Global Excellence Awards 2022

37 | Luxlife Magazine Best Blonde Specialist Hair Salon – Brisbane (Sunshine Coast) High society, luxury, class – those are the words that Ms Monaco Hair Society’s Owner Samantha Jones uses to describe her salon. Following the salon’s extraordinary success in the LUX Global Excellence, we spoke with Samantha to find out more about the salon and its achievements. The luxury sphere requires a special touch- it’s not for everyone, and indeed many fail to hit the mark. It’s more competitive than most industries, demanding a dedication to high quality, high standards, and high expectations. When it comes to the hair and beauty market, those expectations remain, perhaps more so than other sectors in the industry. It goes without saying, but success demands a client centric approach partnered with a personability that ensures clients keep coming back – and that’s even before we get to discussing the expertise and services. Ms Monaco’s Salon Owner Samantha Jones understands the importance of maintaining excellence across the board. “As a salon, we wanted to create an experience you will be blown away by and want to come back to time and time again. Our team is highly trained in techniques that are unique to our salon. “Part of making the experience one of a kind is to ensure that we have covered everything you need to know prior to your first visit with us. We don’t want you stressed out about how to find us, what you need to do or where you need to go… we just want you to walk in through our doors, feeling completely confident and ready to be treated like royalty. From the consultation right through to the refreshments, nothing is missed when you visit the salon.” This concept of royalty extends to the roots of the business, including the salon’s name – so why Ms Monaco? “Well, as a true romantic and believer in fairy tales – the marriage of Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier of Monaco, in 1956 has to be one of the greatest fairy tales of all time – add that to the sheer luxury of such a small country with 30% of its population being millionaires, it’s definitely high society! A true reflection of how I want our salon to be represented.” “We make our clients feel like royalty. From the moment you walk in and are greeted to the lush shampoo lounge experience, you'll be pampered.” Of course, there have been significant challenges for the industry over the last couple of years due primarily due to the COVID-19. However, there are still challenges plaguing the industry now that the worst of the pandemic is over. For instance, the sector is currently experiencing a talent deficit, making recruitment difficult. “The industry is facing challenges with finding hairstylists to work within the salons. We invest heavily into our young and emerging stylists to ensure we have a career pathway for them. Our senior and master stylists are also nurtured to grow into the best hairstylists they can be with additional skills and training everyweek,” Samantha adds. With all of the above inmind, what does the future of Ms Monaco have in store? For Samantha, the next few weeks are especially exciting as she concludes in her closing comments. “We are currently building a brand-new salon space that will be unlike anything the Sunshine Coast here in Australia has ever seen. It will be a large salon space that has a dedicated lounge area for our VIP clients as well as catering for a state of the art training space for our emerging stylists and team. We are currently mid-build and are hoping to be in our new space in the first quarter of 2023.” “We are grateful for the loyalty, andwe can't wait to share the next chapter of Ms Monaco Hair Society with theworld. It's such an honour to be recognised for all the hard work that goes into building a business such as Ms Monaco Hair Society.” Company Name: Ms Monaco Hair Society Contact Name: Samantha Jones Address: 4/8 Fairfax St, Sippy Downs QLD 4556 Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number: +61 07 5363 0259