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Global Excellence Awards 2022 Most Innovative AgeDefying Skincare Serum Company - Northeast USA Founded and co-developed by Harvard Medical School longevity expert Dr. David Sinclair, Delavie Sciences (Delavie) was born with the desire to improve peoples’ self-confidence through unique, ground-breaking skincare –whether SPF, anti-aging, or moisturising – that can’t be found anywhere else. We got in touch with Delavie Sciences President, Dr. Kyle Landry to learnmore about the company and its products, including its one-of-a-kind age-defying skincare serum featuring the revolutionary Bacillus Lysate organism that was researched on board the International Space Station.

Sofi Bajor, Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: About the Global Excellence Awards 2022 LUXlife Magazine proudly welcomes you to the sixth annual Global Excellence Awards! Each year we are committed to honouring the very best that the Luxury Lifestyle industry has to offer, celebrating the top performers and service providers across retail, hospitality, travel, beauty, entertainment, and more. Today we are seeing substantial growth in the number of working professionals worldwide, and this – combined with the rising impact of corporate culture as well as improvements in lifestyle – has led to higher disposable income levels of the modern consumer. As the standard of living is increasing, especially amongst younger generations, the Luxury Goods and Services sector is experiencing a welcome boost post-pandemic. With the Luxury market becoming more immersed in the digital age, the growing influence of social media and the embrace of virtual technologies is having a profound effect on lifestyle and purchasing choices. These are trends that Luxury companies will have to keep up with to stay competitive, as brand stories that are both unique and socially conscious are proving to be increasingly popular. Moreso than ever, high-end customers are looking to curate their online presence and are taking an individualized approach to not only where they spend their money, but also how they can share this across their network.

4. Delavie Sciences: Most Innovative Age- Defying Skincare Serum Company - Northeast USA 8. Dr Emma Solomon Psychologist: Best Health & Success Coach (UK): Dr. Emma Solomon 10. iMusthav®: Best Global Hair Removal Device Solutions - UK 12. The Bay Retreats: Best Luxury Rehabilitation Centre - Australia 14. Needham Solutions LLC: Best Design & Marketing Tech Solutions Provider – Michigan 15. Wild Oak Studio: Best Luxury Salon Experience - Washington 16. Oficina Da Flor: Best Wedding Floral Arrangements Manufacturer - Europe 17. artXibit: Best Art Showcasing Platform 18. Al Bacaro osteria italiana: Most Authentic Italian Restaurant - Amsterdam 19. UAS Pharmaceuticals: Most Inclusive Skin & Hair Care Brand - Australia 20. Wayout Property Group: Best Full-Service Property Investment & Interior Design Firm - London 21. Wow Borneo: Ecotourism Enterprise of the Year - Indonesia 22. Lillian James Design Group: Best Luxury Interior Design - Arizona 23. Xanadu Med Spa: Medical Day Spa of the Year - Colorado 24. Lesus Executive Car Hire: Best Executive Contents Concierge Car Hire Company – Nairobi 26. Salsa Verde Design: Best Boutique Art & Surface Design Company – Sydney 27. Bermuda Foundation: Best Community Support Foundation - Bermuda 28. Dr. Biguria: Most Trusted Plastic Surgeon (Guatemala): Dr. Rafael Biguria 29. Paw Patch Pastries Pet Boutique: Best Pet Cakes & Pastries Retailer - California 30. Jude: Best Women's Bladder Care Products & Supplements Company – UK 31. Chris Ploof Designs: Most Innovative Jewelry Design Company - Massachusetts 32. Vero Linens: Best Luxury Bed Linen eTailer - USA 33. bareLUXE Skincare: Best Emerging Skincare Brand - North America 34. Art – Preview: Best Global Contemporary Art Management Platform - Italy 35. Westway Safaris Ltd: Best Premier Safari Tour Company – Arusha 36. Meaden Master Jewellers: Best Bespoke Fine Jewellers - New Zealand 37. Ms Monaco Hair Society: Best Blonde Specialist Hair Salon – Brisbane 38. Salaya Beach Houses: Best Luxury Diving Resort 2022 - Philippines 39. Suite B Hair & Skin Lounge: Most Elegant & Welcoming Hair & Skin Lounge - Washington

4 | LUXlife Magazine - Global Excellence Awards 2022 Most Innovative AgeDefying Skincare Serum Company - Northeast USA

Each day, our skin is victim to so many damaging factors, from UV rays, to air pollution, to blue light, to stress, and more – all of which contribute to the breakdown of your skin’s collagen and moisture barrier. As a result, we can experience wrinkles, age spots, lines, sagging, and stretching. You may consider these to be normal signs of aging, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Dr. David Sinclair has been studying aging for the better part of his academic career and he is, in fact, a world-class expert on the topic. His main research interest lies in the epigenetics of aging, with a particular focus on epigenetic reprogramming of aging (e.g. reversing aging via Yamanaka factors), NAD+ metabolism and sirtuins, and NAD+ precursors like NR and NMN. Not only is he co-founder of Delavie Sciences, but he is also a co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging, and has been a member of the scientific advisory board at InsideTracker since its early days. Dr. Sinclair is a best-selling author and host of the ‘Lifespan’ podcast, too; his work has been featured in five books, two documentaries – ‘60 Minutes’ and Morgan Freeman’s ‘Through the Wormhole’ – and other media, as well as being the co-founder of and an editorial board member for the journal, ‘Aging’. His most recent claim to fame is being selected by Time Magazine as one of their 100 Most Influential People in the World – along with Beyoncé. Not bad company to be in. Also on the Delavie Sciences team is Dr. Kyle Landry, who was recruited by Dr. Sinclair to perform postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School with a focus on extremophiles, otherwise known as organisms that can survive under extreme conditions (temperature, acidity, etc.). Dr. Landry and Dr. Sinclair together initiated a partnership with government space agencies to address concerns associated with long-duration space travel. This resulted in them obtaining access to “Longevity and skincare go hand in hand – you can’t think of one without the other. Though skincare cannot extend the longevity of one’s life, it can improve one’s life by increasing confidence, and, thus, the power to face each day head on, with positivity.” -Dr. David Sinclair, Delavie Sciences CoFounder Founded and co-developed by Harvard Medical School longevity expert Dr. David Sinclair, Delavie Sciences (Delavie) was born with the desire to improve peoples’ self-confidence through unique, ground-breaking skincare – whether SPF, anti-aging, or moisturising – that can’t be found anywhere else. We got in touch with Delavie Sciences President, Dr. Kyle Landry to learn more about the company and its products, including its one-of-a-kind age-defying skincare serum featuring the revolutionary Bacillus Lysate organism that was researched on board the International Space Station.

6 | LUXlife Magazine - Global Excellence Awards 2022 novel extremophiles, one of which was developed into star anti-aging ingredient, Bacillus Lysate. Thus, Delavie Sciences was born with the goal of tackling common skin concerns, particularly aging, with an unmatched level of expertise. The team develops the technology needed internally from their own collection of novel biology that has been collected from around the world, including the space station, 5,000 feet below the surface of the earth, abandoned gold mines, oceans, landfills, and compost heaps. Thesenovel organisms canbe leveraged to create truly skin-transforming ingredients. Delavie’s latest product, Aeonia age defying serum, is the first line that features the patented Bacillus Lysate. Having been exposed to the extreme conditions of space for 18 months, Delavie scientists found that the organism had developed age-defying and UV protection properties. Research and trials concluded that Bacillus Lysate enables improvements to the skin’s moisture and pigmentation, and reduces radicals and stimulation of Sirt1 activity, a gene that regulates aging. Kyle Landry tells us, “After it was brought back down to earth, we incorporated in the serum. We’re planning to release an eye lotion, eye repair, and then a facial moisturiser. We may also develop a sunscreen, which we hope will be released by the beginning of 2024.” “Innovation is our work,” he enthuses. “We’re not buying ingredients that everyone else can buy. We’re making the ingredients and then making the product around those ingredients. So, we innovate every day. And the goal is to make products that no one can get anywhere else.” Delavie Sciences has a team of hardcore scientists using every type of science you can imagine, from genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, epigenetics, molecular biology, protein chemistry, microbiology, emulsion, and chemistry, to name a few. Kyle himself has a PhD in food science, having done a postdoc at Harvard Medical School in Genetics and Longevity. He is also a facultymember at Boston University in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. He explains, “I’m in deep with the science. Much more so than you would expect for a cosmetic company. We can leverage all of that experience to innovate in the space. So, we look at things (or in areas) that cosmetic companies don’t normally look at. We look at microbiology, we look at fungi, we look at genetics. We have the tools to innovate. We go deeper than just the bacteria on your skin. We’re looking at the mechanisms. We’re looking at the molecular impact, and really how to change that.” Indeed, the skincare industry is one with a lot of noise, so the focus, and the challenge, is standing out in that space. Kyle says, “The technology is pretty universal. That’s where we’re different. And the challenge is getting people to realise that we’re not just another white labelled product. We’re making novel products no one else can get. So, it is a challenge, but we’ve seen a lot of momentum.” Kyle and the team have found that skincare in the US is addressed very much at a superficial level, but Delavie Sciences’ products work at a cellular molecular level in order to really do the job. Kyle states, “It’s promoting the rejuvenation of cells and making the skin appear more youthful.” “I’ve always liked to push boundaries and break them. I enjoy disrupting static industry sectors. Our first ingredient at Delavie came from experiments that took place on the International Space Station. Now, we have a plethora of novel ingredients from unique places.” -Kyle Landry, Delavie Sciences President

All of the products crafted by Delavie Sciences are clinically tested, and they are also PETA animal testing-free certified. They are also going through the process of becoming Leaping Bunny, non-GMO, and glutenfree certified. Now, in addition to the Aeonia line it is launching, Delavie Sciences is working on three other patented ingredients, all as Kyle says, “with killer backstories”. One is a mixture of enzymes that will help cleanse the face, unclog the pores, remove dead cells; patented and licensed from Harvard Medical School, along with the company’s own internal patents. Finally, the third proprietary ingredient is Delavie’s osmotic stress protection factor. This ingredient increases cell viability and protects it from the likes of osmotic stress, pollution and other environment stress factors. This is going to be used in a line of daily face and body lotions and moisturisers. Thus, customers will have the complete package, being able to cleanse, rejuvenate and revitalize skin with Delavie’s patented skincare products. The Delavie team is also researching and developing a host of ingredients that will really change the game in the industry in terms of helping to remove wrinkles, increase moisture, and reduce inflammation. Again, they will be going down the novel patented proprietary route, as well as have Harvard Medical School, Boston University, and Jet Propulsion Labs credentials behind them. Ultimately, it’s easy to see how Delavie Sciences has come to achieve such success within the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2022, between its team’s next-level expertise and devotion to innovation, and producing the superior, science-backed, and safe products that can’t just be found anywhere. It’s not only marketing. Company: Delavie Sciences Contact: Kyle Landry Email: [email protected] Website:

Jun22596 8 | LUXlife Magazine - Global Excellence Awards 2022 Dr Emma Solomon’s Psychology practice was set up to help people to achieve their goals with ease and confidence. For the last two decades, Emma has continued to build on her expertise with courses, training packages, and seminars to refine her therapy talents. This results in a rich wealth of experience that may be transferred across any problem that may arise for clients. Dr Solomon’s clients often come with a wish list of issues they believe are holding them back from peak performance. Often very successful people are driven by an energy that comes from having overcome a great deal of challenge already. For others they have never addressed their tendency toward anxiety, perfectionism, self-sabotaging, and trauma. She also works with depression, low self-esteem, childhood adversity, imposter syndrome, and other issues. Emma gives people the confidence to harness the energy of adversity and turn it towards growth, as well as a new love for life. She is aware that everyone has the capacity to feel low or uncertain, but she also knows that we all have the capacity to heal and thrive. Emma tells us, “Having over 20 years as a clinical psychologist I understand why the human mind does not always help people in their endeavours. Everyone has the same mind. Everyone can fall into the same traps. Many have a tendency towards fluctuating energy and mood and have to deal with interfering psychological challenges like overthinking, overcompensating, and overworking. Everyone has an Achilles heel of some sort, due to their personal history. Even in people when this very rarely causes an issue, you can go further, faster when you can deal with any psychological impediments to success and health.” Knowing that health and success go hand in hand, Emma offers her “brain-based bio hacks and attentional and memory tricks” so as to increase productivity and success. As we know, the better we feel the more we feel we can take on – and do well. When we burn the candle at both ends – doing everything all at once – it’s no surprise that we find ourselves burning ourselves out. When this happens, low physical energy has ramifications for howwell we can show up in our relationships and projects at work and at home. Emma provides an exclusive and personalised service to her clients so that they can feel focused no matter what they’re going through, so that they can achieve more. She has a background in biology as well as psychology and the science of performance. By having a deep understanding of the connections between success and hormones, age, fitness, and life events, Emma can clearly identify how elements work together to chart a clear path to success whilst taking all elements of life into Best Health & Success Coach (UK): Dr. Emma Solomon People demand a lot from themselves in today's fast paced world. They want to achieve their goals and have great health and successful careers and relationships. This is where coaching comes in. Finding our way to the success we know we deserve can be thwarted by unhelpful habits and reactions. Often these feel very difficult to change and can get in the way The Dr Emma Solomon Psychologist practice was set up to aid as many people as possible with their mental wellbeing, so that they may thrive. Here we talk to Dr Emma Solomon about her success as she wins this opulent title in the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2022. account. Emma says, “Often psychologists and coaches have a specialist area such as health or performance. I see that we need to help people understand themselves as a whole and then give them the ability to operate like a well-oiled machine.” By using cutting edge approaches that combine mind, body, biology and performance, Emma and her team offer a service that delivers results that people often didn’t even know were possible to begin with. All of this empowers people and gives them the confidence boost needed to improve their lives. Emma strongly believes that success is nothing without health. Dedicated to transforming the life of each client, Emma, and her team, ensure the best service is given at all times. Promising empathy, compassion, and respect to each client, the Dr Emma Solomon Psychologist practice not only addresses any issues, but it does so with a human touch. The link between health and success is prioritised throughout the process so that clients can feel like they’re on the right track to where they want to be. Emma and the team have improved the lives of so many individuals as they guarantee a fresh outlook on the relationship between good health and success. Emma gives people the chance to experience her way of communicating andwhat theymayexpect should theywish to book sessions. Winning awards such as Best Mental Health Specialist 2022 in the Global Health and Pharma Mental Health Awards 2022, Emma has made a great name for herself – not only in the realm of psychology, but in the health and pharmaceutical sphere. Emma’s practice is also accredited by the British Psychological Society and is HCPC registered. This instils confidence in all those looking to better their mental health and, knowing that the practice is accredited and award-winning, they can be sure that they will receive a service that will have a positive impact. The Dr Emma Solomon Psychologist practice has nowwon Best Health & Success Coach (UK): Dr. Emma Solomon in the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2022 – and Emma is sure to go on to improve even more lives, giving people the future they deserve. If you feel as though you are stuck and want more from your life, you should know you can reach out to Dr Emma Solomon at any point. She will be able to target any insecurities or problem areas of life so that you can work through them and become as successful as you are in your dreams.

Contact: Dr Emma Solomon, Consultant Clinical Psychologist Company: Dr Emma Solomon Psychologist Web Address: “Helping people understand the relationship between biology and psychology is also key to getting the most out of your brain and body. When you look at the most successful people, we see that the majority are healthy and have a strong interest in their health. This is because success goes hand in hand with health and when we improve one, we naturally stack the odds to improve the other.”

Jun22596 10 | LUXlife Magazine - Global Excellence Awards 2022 Best Global Hair Removal Device Solutions - UK iMusthav®, a new and rapidly growing international lifestyle brand, with products designed in the United Kingdom and distributed worldwide. After the initial product launch, they received a lot of praise from many happy customers! Now, their products are popular all over the world, especially popular among North American and European users. “iMusthav® product designers are product users too. This is important because our products are not just designed to meet a marketing specification, but they must satisfy real users with a true passion for the products they design…..that’s right, we are consumers too!” said iMusthav R&D Team Leader. The brand achievements have been recognized for excellent results in the LUXlife Global Excellence Awards 2022 - Best Global Hair Removal Device Solutions - UK. We take a closer look at how they do it! The Importance of Innovation iMusthav: In 2020, we were pleased to announce the launch of a completely new range of ladies’ hair removal devices. This new range offers the best in class in terms of performance, quality and reliability and every device in the range comes with an 18K gold plated hypoallergenic head. Top of the range is the DermaRazor (MV500). The world’s first Dermaplane Electric Razor. A first mover, pioneering the technologically advanced combination of dermaplaning with an electric razor. The electric razor removes unwanted hair whilst the dermaplane simultaneously removes stubble and exfoliates for perfectly smooth skin. Designed for total body hair removal the DermaRazor comes with a skin guard for sensitive areas and combs for the bikini area.

The new Dual Function Brow and Facial Hair Remover (MV400) is another unique product. Twin motors power a precision “pencil-tip” eyebrow remover, at one end of the device, and a mini facial hair remover at the other end – each with its own 360-degree LED illuminated bezel to ensure no stray hair is missed. Everything needed for facial hair removal in a single rechargeable, handbag friendly device. The new Professional Facial Hair Remover (MV300) With a large twin ring floating head, this rechargeable unit can remove unwanted facial hair in half the time and the 360-degree LED illuminated bezel ensures no blind spots for perfect results every time. The Mini-Series: Mini Eyebrow Remover (MV100) and Mini Facial Hair Remover (MV200) Either of these two devices can easily fit into a small clutch bag. For people on the go who need the confidence to look perfect anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Both models still maintain the same high performance and 360-degree LED illumination. On the Challenges the Business and Market is Facing iMusthav: Yes, we are facing challenges from time to time. For example, in these two aspects. i. Safety: Safety is very important, our Product Research and Development Team spent around 3 years developing our product line. Similarly, to many pioneering technology companies, we have encountered many unforeseen obstacles needing an element of trial and error to resolve. We use an iterative approach, obtaining feedback fromour focus groups, before finalising the designs and launching the products. It takes longer but gives the best results. Before any new product can be launched, there is a whole raft of regulatory approvals that must be done by an accredited 3rd-party test laboratory. These tests ensure that there are no toxic or harmful materials used in the fabrication of the products. Whilst this is great news for consumers, and guarantees the products are safe, it presents quite a headache for new companies entering the market. At iMusthav we decided to go the extra mile and use real 18K gold to plate all our blade heads ensuring the contact surface to the skin is hypoallergenic. We understand everyone is not identical, so we will try our best to serve as many as possible customers, product performance and customer satisfaction are our top priorities, andwe always keep improving our service. ii. Threatened by new technology: Permanent Hair Removal by Laser Hair Treatment technology is perhaps the ultimate solution for hair removal, However, this technology has some drawbacks: it is relatively expensive, it onlyworks well on dark hair and if misused the equipment can cause burns. Advice to Others about the Nature of Business iMusthav: Doing business in an increasingly competitive and connected world is not easy, so if you want to setup a new business, the product/ service must be differentiated from current products on the market, differentiation or value added is one of the key points. Product and market research are key, for example, our Product Research and Development Team will observe products currently on the market, and create a new function to improve their weakness, for example, most Facial hair removers have an LED light, but they typically only illuminate in one direction, iMusthav created a 360 Degree LED light, in order to make sure there are no blind spots. Here, we would like to introduce our Flagship product, which is called DermaRazor, it is the world’s first Dermaplane Electric Razor. The electric razor removes unwanted hair whilst the dermaplane simultaneously removes stubble and exfoliates for perfectly smooth skin In the end, we would like to create improvement or new added value on what is currently available in the market, our aim is to create better devices to make routine beauty chores simpler, easier and with better results for a better life.

12 | LUXlife Magazine - Global Excellence Awards 2022 he last couple of years have proven to be an immense catalyst for poor mental health and addictive behaviours – and understandably. The COVID-19 pandemic was unprecedented, and no one truly knew how to best handle the new mental load of uncertainty. While The Bay has a history beyond the pandemic, it is useful here to focus on its most recent achievements to emphasise the strength of its reputation. The world, after all, needed (and needs) experts to help those acutely impacted by the events of the last three years and previous. For David, The Bay’s missionwas always to provideworld class treatment to its clientele, in a setting that is itself beautiful and luxurious. “The Bay is a luxury rehab located in Byron Bay offering high level executives, celebrities, nobility and alike treatment for mental health concerns and addiction issues. The Bay offers absolute anonymity to individuals requiring privacy throughout their stay. “The Bay’s mission is to offer our guests and their families world class evidence-based treatment for mental health and addiction issues in absolute luxury and privacy. The Bay’s team of practitioners incorporate the best of Eastern and Western approaches to offer a seamless personalised treatment package for long lasting change.” As The Bay aims to deliver next level therapies, it has embraced next generation technologies and processes, including the utilisation of Virtual Reality (VR) for the treatment of trauma. Naturally, these work seamlessly alongside more long-standing treatments such as CBT and Solution Focussed Therapy. Whatever the guest needs, The Bay can provide. David discusses this idea further. “Our research and development team continue to challenge us with new and evolving approaches to mental health treatment and we are always challenging ourselves with new innovations. The Bay stands alone in Luxury Rehab due to our team of expert practitioners and multiple private luxury locations across the Byron Bay hinterland and beaches.” It perhaps goes without saying, but the internal culture of The Bay echoes its core ethos and mission – to support, do no harm, and achieve the best possible outcome for guests, their families, and staff. “We regularly offer aspects of our program to our staff members and their families should they need support, and we are always evolving with new developments in the medical and therapeutic fields.” As for the future, David andThe Bay aim to further enhance its treatments and offerings through continuous, rigorous development. “The plan for 2023 is to further our research and development and continue to lobby Australian government to come in line with the US and approve all psychedelic substances for clinical treatment. Clinical trials globally have shown the benefits of these therapies when traditional medicines are failing.” Best Luxury Rehabilitation Centre - Australia When it comes to luxury rehabilitation centres, few have cultivated a better reputation than The Bay at Byron Bay. Following The Bay’s well-deserved recognition in the LUX Global Excellence Awards, we spoke with Founder and Director David Godden to find out more. T

Breaking the Cycle at The Bay Now, more than ever, maintaining goodmental health is a key issue for even themost accomplished individuals. The pressures of a global pandemic, as well as the pace at which we live our lives, are having a significant effect on both short and long-term health, says psychologist David Godden, director of The Bay, one of Australia’s only private and personalised rehabilitation centres. “Many successful people are feeling overwhelmed and having difficultly functioning effectively,” he says. “It’s common to experience anxiety, depression and, in more extreme cases, suicidal thoughts, as well as to escalate addictive behaviours in an attempt to cope.” In these situations, he says, people can need extra support to maintain mental and physical health in the formof personalised, private treatment that is both immersive and addresses their complete lifestyle. Personalised, Private Treatment, A Case Study For Michael Jenkins*, a banking executive, using alcohol became a way to repress feelings of panic and despair after a recent divorce and downturn in business. A social drinker, he didn’t consider he had a problem until family members expressed concern. His own efforts to reduce drinking, and weekly therapy sessions, were unsuccessful. “I knew I needed to do something more but was concerned about colleagues knowing I was seeking support,” says Michael. “I chose The Bay because, after speaking to their team, I felt comfortable that my stay would be kept confidential and that I could manage my work schedule while I was there.” Like Sydney-based executive Catherine Lloyd*, who had suffered from mild depression for several years before a deterioration in mental health after a particularly stressful time at work, individualised, private treatment was key to recovery. “I had reached a point where I didn’t want to go on,” she says. “However, because I viewed anxiety and depression as a deeply personal experience, I didn’t see group therapy as an option.” Nor did she believe a weekly session with a therapist was enough to effect real change. The Bay uses a proven holistic treatment package that is tailored to the person, not one-size-fits all, to achieve measurable results. It combines Western, psychological, integrative, and medical practice with Eastern mindfulness techniques. Says Catherine: “From the beginning, I felt listened to and cared for as an individual. When I initially spoke to the psychologist on the phone, I actually started sobbing because I was able to tell them how it had been for me and they understood.” Recovery in a Pristine, Luxury Environment For both Michael and Catherine, recovery included a wide range of somatic therapies as well as daily sessions with a psychologist in their own private residence and care available 24/7. These included acupuncture, massage, personal training, and equine therapy. Located in the pristine Byron Shire region, The Bay also offers clients rainforest and beach walks, horse-riding, deep sea fishing, tennis and golf, alongside its integrative medical program. To boost recovery and improve lifelong health, every client has a personal chef who prepares healing organic meals using local produce and assists them to continue nutritious eating at home. Michael says he was surprised how effective equine therapy was at helping him express his emotions, while he found the nutrition coaching had a significant impact on his energy and lifestyle. For Catherine, massage and yoga brought the calm she needed, while acupuncture assisted her with sleep. “I also developed a meditation practice that I was able to continue when I returned home.” Continued Support to StayWell All clients of The Bay are offered continued psychological support after their stay, something that distinguishes it from other, less inclusive offerings. The team alsoworks with clients’ own healthcare professionals to provide continuous care. “That was a very important part of my choice of treatment, because I knewmy transition back into the world would be supported,” says Catherine. Even in a stressful world, she says so much has changed. “I have gone from not wanting to be here, to being really grateful to be alive. I mean, I’m still human, but I can pull myself back from anxiety and trust that I can manage strong emotions. Being in a private, residential setting, with no other patients and no other decisions to make, allowed me to completely let go, develop my own resources and discover my inner resilience. The Bay really did change my life.” Michael says his relationships have shifted dramatically, while he is able to manage business challenges without the prop of alcohol. “I was a difficult person to live and work with, always expecting things to be done my way,” he says. “I’m learning to be kinder to myself and I have been able to extend that to others.” Godden has worked in mental health, including drug and alcohol rehabilitation, for more than two decades, gaining a reputation for excellence for his work in both hospitals and private treatment centres. He says The Bay, which has offered successful treatment in mental health and addiction for 15 years, is a genuine alternative to private hospitals for discerning clients who want to break the cycle and recover their health and relationships. * Names have been changed to protect privacy Company: The Bay Name: David Godden Email: [email protected] For confidential enquiries email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 1/12 Tasman Way Byron Bay Telephone: 0437-966-457

14 | LUXlife Magazine - Global Excellence Awards 2022 Best Design & Marketing Tech Solutions Provider – Michigan Sometimes we need some extra help to sharpen and focus our business. Brand development is not easy, but we know a company that makes it look that way! Needham Solutions LLC is a hub for full-service design, promotional, and marketing technology solutions that will elevate your brand to the next level. Here we look closer as it wins this prestigious title in the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2022. Needham Solutions LLC (NS) does all it can to support solo, micro, and small businesses using various marketing channels, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled techniques that have won yet another award. Asacreativeagencywitha technicalbackground twist and an ‘A la Carte’ style service structure, NS has over 35 years of experience that people can utilize in their own individual way. The products and services that NS provides range from expert traditional and digital design and promotional products to sales and marketing technology. Their incomparable branding and design services have made people flock to them from all over. Using limitless creative thinking for process improvements, NS becomes its client's "External Marketing Communications Department" and a one-stop shop for all branding, creative, and marketing needs. By having the ability to rethink every inch of a brand – from newly designed logos and placing them on hats, polos, and banners to constructing brand personas and overall brand guidelines – NS is the place to go for your small business solutions without breaking the bank. NS’s core values sit at the very heart of the business. Its values are flexibility, accountability, and collaboration, and everything that it does revolves around the belief that businesses should be adaptable, responsible, and supportive. NS strives to help clients to grow for a prosperous future that will keep them feeling fulfilled. As a multi-award-winning business, NS has made a name for itself in Michigan – and beyond! Winning a spot in Design Rush’s top 30 Best Digital Agencies in Michigan, NS has become one to watch in the sphere. This is just one of the awards that NS has gathered over the last couple of years; it has also won Top 100 Marketing & Advertising Influencers from MARSum, and the 2021 LUX Global Excellence award of Most Innovative Marketing Agency, USA. NS’s Founder and CEO, Cameron Marie Needham, has also won multiple awards over the years. For a myriad of leadership awards, Cameron has been recognized across the USA and overseas. At the helm, she has guided their small (but mighty) team of four to unstoppable success, and with all that she does for the business, she has caught the attention of many companies who trust that their business is in the right hands. NS offers a full suite of products and services so as to satisfy all small business needs in one company. In this realm, it is inevitably invaluable to have connections with businesses that can offer a depth of knowledge in every part of business development. However, Cameron comments on the saturation of the industry. She tells us there are lots of “agencies throughout the USA, but a lot of them either focus on just a few services (leaving companies still hunting for other freelancers, contractors, or agencies to fill the gaps) or just a particular niche. We offer it all, across all industries, because even within the same industry, things need to be done to that client’s specifications and the way they operate; we do not believe in one-size-fitsall or cookie-cutter practices.” By constantly adjusting and studying, NS is able to say it has done it all, and when future trends emerge, it will be one of the first to try them out. Cameron shares, “We are constantly learning new things; in fact, a set number of hours each week are dedicated to learning a new tool, technique, trend, etc., so that we can stay ahead and offer our clients up-to-date recommendations and advice on things with educated opinions.” NS likes to work hard and play hard – with a balance of fun and seriousness, NS is always able to see the bright side of lifewhilst taking everything into account on every project. It is always looking for new ways to expand and grow. In this respect, it hopes to “drastically expand our service offering with new technology implementation and customization services.We recentlybecame Odoo Partners and are going through the 'Bootcamp' currently to be able to offer such a great small business platform to our clients and utilize our business and systems analysis experience to help them implement it, get it ready for use through migration, integration, and customization services, and much more,” adds Cameron. Cameronhas comea longway in sucha short space of time. With humble beginnings in 2019, NS was set upwith the full support of Cameron’s loving and encouraging husband and children. Truly coming into its power, Needham Solutions has now won Best Design & Marketing Tech Solutions Provider – Michigan. Long may its success continue. Contact: Cameron Needham Company: Needham Solutions LLC Web Address:

The product of a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur, Wild Oak Studio (Wild Oak) strives to create a luxury hair salon experience that cultivates its clients’ inner beauty for theworld to see, whilst providing a customer experience quite unlike any other. We find out more about this unique offering from owner, Saige Jacobs. Best Luxury Salon Experience - Washington The current menu at Wild Oak consists of service options that make the booking process simple. Saige does not expect her guests to know the exact technique that was used in an inspiration picture to book the correct service, therefore she provides a brief description of what each service includes, as well as any trending or desired add-ons that may be required to achieve the look. With the average ‘ticket’ including pre-tone, toning, base tint or shadow root, porosity equalising treatments, extra colour, and even extra hours of labour, service tickets industry-wide are sometimes hundreds of pounds over the ‘starting price’ of a traditional salon. Saige realised early on that there was a hole in this way of doing business, so she hired celebrity hairdressing coaches Zan and Tom Collins to help evaluate her new business and create a system to correct the flawed current state of the industry. “We do not have hidden charges,” she states. “We are upfront and honest. Our guests always know what their ticket price will be prior to check out. We don’t believe in ticket surprises!” With Wild Oak Studio having been nominated as top 100 in the world 2022 by ‘Behind the Chair One Shot Hair awards’ for its Bob/Lobs, it is no surprise that it was also successful in the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2022, receiving the prestigious title of Best Luxury Salon Experience – Washington. Understandably ecstatic with this achievement, Saige is now excited for the future of Wild Oak Studio, which has grown from a small 170 square foot studio to a beautiful storefront with four stations and room to grow… and that’s exactly what she intends on doing! “We are in the process of interviewing like-minded professionals to grow our team,” she enthuses. “It is important that each professional that comes on board is thoroughly trained so that our guest experience stays consistent. “There is so much opportunity and growth that lies ahead. We can only hope our hard work, determination, and vision will contribute to the evolution of our industry.” Contact: Saige Jacobs Company: Wild Oak Studio Web Address: ild Oak Studio is a luxury hair salon located right outside the thriving University Village in Seattle, Washington. With a mission geared towards excellence, the salon takes pride in offering the best possible experience to guests, ensuring they feel heard, guided, educated, and comfortable, all whilst knowing they are in good hands. Wild Oak Studio is a surprisingly delightful outcome of the Covid-19 pandemic. Owner, Saige Jacobs had recently opened a salon in the heart of Kirkland,Washingtonwith two business partners just fourmonths prior to quarantine. With capacity restrictions meaning only one stylist could work within the space at a time, as well as other personal Covid contributing factors, it was clear big changes needed to be made, and fast. Saige left the Kirkland business and journeyed off on her own where she designed, developed, branded, and executed Wild Oak Studio with the idea of changing the industry to better meet the growing expectations of the thriving community. As a master stylist/colourist herself with more than 10 years’ worth of experience, Saige believes it is essential to get to know her clients and to understand what they want out of their stylist, whilst always being professional, kind, passionate, and detail-oriented in her approach to ensure her clients feel confident and valued. “It is our commitment to our guests that we provide consistent excellence,” Saige tells us. “We take pride in our services as we set aside extra time for education, a hot towel customised hair treatment, as well as a polished style that is included with each service.” Greeted by the stylish and inviting waiting area, Wild Oak guests are offered one of many complimentary beverages as they wait for their service provider to take them back and begin what is hoped to be a long-lasting relationship and beautiful hair journey. Saige is a strong believer that communication is key to achieving desired results and therefore insists upon thorough consultations as the foundation to a successful service. “This gives us the opportunity to set an hour aside to assess our guest’s hair and discuss future goals and expectations. In-person consultations are crucial to evaluatedensity, level of color, and a strand test if necessary, so the appropriate amount of time is booked with an accurate quote.” W

16 | LUXlife Magazine - Global Excellence Awards 2022 eaning ‘flower atelier’, Oficina Da Flor is a Portuguese brand dedicated to the artistic creation of flower-shaped moulds for table decorations and accessories for all occasions. The handcrafted flower-shaped moulds, the floral arrangements, and the embellished souvenirs can complement occasions such as weddings, christenings, communions, anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, baby showers, company parties, or corporate events. Inspired by the concept of historical state tables – usually arranged in prominent places in noble houses and whose function was to display the most valuable and representative pieces of the name, power, and wealth of each family in society – Oficina Da Flor brings opulence to any occasion, with its main target audience being brides and grooms looking to stand out from the crowd and give their wedding the ‘WOW’ factor. The brand officially emerged in 2017 in response to the growing demand and desire for truly personalised themed events, and it provides couples and event planners with the necessary materials to compose sweet tables and/or add creative details to suit all tastes and requirements. In 2018, Oficina Da Flor opened the first and only store in Portugal specialising in decorative moulds for sweets with 100% national production and launched itself in the retail market in commercial establishments. “Since its inception, our moulds have flowered over 500 events in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Angola, Cabo Verde, France, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Luxembourg, England, Germany, Ireland, and USA!” exclaims Sara Andrade, the Creator, Designer and Manager of the brand. With a degree in Interior Design and Portuguese Decorative Arts, plus a PhD in Art History, Sara is passionate about cake design and event organisation, which led her to realise her dream and start up her own business. It was whilst researching for her own daughter’s birthday party that Sara happened upon a Brazilian company promoting a stunning flowering table. “I found the idea so original andwith somuch potential that I immediately knew I had to bring the concept to Portugal,” she enthuses. “However, at the time I was still studying and I had to wait until 2015, the year I took the public PhD exams, to launch the brand and dedicate myself 100% to the new project.” The flowers are handmade and produced with top-quality materials (paper, canvas, and fabric) in a wide variety of models and colours. These flowers serve to place small candies in and, at the same time, decorate and compose candy tables, create arrangements, table Best Wedding Floral Arrangements Manufacturer - Europe Oficina Da Flor specialises in producing stunning ‘flowering tables’ for events and occasions, with a particular focus on weddings. We find out more about this unique concept as we speak to company founder, Sara Andrade, following her recent win at the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2022. centres, and napkin rings, or even offer as a personalised souvenir with a logo, monogram, or message. Oficina Da Flor stands out in the market, not only for its unique range and choice of more than 100 colours and styles, but also for its sustainable approach. It features a collection of ecological flower wrappers for sweetswith flower seeds from the native flora of Portugal, and also using plantable moulds that generate live flowers after use. Furthermore, the company has launched its latest concept of translucent flowers to be used on a light table and LED cones with a wide spectrum of colours. “This new form of decoration allows the flowers to acquire different shades and, at the same time, manages to create different ambiences according to the theme of the event,” Sara elaborates. “It is the details such as this that make events unique and personalised.” Recently, in the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2022, Oficina Da Flor was named as Best Wedding Floral Arrangements Manufacturer – Europe. Understandably delighted by receiving such a prestigious accolade, Sara is now looking forward to a bright future where she can allow her passion for decorative craftsmanship to flower and bloom! Contact: Sara Andrade Company: Oficina Da Flor Web Address: M

17 | Luxlife Magazine Best Art Showcasing Platform Founded and run by artists and art lovers alike, artXibit is changing the way that people view and purchase art in the modern world. We speak to the company’s founder, Debra Strong-Houston, as she is presented with an accolade in the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2022. artXibit is an online art marketplace showcasing diverse styles of work from art galleries across the United States. It is curated and run by art industry professionals whom the artXibit team has selected to form partnerships with. Initially established by Debra Strong-Houston, a professional artist who began painting more than 15 years ago, artXibit’s mission is to showcase artwork from multiple galleries on one platform; where the art lover can explore works that come from small towns to large cities all in one place. As a Pacific Northwest artist whose passion is painting, Debra’s artwork draws inspiration from her beautiful surroundings and the people who inhabit them. Having been featured in galleries across the country, she found herself in a unique position to understand the challenges that many brick-and-mortar businesses were facing and wanted to remove the limitations of only reaching art lovers within their local marketplaces. Recognizing the value of art galleries and the relationships they foster, Debra wanted to create anaffordable and accessible online platform to help galleries effectively compete for online sales at a national level. Today, she is dedicated to preserving the gallery experience and supporting continuous growth, and therefore created artXibit to shine a light inside of galleries across the US and showcase the magnificent artwork they represent. “We feel that the art gallery is an essential part of the art world,” enthuses Debra. “artXibit was designed to help galleries expand their reach to an audience of art enthusiasts outside of their geographical location. It’s a truly innovative way to connect art appreciators with emerging artists and creators that they’re not yet familiar with.” All artwork featured on artXibit has been hand-selected by Debra and the gallery curators. It’s the same artwork that you would encounter should you walk through the doors of one of the website’s partner galleries, which Debra finds provides peace of mind for customers and ensures the authenticity of their purchases. “We believe that artXibit is creating a whole new environment for art appreciators to browse contemporary, modern, and traditional art while partnering with galleries to promote their inventory on our platform,” continues Debra, who strives to provide her customers with a seamless user experience. Through research, consumer polling, and digital enhancement, she places her customers at the forefront of everything that she does, while remaining focused on e-commerce technology and trends (which are ever-changing). “We are always looking for emerging trends, follow fairs and shows, and are consistently evolving.” Debra and the team are now working on a site rebuild to better the user experience and keep up with inventory demand, meaning there is new functionality and exciting newways to shop and explore original art. Recently,winning the titleofBestArt Showcasing Platform in the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2022 was the icing on the cake for artXibit, and we wish Debra and the dedicated team all the very best for the future! Contact: Debra Strong-Houston Company: artXibit Web Address: Canopy of Color by Joanne Shellan Guaguanó by Julia San Roman Spontaneous by Chuck Gumpert Roses by Nancy Cohen