it is constantly searching for new ways to enhance its products. Savazzi, who possesses a background in mechanical engineering, designed and built a robotic carving machine. The innovative machine has pushed the company ahead of its competitors – introduced just over a month ago, the technology has already won the company new contracts. The upcoming year is filled with exciting projects, including a new line of modern condo mantels, concrete tables, countertops, and sinks. Additionally, Tartaruga Design Inc is setting its sights on expansion, as the company aims to expand its reach to new heights. Ultimately, Tartaruga Design Inc plans to continue serving customers with warmth and vigour, bringing new, high-quality products to homes around the world. Contact: Luca Savazzi Company: Tartaruga Design Inc Web Address: