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Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: About the Global Excellence Awards 2023 Presenting the seventh annual instalment of LUXlife Magazine’s Global Excellence Awards in 2023! Once again, we offer well-deserved recognition to businesses at all levels and subsections of the Luxury sector! By the end of 2023 the Luxury sector is expected to reach $1.2trn in total sales. Companies in this sector continue to show resilience in times of economic recession and recovery following international crises. Now that lockdowns have been lifted, luxury experiences are more available and a substantial portion of savings made by consumers during the pandemic are now being spent on personal comforts. Luxury has become part of modern self-care, especially following a period in which access to luxuries was globally restricted. Consumer desire for high fashion, luxury experiences and exquisite food and beverages is rising, as the importance of seizing the day becomes clearer. Despite what many may believe, this sector is not only geared towards the ultra-wealthy. In fact, the larger share of Luxury goods consumers is those with modest incomes who wish to indulge themselves. The Luxury sector is constantly evolving and requires an astute business leader with a clear vision to remain competitive. Brands who establish a dialogue with the younger generations and learn to appeal to current social values are commonly the global leaders in luxury. Additionally, in-store experiences, brand design and techsavvy are all deciding factors in consumer engagement.

4. CASTELLO® 1935: Best Private Label & Hospitality Italian Linen Manufacturer - USA 6. Foxhie: Best Aesthetics Clinic - Essex 8. A&S Signature Journeys: Best Luxury Outbound Exotic Tour Operator - USA 10. Tysen Knight Productions: Best International Artist & Mentor (USA): Tysen Knight 12. Leocé Luxury Couture: Best Bespoke Luxury Womenswear Retailer - South Africa 14. Oulac Cosmetics: Best Global Women's Beauty Brand 16. G&D Unique Designs: Most Innovative Online Luxury Jewellery Designer – USA 18. The Watch Room: Luxury Watch Retailer of the Year - Scotland 20. D'wine Gulla Restaurant: Best Upscale Family Dining Experience - Central Portugal 22. Shumaila’s Aesthetics: Best Hair Removal & Skincare Clinic Group - South East England 24. Designer Clothing Shop: Best International High- End Designer Fashion eTail Enterprise - USA 25. Agitator: Most Innovative Luxury Whiskey Manufacturers - Scandinavia 26. BFC Art Mallorca: Best Kitchen Products Designer (Spain): Bernat Fiol Cardona 27. Elegantes London Perfumery Limited: Best Luxury Perfume & Beauty Brand - UK 28. Elena Giardini: Cosmetic Surgeon of the Year (Italy): Elena Giardini 29. Carpé Crystals: Best Global Interior Crystals Design Company - UK 30. Jewelry Blossom: Most Creative Nature-Inspired Jewellery Retailer - Western USA 31. All Travel Guru: Leading Experts in Luxury European Travel - USA Contents 32. Junona: Best Luxury Children's Clothing Brand - Europe 33. Mia La Vida Bridal: Best Contemporary & Unique Bridal Wear Brand - UK 34. Gelateria Naturale Demetra: Best Artisanal Ice Cream Business - Assisi 35. Kafue Camps & Safaris Ltd.: Most Authentic Bush Camp - Zambia 36. Thesleff Group: Restaurant Group of the Year - UK 37. The Forest Faerie Floral Design: Floral Design Business of the Year - Essex 38. Millie’s Paws Ltd: Best Dog Care Retail Enterprise - Aberdeenshire 39. Blissbury: Best Holistic Bracelets Retailer - South East Asia 40. Soke: Most Innovative Hydrogel Skincare Treatments 41. Rocky’s Diamonds: Most Creative Bespoke Diamond Jewellers - In the Cayman Islands 42. Green Earth Minerals Limited: Best Mineral Development & Exploration Company - New Zealand 43. Fairmont La Marina Rabat-Salé Hotel & Residences: Luxury Contemporary Hotel of the Year - Morocco 44. Jobs Uniforms: Hospitality Uniform Design Company of the Year - Portugal 45. Harley Street Health Strategies: Best Luxury Fertility Program - UK 46. Willow Diamonds: Most Innovative Artisan Diamond Jewelry Brand - USA 47. Lío London Ltd.: Best Cabaret Entertainment Experience - UK 48. Beauty Goddess: Most Trusted Beauty Products eTailer - UK

Jun22596 4 | LUXlife Magazine Best Private Label & Hospitality Italian Linen Manufacturer - USA Established in 1935 by the visionary William Campbell, CASTELLO® 1935 is an Italian luxury linen manufacturer for those who appreciate the most premium in bed, bath, and table linen and accessory products. This family-owned and -operated business has been producing textiles of all types for 89 years – and it is a story of four generations of passion, innovation, and excellence when it comes to all things luxury linen. Recognised for its outstanding private label and hospitality offering, we take a closer look at how this company has come to be the go-to linen supplier for some of the most highly esteemed hospitality corporations across the globe. When William Campbell founded CASTELLO® back in 1935, he already had textiles experience behind him, having worked in the industry since the age of 14. He had been working for Mr Hugh Danford, a small textile jobber who bought and sold fabrics by the pound. Who knew that this would form the very foundations of what is today one of the biggest private label and hospitality luxury linen brands in the world? When Mr Danford passed away, he left the business to his wife, Margaret Campbell Danford, who was also William’s older sister. William continued to work for the company, helping his sister, and only left to serve his country in World War II. After the war, William chose to leave his secure employment of 25 years with T Eaton Co to join the family business full-time – against the advice of his wife, Mary. It was under William’s leadership that this small fabric converter became a major cut and sew facility, manufacturing items for some of the most prestigious corporations in the world, including the likes of Seagram’s (Crown Royal Liquor Bag), Chanel (Powder Mitts), Avon (Cosmetic Packaging), and the Exxon Corporation (Esso Tiger Tails), to name a few. William proved himself a true pioneer within the textile industry, and his genuine devotion shone through towards ensuring the best quality and service for each of his customers. He left an indelible mark on his employees and community, caring deeply for them and being involved in many charitable and social causes. He passed away on 24th January 2022 at the age of 102. William is sadly missed but never forgotten by his family and his customers. His legacy lives on as the founder and inspiration behind the revolutionary CASTELLO®. CASTELLO® has been passed down the generations of the Campbell family, with each leader inheriting not only the business but their successors’ entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic. Richard, William’s son, was next in line, and he began working in the family business at the age of 12, doing piece work for the Montreal factory that produced industrial packaging, uniforms,

Global Excellence Awards 2023| 5 and linens for various industries. He soon joined the factory full-time, where he gained a rich insight into the textile industry as well as valuable experience in production, quality control, and customer service. From there, Richard was inspired to grow the hospitality side of the business, so he convinced his father to let him pursue this niche market – and it was worth it. It might have been considered the smallest element at the time, but it was also the most promising. Richard set about expanding the company’s product range to include high-quality table linens, napkins, placemats, and runners, and established relationships with some of the biggest hotels and airlines in the world, including Air Canada, Hilton Hotels, Westin Resorts, and Four Seasons Hotels. Next, Richard’s quest for excellence led him to explore the global market for the finest fabrics and designs on offer. He discovered a small factory in Italy that shared his passion for quality and craftmanship, and it also had a similar family history. This factory was founded in 1935, too, by a couple who were making bed linens in their home. Richard saw an incredible opportunity to partner with this factory and create a new brand of luxury linens, CASTELLO® Group, a group of companies manufacturing every type of linen that you could possibly imagine, from sheets to duvets, towels to robes, using only the most exquisite materials and craftmanship. Further, within CASTELLO®’s world-class offering is its private label service, which features a standard line of popular and often-requested products to hospitality clients, each of which is customisable to their unique specifications. The possibilities and benefits are endless for businesses, giving them complete control over product development and branding so they can create bespoke items that meet their specific needs. Such exclusivity means decreased competition, and the ability to build a loyal customer base, increase profits, and reduce costs. This flexibility offered by CASTELLO® allows companies to align their brand personality with their product offerings, further enhancing their appeal to customers. Each product available from CASTELLO® is crafted from the finest Italian linens and Turkish terry, guaranteeing unparalleled quality. Regardless of the thread count or weight, each item boasts truly superior quality and durability and can withstand more than 250 washes, making them an extremely reliable choice for long-term use. CASTELLO® sheeting and table linens are mercerised too, giving them incomparable stain resistance and colour retention. With the luxurious look and feel of each product, they aren’t only stylish, but they provide comfort beyond compare, whether bedding to sink into at the end of a long, hard day; towels to wrap into after a hot bath; or table accessories to create an ambience of prestige at dinner. The company even goes on to offer bathmats, dressing gowns, slippers, sleepwear, and more – all to provide a delightful sense of elegance and relaxation. Not only all this, but the company is also proud of its worldwide distribution capabilities, which eliminates any need for separate manufacturers or distributors. CASTELLO® manages all aspects of production, logistics, and sales inhouse, including ordering, product creation, and scheduling delivery. Additionally, its factories are OEKO certified, ensuring environmentally friendly operations. Indeed, the hospitality segment of CASTELLO® has gone leaps and bounds since Richard founded it and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Richard’s son, Taylor is now the third generation running CASTELLO® Group as the current COO. Taylor entered the company in the new