Global Excellence Awards 2021 Page 43 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards One of the first companies to pioneer whole-body red-light therapy, Prism Light Pod (PLP), was awarded the title of being the Best Red Light Therapy Device in 2021. Utilising the world’s most powerful and innovative designs, PLP has created a non-invasion solution designed to accelerate the body’s natural recovery process that aids in chronic pain, inflammation and with the addition of promoting weight loss, injury, and wound healing. Prism Light Pod Best Red Light Therapy Device 2021 Nov21561 Prism Light Pod (PLP), founded in 2016, was initially developed by a talented group of doctors, neurologists, technologists, natural health enthusiasts, fitness and nutritional professionals who spent over three decades as high-performing individuals caring for patients. PLP manufactures the most innovative fullbody red light therapy systems in the industry, with production dating back to 2013 with its whole-body red-light therapy beds. Initially, the project began with two prototypes: one located in Denver and the other in Boston. By utilising a significant tone of research from various sources, PLP was able to bring the Prism Light Pod to market in 2016. The immensely talented individuals who got together and incorporated collective decades worth of knowledge, experience, and information could produce such an effective model after leveraging photo biomodulation research from Harvard, MIT, and Tufts Medical. PLP brought together more than 3,000 published NIH articles regarding the significant benefits of red-light therapy and more than 25 years of industrial systems design that aided in the engineering and manufacturing experience of clinical trials. In the end, these findings and experiences brought the Prism Light Pod product into the light. PLP’s mission is to bring red-light therapy’s healing technology towards businesses, homes and wellness facilities to improve people’s lives internationally. “Prism Light Pod is easy to use, sanitise, and it’s comfortable. Clients can expect to feel rejuvenated after a 15-minute whole-body red light therapy session,” explains Founder and CEO Karl Chen. PLP manufactures the most innovative fullbody red-light therapy systems in the entire industry, selling light pods for personal and commercial use. Its six settings are designed to address up to 95 percent of client use cases, allowing anyone to benefit significantly from using PLP. With Being a natural and non-invasive therapy, the advantages of using PLP are endless, by harnessing health benefits and igniting cellular level healing like anti-ageing, chronic pain relief, weight loss and more. Presently, more than 3,000 studies and articles have been dedicated, published and backed by the National Institute of Health. “Without harmful UV rays, red light stimulates a reaction in the body similar to sunlight. In simplest terms, photobiomodulation is to the body what photosynthesis is to plants; energy. By activating the mitochondria of our cells, energy proteins are produced at a higher rate which can deliver cellular-level healing, inflammation relief, chronic joint pain relief, collagen production, skin toning etc.,” states Karl. Traditionally, red light therapy is administered through handheld devices, pads and panels, which only treat one area of the body at a time. This timely process is considered lacking in technological advances within the industry. However, PLP’S full-body red light therapy service is designed to deliver 360 degrees of true photobiomodulation in less than 20 minutes – a system that does not require anyone to administer treatments. Red light therapy is a rapidly expanding trend in the natural and wellness industry, and with the addition of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has surged with the prioritising of health. “Fullbody red light therapy systems like Prism Light Pod can efficiently administer red light unto the entire body thus, maximising the healing potential throughout. Moreover, with the entire body being targeted, not only can Prism Light Pod reduce inflammation, but it can also eliminate oxidative stress and free radicals in the bloodstream,” boast Karl. With PLP and its full-body red light therapy service, 2022 is in careful and capable hands. Thus, ensuring its state of the art and innovative technology will bring a healthier, happier and calmer life for those who utilise its product. Company: Prism Light Pod Name: Karl Chen Email: [email protected] Web Address: