Global Excellence Awards 2022

Australian-owned UAS Pharmaceuticals (UAS) is a pioneer in the field of advanced cosmeceutical products that deliver long-lasting results. We find out more from the teamas the firmcelebrates being named in the Global Excellence Awards 2022. Most Inclusive Skin & Hair Care Brand - Australia are trusted and recommended by dermatologists. Being supported by dermatologists in the skincare industry shows customers that UAS can be trusted as its claims are true.” The Australian skincare industry is constantly changing, with new products entering the marketing and routine trends being influenced by social media; the industry is never at a standstill. According to GlobalData, the market size was estimated to be $1.3bn in the past year, showing an increase of 6% from the previous year. This increase shows that consumers are consistently spending more on their skincare and investing in more quality products. “With skin and haircare trends constantly changing, mainly based off social media and consumer demands, new products are consistently entering the market to meet these demands and offer more variety to consumers,” they elaborate, highlighting one of the challenges that UAS faces in the industry. “With these everchanging trends and introductions of new products, the industry has maintained a consistent growth rate and is expected to do so in the coming years.” For this reason, UAS has a very real focus on staying up-to-date wherever possible. Over the past two decades, the team has continually achieved its mission through extensive research. From using natural ingredients to designing new products that help a different skin or hair concern, innovation is integrated into every aspect of UAS and achieved every day through a creative team who work closely together. From updating packaging, to introducing new products into the market, refreshing the website to installing a new social media campaign tactic, UAS not only stays ahead of the game when it comes to trends set by consumers, but also ensures it stays true to its mission to engineer the best and most reliable products in the industry. As UAS is a globally run company, the team works very closely together to ensure a collaborative workspace to help convey a cohesive message. “To ensure that it is a vibrant and happy environment to work in, the team has participated in team building activities as in event days,” they say. “Having the whole Australian team participate creates an inclusive culture among different departments and helps break down walls for a more relaxed and calmer workspace. Working in a hybrid office with the option to work from home a few days a week helps the marketing team to be creative in their fields and helps increase productivity.” The pioneering brand recently gained international recognition in the Global Excellence Awards when it was presented with the title of Most Inclusive Skin & Hair Care Brand – Australia. Now, as the future beckons, it seems that UAS Pharmaceuticals has big plans for further expansion and to continue to stay ahead of its competitors. “It’s a big year!” they enthuse. “UAS is looking to expand into more countries, plus it is introducing new products into several ranges, as well as rebranding packaging.” Contact: Maddisson Jones Company: UAS Pharmaceuticals Web Address: stablished in 2000, UAS Pharmaceuticals was created with the vision of designing products that nourish the hair and skin and treat a variety of body concerns. With a passion for skin and haircare, and improving the quality of life for its customers, UAS focuses on being results-driven and ensures its formulas contains natural ingredients that are gentle on the body. Now sold in 18 countries, and with the objective of expanding into more as the company continues to grow, the family wants UAS to be seen as a global brand in the medicated aesthetics field. Under UAS Pharmaceuticals, there are four main brands which each specialise in their own field of the skincare industry: Dermavive’s products are carefully formulated to target and treat a variety of skin and haircare concerns by harnessing colloidal oatmeal’s natural medicinal potency proven by science to heal, protect, restore, and revive the skin. Neutriderm, the ‘sister’ of Dermavive, has built trust with its customers and dermatologists by formulating and delivering innovative, effective, and natural products for skin and hair. Sunstop is a dermatologically recommended sunscreen that protects the skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays, yet does not damage with unnecessary ingredients. Dermqure is an oil-free skin cleanser that helps improve surface impurities for a revitalised complexion. “Between these brands, the company’s mission is to help improve quality of life,” explains the team. “By engineering such a wide range of products that are suitable for all ages and skin types, UAS Pharmaceuticals is making a real difference through its commitment to research and its passion for achieving radiant and healthy skin and hair.” UAS differentiates from other brands in the industry through its use of unique and exclusive ingredients and formulas that deliver real results, such as the unique form of vitamin E known as tocopherol phosphate in Neutriderm’s moisturising lotion. “Placing emphasis on results means that products are only introduced into the market once the formula is perfected and proven,” they continue. “It further sets UAS apart from competitors as the products E