millennium as vice president, and he too inherited that vision and passion for the high-end luxury market. Taylor has continued to focus on this niche segment of hospitality and brought on more major customers, including Holland America’s Seaborne Cruise Line, MGM Resorts International, Aman Resorts, Fairmont Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, and Ritz Carlton Hotels. This is with the support of his executive assistant, Candice Murphy, who is an integral part of the team. It is employees such as Candice and generations of family involvement that makes CASTELLO® the extraordinary business that it is today. Taylor also expanded the sales team worldwide, with account managers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Russia. This is in addition to growing the warehouse and distribution points with east and west coast centres in the United States along with distribution centres in Canada, Europe, and Asia. Taylor ensures that CASTELLO® products reach every corner of the world, and that each customer receives the best possible service and quality every time. Last year saw another exciting change for the CASTELLO® Group, with the addition of an exclusive sales broker to promote the CASTELLO® Hotel and CASTELLO® Home brands, so that the main group can focus solely on the manufacturing for the private label industry as well as the hotel and home brands. The intention is to allow the CASTELLO® Group to diversify its product range and reach new markets and customers. Not only this, but the CASTELLO® Group has been awarded the contract to supply all The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) with bed, bath, and table linens and accessories. This is a tremendous opportunity for the group, and it takes great pride in being selected. Currently, the LHW Group encompasses some 428 branded properties and 1,829 sister properties with 20,000 hotel rooms worldwide. This is the single largest contract that the CASTELLO® Group has landed in its almost nine-decade history. This will certainly enhance the reputation and recognition of the brand and showcase all that is excellent and elegant about CASTELLO® products. Now, the future looks inevitably bright for CASTELLO® as it continues to revolutionise the world of high-end linen. It even has its sights set on its future co-CEOs – Taylor’s son and daughter, Anthony and Annabelle. Anthony was born in 2014 and Annabelle 2017, so they both have a little way to go before they can join the CASTELLO® team. They may or may not choose to join the team one day, but the groundwork has been set by Richard to ensure his grandchildren and those who follow can carry the CASTELLO® brand for many generations to come. If the first 89 years are any indication as to where this corporation is headed, then it can certainly hope for a strong and prosperous future ahead. The CASTELLO® Group will continue with its global vision and evolve with the next generation and beyond. Contact Details Company: CASTELLO® 1935 Contact: Richard Campbell Website: Jan24201

Covering the areas of Southend-on-Sea, Shoeburyness, Thorpe Bay, Westcliff-on-Sea, Leigh-on-Sea, Southchurch, Rochford, Rayleigh, Hockley, and South-East Essex, Katie Brian’s Foxhie is distinguished in the industry based on the skill, knowledge, and friendliness that Katie and her colleague Jade bring to the table with every client that they see. The field of piercing and aesthetics has always been something that had piqued Katie’s interest, and she has wanted to work in the industry for as long as she can remember. Katie’s fascination with this topic extends further to an intricate knowledge of the body and anatomy, and thus she is able to offer stellar advice on suitability, all delivered with a client-centric approach. Before any treatments are carried out, Foxhie’s services begin with a full consultation and anatomy check, and during these sessions, which are a minimum of 30 minutes, the team make a conscious effort to discuss with a client exactly what it is that they seek, and the processes involved in getting there. Bolstering this is the key factor that Foxhie uses only the best in premium brand products across its array of piercing and aesthetic solutions, ensuring that not only is every delivered service done so to the highest standard of finish, but treatments are certain to provide the best results possible, leaving a client feeling reinvigorated, with their aims having been realised and their beauty goals achieved. While Katie and Jade remain firm in the belief that all of their clients are truly beautiful, both inside and out, they are acutely aware that those visiting the studio may seek to enhance or disguise certain areas of their appearance that are bothersome and cause distress. So, in addition to its aesthetics that serve to enhance some features, Foxhie is also proud to aid those in the transitioning process who seek to either feminize or minimise certain body parts such as the trapezius or calves, something attained through its use of safe and effective toxin products. The studio is proud to be LBTQ+ friendly and is glad to have helped many clients at different stages of transition journeys to feel more comfortable in their appearances. On the back of this, Katie’s extensive experiences and previous career in safeguarding means that is she qualified in catering to those with Dec23054 Best Aesthetics Clinic- Essex Foxhie Piercing and Aesthetics Studio in Southend, Essex has built a stellar reputation for itself on the back of offering safe, professional, and high-quality aesthetics treatments and facial/body piercings to its wonderful, everexpanding client base. Founded by Katie Brian, the clinic’s advanced practitioner, all of a client’s aesthetics needs can be catered to, and from something as simple as a vitamin injection through to more complex facial rejuvenation packages, each treatment is done with the uppermost skill, care, and professionalism, a commitment that is made further apparent by the business striving to use only needles and never piercing guns. learning disabilities, complex mental health needs, and autism. She also prioritises to the unique needs of every individual, whether this be respecting their culture, upholding their right to privacy, or offering specifically designed sessions, such as autism-friendly piercings. During these sessions, the lights can be dimmed, music turned off, and sensory objects provided, making the experience as comfortable as possible for a nervous client. Another area of speciality for Foxhie is its intimate piercing offerings, aided by Katie’s awareness of the differing needs of sexual communities. Exploring Foxhie’s award-winning aesthetic treatments in more detail, over a dozen services are available in this area, covering everything from wrinkle treatments to fillers, microneedling, and vitamin boosters. Across these ministrations, incredibly fine needles are used to inject the chosen treatment, with the option of a local anaesthetic cream or a solution that can numb the areas beforehand. Those worried about pain need not, as clients frequently praise the gentle nature of both Katie and Jade when it comes to administering the treatments, a skill that they have honed over the years. Wrinkle treatment is one of Foxhie’s premier offerings, with these treatments covering an array of bases from smoothing lines and wrinkles to managing excessive sweating. Results may take up to two weeks to be seen, but this highlights the conservative approach of the team, in order to achieve the most natural results. Another popular treatment focuses on the masseter, with this being ideal for those who grind their teeth or clench their jaw, as it can result in an overall more equally balanced face shape. Plasma treatments are also available, with these services including mole, wart, or skin tag removal, the tightening of the upper and lower eyes, and the removal of smoker or lip lines. One of the treatments that shows immediate results with little downtime is dermal fillers, with these being injected into the face or body to provide a lift and smooth wrinkles, as well as providing a contouring effect to more bony areas such as the jaw or chin. Throughout its filler offerings, Foxhie adopts a holistic approach, assessing the face as a whole as opposed to focusing on one area, providing the most aesthetically 6 | LUXlife Magazine

Global Excellence Awards 2023| 7 pleasing results. Skin boosters are also available, with these hydrating deep below the skin in order to stimulate the production of collagen. A loss of collagen is seen in those aged 25 and above, due to the body stopping producing it and igniting what we know as the aging process. Thread treatment is one of the more permanent offerings Foxhie provides, with this taking the form of both PDO (a lift effect) and smooth (repairing and tightening) threads. Particularly useful for tackling textured skin from acne scarring, threads also give the face an overall boost. Hyperhidrosis treatment is available for those who suffer with severe excess sweating, whereas the clinic’s tension relief service is perfect for those tackling head, jaw, neck, or shoulder pain, whereby a toxin is injected into the muscle for the purposes of reducing rigidity. Foxhie is one of few clinics in Essex trained in undertaking this service. Non-surgical rhinoplasty, colloquially referred to as a liquid nose job, is a great alternative to cosmetic surgery, with filler being injected into the nose to change its shape on a temporary basis. Results are instant and can last for a total of 6-18 months. A number of vitamin boosters are too available, with an extensive range of vitamins to choose from including B12, B-Complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6), C, and Biotin, with each of these treatments boasting a 90-100% absorption rate. In a similar vein, vitamin IV drops are too available, and the additional services rounding out Foxhie’s offerings are fat dissolving, microneedling, migraine relief, and finally, feminisation/slimming, as touched on earlier. Side-effects of aesthetic treatments are uncommon, and even if they are experienced, usually include only bruising, inflammation, or redness. With most of these services, after a few days any such signs should begin to clear, however, in the case of more extensive and invasive treatments, tenderness and extensive bruising are normal. All of this is thoroughly discussed during these sessions, which come complete with an in-depth consultation and debrief that covers aftercare and what to expect in the hours, days, and weeks following the treatment. Moreover, Katie’s status as fully qualified, insured, and certified in infection control, and the offering of bespoke treatment packages and