Global Excellence Awards 2021 Page 41 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards Diane Forster, an international bestseller and winner of the CREA award for work as an Executive Contributor for BRAINZ Magazine, runs a highly regarded ‘Transformational Coaching, Education and Media’ company that has been recognized with the well-deserved title of Most Inspirational Mindset Coach within the USA. Diane Forster Inc Most Inspirational Mindset Coach (USA) Nov21574 Founded in 2016, Diane Forster, Inc. is internationally regarded for its successful and life-changing efforts within the coaching and mindset sector. The company’s mission is to empower one billion women to discover their self-worth, true divinity, power, and purpose so they can live to their highest potential. With Diane’s guidance and mindful, intellectual directions, women across the globe become self-aware of their value and worthiness and thrive through life with confidence. Diane Forster provides exceptional and world-renowned private and group coaching programs for women over 40 who are determined to reinvent their lives personally and professionally. These products are also offered through the Diane Forster TV show, podcast, online courses, virtual and in-person events, and books, including international sellers. Diane believes the coaching and information industry has never been stronger, stating, “The impact of the pandemic, the great resignation, and the opportunity to pivot out of what is no longer fulfilling for people has made the reinvention category stronger than it’s ever been. So many people want to up-level and elevate their lives. They want to be the ones in control of their destiny and future.” Working with Diane Forster, the results speak for themselves. By providing her clients with newfound confidence, determination and passion, women are able to feel seen, heard, appreciated and acknowledged. Many are oftened pleasantly shocked at how quickly their lives change for the better. Diane is able to do so with her unique methods, such as the ‘Rapid Mindset Shift’ program that aids clients in releasing trapped trauma, limiting beliefs and painful memories of the past. Thus, Diane teaches her clients how to pursue their goals and dreams without repressed or negative self-talk and thoughts holding them back. Master your mindset and you master your life. Diane Forster is a multiple award-winning life and mindset coach, a multi best-selling author, TV Host, Inventor and Speaker. With over four decades of being involved in these sectors and media, Diane offers clients a plethora of experience to enable growth, personally and professionally. For Diane, seeing her clients believe in themselves and feel worthy, appreciated and valued that allowed them to make their lives better is one of the best feelings in the world, and it is proof that her work is making a big difference. Many women who do her work go on to use their own lives to impact others. It’s causing a ripple effect of positive impact. Due to the industry’s sudden growth carried on by the pandemic and the increase of technological advance, Diane stays ahead of the competition by employing innovative techniques and at the forefront of emerging developments. Hence, Diane’s brand, I HAVE TODAY, is launching a television network to help reach more women globally, and she is now training women with her signature TV Host coaching programs. “Video is stronger than ever, and there is a need for good, quality programming focused on self-help and personal development. I am now training women coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, experts, executives and leaders how to launch and host their own TV shows as a vertical to their current business to increase their audience size, build their credibility and stand out as the leader in their niche. It’s been an amazing addition to the business and is in alignment with where the future of my company is going,” explains Diane. The year 2022 is exciting for Diane Forster. First, she launched her newest book, ‘A Better Today: Improve Your Life in 30 Days With This Fun, Inspirational, Motivational Challenge,’ which was released in January. Additionally, Diane is issuing a meditation album titled ‘Love of Self – Mantra Meditations,’ a 12-track list of meditations designed to aid in the shift of mindset towards confidence, health, love, money and other self-empowering topics. Moreover, with the unveiling of its STAR Academy back in 2021, a certification course in launching and hosting your own network show in 30 days, it has been announced that it will return with a live three-day event to be announced. Several things are on the burner for Diane Forster in 2022, aimed at helping a broader audience and spreading a universal message of self-love, self-worth and confidence that is driven to empower and fulfill the lives of those who are ready to take their lives to the next level. A unique and elevated mindset approach that is precisely what the new year calls for. Company: Diane Forster, Inc. Name: Diane Forster Email: [email protected] Web Address: