Global Excellence Awards 2021

Page 30 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards Based in Portugal, Herdade do Rocim produces delectable wines that tantalise the tastebuds. Whether you’re searching for a wine perfect for a romantic evening or a wine that compliments the flavours of a delicious meal, Herdade do Rocim is sure to produce the perfect wine to fit the situation. Blending tradition with modern technologies, the company has developed a method unlike any other – therefore, it is no surprise that Herdade do Rocim is at the forefront of the industry. Herdade do Rocim Winemakers of the Year 2021 - Europe Nov21849 “God wishes, Man dreams, the Work is born,.” It is this Fernando Pessoa quote that infuses the ideas and desires behind the development of Herdade do Rocim. A project created under the Rocim umbrella, it came to fruition in 2000, and has rocketed to unprecedented levels of success. Located between Vidigueira and Cuba, in Lower Alentejo, the project sprawls across a 296-acre estate – 172 of which are vineyards and a further 24 consist of olive trees. The Herdade do Rocim brand benefits from an abundance of generational knowledge and, in turn, is the brand that best reflects Rocim’s identity. It produces a vast array of wines, its vineyards being home to 130 acres for its red grape varieties and 42 for its white grape varieties, and each one is produced organically. In addition, all the viticulture operations at the Herdade do Rocim estate are carried out manually out of respect for the company’s terroir and sustainability principles. From the winter pruning through to the harvest, humans play a key role in the wine’s production. Bolstered by its oenology department, the company endeavours to remain as sustainable as possible. Utilising a combination of modern and traditional techniques, including grape treading on a stone wine press, the company keeps in line with its terroir. Moreover, to ensure the highest quality wines, grapes are carefully selected from the vineyards, and all the grape clusters are then inspected again at the entrance of the cellar. However, during the production process, the oenology department opts to take as much of a hands-off approach as possible, as the utmost respect is given to the natural processes. Producing fresh and complex wines, Herdade do Rocim takes pride in its wide inventory of delicious beverages, selling them online at a surprisingly affordable price. Indeed, the low price does not reflect the exceptional quality that is received. From red wine to rosé, its award-winning products are infused with luxury, serving as a treat for the tastebuds. For example, its Mariana White is a wine flooded with a rich and fruity flavour that captures the essence of the Lower Alentejo region. Hosting a variety of wine tourism events, guests have the option to explore the wine producing area, the wine bar, and the store. Additionally, the estate’s educational vineyard is available for visitors wanting to build a greater understanding of the company’s grape varieties. Guests are presented with overwhelming hospitality as the staff works to create a memorable experience – from the moment they enter the estate to the moment they leave, the visitors are Herdade do Rocim’s main priority. Of course, no visit to the estate is complete without enjoying one of the company’s famous wine tasting sessions. Consumers have nothing but positive feedback for the company, and across the company’s social media pages, fans of the wines have accumulated in their thousands. On the Herdade do Rocim TripAdvisor page, Jennifer S., a visitor to the winery, stated that they, ‘loved the wine, loved the winery and will definitely try to go back with a real reservation.’ Furthermore, the staff are constantly praised for their friendliness, expertise, and warmth – one reviewer said that ‘the tour guide was very informative on the processes and wines produced.’ For the rest of 2022 and beyond, Herdade do Rocim plans on continuing its sustainable and delectable services. It has seen bright days with even brighter times ahead and it will do everything it can to keep producing the best wine in Europe. Contact: Pedro Ribeiro Company: Herdade do Rocim Web Address: