Global Excellence Awards 2021

Page 42 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards Established in 2021, Thistle Ceremonies provides high quality, caring, and devoted celebrants who aid in ceremonies such as baby naming, adoptee naming, weddings, vow renewals, and funerals – incorporating equality towards all likeminded individuals who come to share their love. Each celebrant is carefully selected and chosen for their humanist beliefs, talents and abilities to write and deliver outstanding services and, most importantly, who can provide great empathy to relate to the clients’ needs. Regardless of the occasion, celebrants remain a caring guide on the journey; with vibrant words, celebrants paint a picture through a thoughtful and care-filled ceremony The objective for Thistle is to create a service script that is worded to reflect the values and personalities of each client, capturing the essence of the person and tailoring a ceremony until it fits right. “We believe in working with our clients via personal meetings to achieve this, and they will always see a copy of the ceremony to ensure the script resonates with them and they are pleased with it,” explains celebrant Phyl Wright. At Thistle, the mission is simple – to provide the best bespoke ceremonies whilst raising funds for the sister arm of its company, Thistle Humanists. Registered as a Community Interest Company, all proceeds from the ceremonies go Nov21566 Thistle Ceremonies Best Bespoke Ceremony Event Services - Scotland directly to Thistle Humanists. In doing so, each year, members of the company select a charity of choice to give the profits to, with this year being Calum’s Cabin and the funeral fund for those struggling with the costs of planning a funeral. “All the Celebrants are non-salaried directors of the company, and they all have an equal share in every decision that is made, through a voting process. I believe this makes for happy staffing as no one has any more power than any other in the company,” states Phyl. Thus, ensuring that each member of the Recognised and awarded the title of Scotland’s Best Bespoke Ceremony Event Service, Thistle Ceremonies is a not-for-profit company that provides quality, bespoke services and ceremonies unique to the individual. As a registered Community Interest Company (CIC), Thistle Ceremonies provides the profits contributed to its ceremonies towards a charity of choice through its sister arm company Thistle Humanists. company is part of a greater community that, in turn, affects charities with blessings, good fortune and recognition. Celebrants and members of Thistle Ceremonies are also members of Thistle Humanists, which the public can also access. The sister arm company, Thistle Humanists, aims to promote humanism and encourage others to care for the world whilst voting collectively on each action taken by the organisation. Currently, members of the Humanists are included in the collective process of an issue raised by MSP Liam McArthur: the assisted dying bill. Essentially, the bill seeks to allow mentally competent and terminally ill patients to die with dignity and at a time of their choosing. Regarding marriages, only a Registrar or a religious leader can take ceremonies within England. However, marriages can be carried out in Scotland by an authorised celebrant as the NRS is the governing body. At Thistle Ceremonies, marriage ceremonies are purely focused on the story of a couple and preparing a unique and bespoke service by offering readings, symbolic gestures. Some even go back as far as Celtic times with traditions of drinking from the quaich, handfasting, unity candles and many others. For Thistle Ceremonies, several potential clients are currently inquiring for online details to discuss packages, services, and personalised details of a ceremony. Therefore, the organisation ensures it keeps up to date with technological services. Moreover, whilst its market is quite niche to begin with, that doesn’t stop Thistle Ceremonies from leading the sector with innovative and trending ideas for its services. “We are always trying to stay ahead of the curve. We seek to keep our ceremonies inclusive and progressive,” states Phyl. Whilst the organisation has only been operational for a mere year, Thistle Ceremonies has been overwhelmed by the support and appreciation in response to their services. Because of this, its reputation has expanded significantly to the point where other high-class celebrants have asked to join the organisation. However, regardless of hype and status, Thistle Ceremonies make a note to ensure that all celebrants share its humanist ethos that affirms the ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives – aspiring to contribute to the greater good of society. With its beaming recognition as Scotland’s Best Bespoke Ceremony Event Service, it won’t be long before its progressive and passionate organisation expands towards new heights. Company Name: Thistle Ceremonies Contact Name: Phyl Wright Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]