Global Excellence Awards 2022

Chris Ploof Designs has built an incredible jewelry brand that aims to revolutionise best practices in the global market. Following the company’s well-deserved recognition in the LUX Global Excellence Awards for its exceptional designs, we spoke with Chris Ploof himself to find out more. Most Innovative Jewelry Design Company - Massachusetts we hire the best, and maintain a family like atmosphere with a steady stream of ideas and constantly discuss and implement changes to make our business better.” The future of Chris Ploof Designs very much remains in this vein, with plans in place to further innovate, embrace true creativity, and enter new markets. “We have LOTS of new designs, non-wedding rings and a few joint ventures with other artists and companies in the works.” Company Name: Chris Ploof Designs Contact Name: Chris Ploof Address: PO Box 786, Leominster MA 01453, United States Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number: 978.728.4905 Chris Ploof’s designs truly speak for themselves. His pieces can truly be called art, with an eye towards creating unique designs that stand apart from his competitors and peers on a global scale. The company was forged around this central ethos – to create custom pieces from scratch that are beautiful, artistic, and trendsetting. “Our company specializes in created laminated materials that look similar to wood grain that we then fashion into jewelry pieces. Some of the materials are precious metals, and the technique is called Mokume Gane. We also make very large amounts of damascus stainless steel, a specialty combination that cannot rust or change over time, staying as beautiful over time as it is when made. “Our mission is to deliver unique, innovate jewelry of the highest quality. Our jewelers are highly trained and experts in their field. We continually improve our processes and patterns and develop new ways to create beautiful metals,” Chris explains. The fact that Chris and his team create the metal they use in their pieces distinguishes them from the vast majority of the market, and indeed, the end product is so unique that other companies seek to buy it. “Other companies strive to achieve a look similar to our pieces.” It should be no surprise to say that Chris Ploof Designs is defined by innovation, with a goal to change how the consumer and client sees jewelry. To achieve this, Chris seeks out inspiration from every avenue, including beyond the United States’ borders and overseas – including outside of the industry. “We are constantly innovating in both design and process and look outside of the jewelry industry to expand our knowledge about modern metals. We are a very small company, but C “We make both the metal and the jewelry. We are true experts in our field. Our company is small yet very mighty, and we have greatly influence how jewelry designers use these modern metals.” - Chris Ploof