Global Excellence Awards 2022

Jun22596 10 | LUXlife Magazine - Global Excellence Awards 2022 Best Global Hair Removal Device Solutions - UK iMusthav®, a new and rapidly growing international lifestyle brand, with products designed in the United Kingdom and distributed worldwide. After the initial product launch, they received a lot of praise from many happy customers! Now, their products are popular all over the world, especially popular among North American and European users. “iMusthav® product designers are product users too. This is important because our products are not just designed to meet a marketing specification, but they must satisfy real users with a true passion for the products they design…..that’s right, we are consumers too!” said iMusthav R&D Team Leader. The brand achievements have been recognized for excellent results in the LUXlife Global Excellence Awards 2022 - Best Global Hair Removal Device Solutions - UK. We take a closer look at how they do it! The Importance of Innovation iMusthav: In 2020, we were pleased to announce the launch of a completely new range of ladies’ hair removal devices. This new range offers the best in class in terms of performance, quality and reliability and every device in the range comes with an 18K gold plated hypoallergenic head. Top of the range is the DermaRazor (MV500). The world’s first Dermaplane Electric Razor. A first mover, pioneering the technologically advanced combination of dermaplaning with an electric razor. The electric razor removes unwanted hair whilst the dermaplane simultaneously removes stubble and exfoliates for perfectly smooth skin. Designed for total body hair removal the DermaRazor comes with a skin guard for sensitive areas and combs for the bikini area.