Global Excellence Awards 2022

34 | LUXlife Magazine - Global Excellence Awards 2022 Best Global Contemporary Art Management Platform - Italy Art-Preview was established to be a private management art platform for emerging young talent. Following the company’s success in the LUXGlobal ExcellenceAwards as the ‘Best Global ContemporaryArt Management Platform’, we spoke with CEO and Founder Matteo Sormani to explore Art-Preview’s history and achievements. The art world is vast, highly competitive, and is rarely kind to newcomers wanting to make their mark on the industry. More importantly, few are working to improve the status quo for new talent wanting to build a reputation. That is where Art-Preview comes into play, with a mission to disrupt the greater industry and cultivate best practices that are, ultimately, far more welcoming to potential future masters. Art-Preview was created by experienced art specialists to spotlight new artists on its reputed platform, thereby creating an easier pathway for the most promising artists to be exposed to potential buyers. “Our closed platform assures access to final collectors that are open to invest through a guided advisory. Nowadays the market is overwhelmed with innumerable proposals, and this can easily confuse the interest of a buyer when purchasing a new artwork. The role of our advisors is to scout and study the projection of young promises giving them possibilities to reach the same audience international exhibitions target,” Matteo explains. Perhaps the best comparison for Art-Preview is to describe them as agents, discovering the best of the best in talent and showcase them for a specific audience to see and invest in. “Our artists are accompanied by a devoted management team that helps them develop their career and placement in the industry. We also offer tools that allow the artists to find a proper growth over private events, exclusive presentations, direct introductions and corporate events.” Equally, it would be fair to say that many upper echelon art exhibitions are as much social events as they are serious buying opportunities, whereas Art-Preview ensures that the latter is the focus through its digital platform. This is turn ensures that the artists featured are predominantly showcased in a way that promotes investment from the ground up, as Matteo discusses. “Art - Preview's mission is to internationalise artists in the sense of making their work discoverable through the possibilities offered by the digital world... to give an example a year ago, an Italian artist was discovered by an important Australian gallery owner who has four galleries in his country. We signed an exclusive agreement with this gallery, and we started selling many of his works in that country... this collaboration was possible thanks to the digital means in which we operate.” Despite its digital basis, Matteo is keen to emphasise that none of the personal discussion and interaction is lost – often organising physical exhibitions where appropriate and needed. “Art - Preview is first and foremost an online gallery, but to help collectors better understand the works, it organises physical exhibitions in galleries and spaces dedicated to art, where the client can dialogue with the artist to better understand their work.” Indeed, every year – Matteo explains – the company hosts exhibitions in Miami, Mexico City, London and Rimini to promote the artist it has chosen. “This is because we have branches in the cities and every city has artists who live it ... internationality and the cultivation of creativity are essential for this management platform. As such, the next exhibition will be in February in Mexico City.” With all signs pointing to further growth and greater momentum, Art-Preview is certainly just getting started. For Matteo, the future is defined by a refinement of its core mission – to help unite incredibly artists with art lovers. “What I like about Art-Preview is that it is tailor made for each of its different customers. We pursue the attainment of true luxury and giving the customer the best of what they are looking for... this is our vision and our mission.” Company Name: Art – Preview Contact Name: Matteo Sormani, Founder and CEO Address: Viale Giosuè Carducci, 47921 Rimini, Italy Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number: +393486030901 “Our ethos is to define ‘A New Vision of Contemporary Art” “The human bond that connects our advisors to final buyers is key in the approach of Art-Preview.”