Global Excellence Awards 2022

14 | LUXlife Magazine - Global Excellence Awards 2022 Best Design & Marketing Tech Solutions Provider – Michigan Sometimes we need some extra help to sharpen and focus our business. Brand development is not easy, but we know a company that makes it look that way! Needham Solutions LLC is a hub for full-service design, promotional, and marketing technology solutions that will elevate your brand to the next level. Here we look closer as it wins this prestigious title in the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2022. Needham Solutions LLC (NS) does all it can to support solo, micro, and small businesses using various marketing channels, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled techniques that have won yet another award. Asacreativeagencywitha technicalbackground twist and an ‘A la Carte’ style service structure, NS has over 35 years of experience that people can utilize in their own individual way. The products and services that NS provides range from expert traditional and digital design and promotional products to sales and marketing technology. Their incomparable branding and design services have made people flock to them from all over. Using limitless creative thinking for process improvements, NS becomes its client's "External Marketing Communications Department" and a one-stop shop for all branding, creative, and marketing needs. By having the ability to rethink every inch of a brand – from newly designed logos and placing them on hats, polos, and banners to constructing brand personas and overall brand guidelines – NS is the place to go for your small business solutions without breaking the bank. NS’s core values sit at the very heart of the business. Its values are flexibility, accountability, and collaboration, and everything that it does revolves around the belief that businesses should be adaptable, responsible, and supportive. NS strives to help clients to grow for a prosperous future that will keep them feeling fulfilled. As a multi-award-winning business, NS has made a name for itself in Michigan – and beyond! Winning a spot in Design Rush’s top 30 Best Digital Agencies in Michigan, NS has become one to watch in the sphere. This is just one of the awards that NS has gathered over the last couple of years; it has also won Top 100 Marketing & Advertising Influencers from MARSum, and the 2021 LUX Global Excellence award of Most Innovative Marketing Agency, USA. NS’s Founder and CEO, Cameron Marie Needham, has also won multiple awards over the years. For a myriad of leadership awards, Cameron has been recognized across the USA and overseas. At the helm, she has guided their small (but mighty) team of four to unstoppable success, and with all that she does for the business, she has caught the attention of many companies who trust that their business is in the right hands. NS offers a full suite of products and services so as to satisfy all small business needs in one company. In this realm, it is inevitably invaluable to have connections with businesses that can offer a depth of knowledge in every part of business development. However, Cameron comments on the saturation of the industry. She tells us there are lots of “agencies throughout the USA, but a lot of them either focus on just a few services (leaving companies still hunting for other freelancers, contractors, or agencies to fill the gaps) or just a particular niche. We offer it all, across all industries, because even within the same industry, things need to be done to that client’s specifications and the way they operate; we do not believe in one-size-fitsall or cookie-cutter practices.” By constantly adjusting and studying, NS is able to say it has done it all, and when future trends emerge, it will be one of the first to try them out. Cameron shares, “We are constantly learning new things; in fact, a set number of hours each week are dedicated to learning a new tool, technique, trend, etc., so that we can stay ahead and offer our clients up-to-date recommendations and advice on things with educated opinions.” NS likes to work hard and play hard – with a balance of fun and seriousness, NS is always able to see the bright side of lifewhilst taking everything into account on every project. It is always looking for new ways to expand and grow. In this respect, it hopes to “drastically expand our service offering with new technology implementation and customization services.We recentlybecame Odoo Partners and are going through the 'Bootcamp' currently to be able to offer such a great small business platform to our clients and utilize our business and systems analysis experience to help them implement it, get it ready for use through migration, integration, and customization services, and much more,” adds Cameron. Cameronhas comea longway in sucha short space of time. With humble beginnings in 2019, NS was set upwith the full support of Cameron’s loving and encouraging husband and children. Truly coming into its power, Needham Solutions has now won Best Design & Marketing Tech Solutions Provider – Michigan. Long may its success continue. Contact: Cameron Needham Company: Needham Solutions LLC Web Address: