Global Excellence Awards 2022

18 | LUXlife Magazine - Global Excellence Awards 2022 Most Authentic Italian Restaurant - Amsterdam Great, authentic Italian food with a conscience is the focus at Al Bàcaro. Not only does the restaurant pride itself on its traditional menu, but it is also committed to a more sustainable way of eating. We find out more following the restaurant gaining recognition in the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2022. Owned and run by Italians, Al Bàcaro restaurant, based in Amsterdam, is inspired by traditional Italian cuisine for an authentic experience. The tradition of the authentic Italian ‘osteria’ (tavern) is based on delicate and refined food produced using light and balanced flavours, however with a contemporary twist on the dishes created. Under the watchful eye of talented head chef, Vezio Furlani, the restaurant boasts a menu designed to bring the full, original flavours of each plate without distracting from the main star of the dish. “Our focal point is to create an Italian osteria based on the solid principals of real taste and quality of the chosen ingredients, served in a warm and welcoming atmosphere,” explains Vezio. “With full respect for nature, we follow the rhythm of the seasons by using animal or vegetable products according to the season and we will always keep in mind their natural cycle and lifespan.” Al Bàcaro prefers the use of local products from Italy, and will occasionally use produce from other countries in accordance with the Slow Food guidelines. The Slow Food Presidia is a global scheme that was created in order to explain and understand the urgency of saving food biodiversity in the mid-1990s. A virtual catalogue, the Ark of Taste, was created to gather together plant varieties, animal breeds, bread, cheeses, cured meats, sweets, and other food products from across the globe, and mapping began of the products that are at risk of extinction. As a member of this movement, Al Bàcaro employs a production protocol that protects artisanal products, autochthonous breeds, vegetables varieties, traditional techniques, ecosystems, and rural landscapes at risk of extinction, for a more sustainable future. Many of the main ingredients of the restaurant’s menu are strictly homemade, such as the bread, the pasta and all of the desserts. The desserts in particular follow the Slow Food protocols and are made out of Italian’s ground products, coming exclusively from internationally protected areas, such as cocoa from Chontalpa or vanilla from Uganda. The pasta and the bread aremade on a dailybasis using a wide range of biological flours with old genetic roots meaning they are not genetically modified. They come from a farm in Tuscany, showing a low gluten value and containing sea salt out of a WWF park in the Trapanese region in Sicily, which is also a renowned Slow Food Presidio region. Due to its commitment to sustainability, coupled with its truly authentic and delicious Italian menu, Al Bàcaro was recently rewarded for its hard work in the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2022 and was aptly named Most Authentic Italian Restaurant – Amsterdam. A very fitting title for this traditionally run restaurant with a big heart. “We are truly all Italians and, as Head Chef, I cook in the same way I would as if I was in Italy - without compromising the tastes!” Vezio enthuses. “Here we are truly in Italy!” Contact: Veronica Bottalico or Vezio Furlani Company: Al Bacaro osteria italiana Web Address: Instagram : albacaroosteriaitaliana osteria italiana al Bàc ro