Global Excellence Awards 2021

Page 40 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors believes it is crucial that each of its projects stand out, whether in architecture, landscaping, interior design, product design, or art consultancy. The drive for designing each building, interior, landscape, furniture, fixture, and graphic goes far beyond how things look, always focusing first and foremost on the way people feel in these spaces. With its clients being individuals, real estate developers, and entrepreneurs, everything GAVINHO does is committed to being incisive, relevant and meaningful to them and to society. It pursues innovative and engaging designs with a humanistic focus, reflecting a self-awareness of its actions in a global world. GAVINHO project manager, Inês Gavinho said, “We truly engage in our projects, always pursuing excellence in an approach to be a solution. A project for us is never only a building or space; it’s a unique vision that has the ability to impact the lives of those that will be connected to it.” The company takes a human-centred and sustainable design approach, helping every single client to innovate and grow. It identifies, uncovers and analyses problematics, providing a response to through designstrategy. It envisions the spaces, products, services, and interactive experiences that bring a new future to life. It confronts the current social problems and Nov21059 GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors Best Luxury Architecture & Interior Design Firm - Portugal modes of living, and pushes towards unique, thoughtful innovations which consider future social definitions and human relationships. But this can’t be achieved without its people, whom it believes are the key to its success, proven by long-term relationships within the team, and the recognition from clients as a reliable partner. The team are the main influencers of the brand, as well as those who develop the solutions, products and services. Inês said, “To provide top expertise and consistently deliver excellent results, we strive for a balance between smart work and hard work. “Our high-quality standards are based on efficient results-oriented people with a can-do attitude, who only find solace when providing our clients with the best possible solutions. Ensuring absolute client satisfaction is essential to our business continuity and growth.” GAVINHO’s location of Portugal also plays a big part in its success and growth. With a singular architectural tradition and one of the most established architecture universities in the world, Portugal stands out naturally. For many years, it was hidden from the world, and in recent years, with the help of national and international entrepreneurs, the country has hit the map again. While GAVINHO saw its challenges in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic within the last two years, it used this difficult time to focus on how it surpassed them. And Portugal is at the top of the most vaccinated countries in the world, but more than that, the industry kept working throughout the pandemic. This made the market grow and many industries were able to use that period to renovate themselves, to develop new approaches and new products. Inês tells us, “It’s amazing what we feel now in the market. The dynamic is very strong, and in two years, we will see results from it translated into new luxury hotels, condominiums, and other innovative and iconic projects.” 2021 was a big year for GAVINHO, following its rebrand to better express its work and vision to clients, in addition to the brand expanding into a group of three companies. GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors, GAVINHO Build, and GAVINHO Properties are now the main three brands of the group, but more news is to come soon as it is preparing to launch a furniture brand this year. The company also has some amazing projects to be launched soon in the residential properties market, and also its first hotel. Company: GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors Contact: Inês Gavinho Email: [email protected] Website: Specialised in the luxury segment for private residences and luxury condominiums, multi-disciplinary GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors creates and redesigns interior spaces with an emphasis on customisation, contemporary style and high-end materials. This is done with commitment to quality and the originality of each project – the cornerstones for the company’s success and international expansion.