piercings, underpin an unwavering dedication. Located just off Southchurch Road, approximately 15 minutes from Southend High Street, and situated only a short distance from Southend East Station, Foxhie Piercing and Aesthetics Studio is in a prime location for those in the area seeking high calibre piercings or aesthetic treatments. With this award-winning clinic being headed up by the 2023 recipient of the Business Woman of the Year Award, Katie Brian, and with Jade doing her part in holding down the fort, aesthetic treatments and piercings by Foxhie are sure to impress, and delivered in such a way as to provide clients with an unrivalled experience. An array of testimonials and positive reviews back this up, and it is our pleasure to bequeath Foxhie with this award. Contact Details Contact: Katie Brian Company: Foxhie Web Address:

Jun22596 8 | LUXlife Magazine In 2002, A&S Signature Journeys was launched in Chicago when President Sheri Fazleabas set out to establish her own boutique travel company. With a lengthy career in tourism that began at renowned travel agency Thomas Cook in 1978, she planned to leverage her extensive knowledge and experience to create unique adventures for individuals and small groups visiting Asia, Africa, South and Central America, the Pacific, and the Middle East. Since its establishment, A&S Signature Journeys has grown into a well-recognised boutique tour operator, specialising in the provision of customised travel and tour services. The company’s mission is to become one of the world’s top tour operators by creating tailormade journeys that significantly enhance and enrich clients’ travel experiences. To this end, A&S Signature Journeys has worked hard to build strong relationships with the best local suppliers in popular travel destinations, enabling it to handpick the most suitable items for each client’s itinerary. Over the years, the company’s team have arranged everything from large corporate meetings in exciting locations to extravagant vacations in secluded destinations. With first-hand knowledge of countless countries and experiences, they can be trusted to create a dream trip with no unpleasant surprises, A&S Signature Journeys is proud to be a customer-focused company, putting the guest’s interests, desires, and preferences first. Following a personalised consultation with them, Sheri and her team make tailored recommendations based on the information provided, striving to not only fulfil their needs but also exceed their expectations. Having travelled to over 90 countries in search of exhilarating destinations herself, Sheri is truly an expert in anticipating travellers’ deepest desires, enabling her to transform what could be an ordinary journey into a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Being a tour operator that organises travel to multiple continents, A&S Signature Journeys faces a number of challenges. Firstly, variations in infrastructure across regions can impact accessibility to certain Dec23105 Best Luxury Outbound Exotic Tour Operator - USA Based in Michigan, A&S Signature Journeys is an outbound exotic tour operator that creates hand-crafted luxury journeys for adventurous guests seeking to truly immerse themselves in the rich local culture, fauna, and flora of their destination. Whether you want to experience a safari, discover the heritage of Asia, or dive in the Indian Ocean, the company will create a personalised itinerary that perfectly meets your needs and desires.

Global Excellence Awards 2023| 9 areas, so it often requires meticulous planning to organise vacations in the more remote of luxury destinations. Secondly, it can be difficult for A&S Signature Journeys to arrange trips to certain locations at particular times of year. For example, in Africa, season determines wildlife movement, which could affect the guest’s experience during their safari. Lastly, A&S Signature Journeys navigates the challenge of finding the right balance between providing guests with luxury, opulence, and comfort, and ensuring that they experience authentic cultural immersion. Overall, it is how A&S Signature Journeys overcomes these difficulties that determines its ability to deliver the best standard of service to its clients. For this reason, it maintains a collaborative and open internal culture where every team member is encouraged to share their ideas. Employees brainstorm together to devise strategies through which they could overcome obstacles in order to continue achieving the company’s mission. In this, feedback from clients is always considered, ensuring that any changes made ultimately benefit the guest. As a result of its steadfast commitment to the customer, A&S Signature Journeys has received a plethora of positive reviews, which are available to view on its website. For example, one pleased client shares their experience, explaining, “Our trip to Sri Lanka and India was fantastic. We were able to see not only the usual major tourist sites but also a great deal not seen by others we know who have visited these countries. The itinerary we received was customised for our special interests and needs. All this was handled flawlessly. This really allowed us to enjoy our vacation.” Furthermore, another client comments, “A&S Signature Journeys always creates wonderful custom vacation packages for our clients. Sheri and her team always take into consideration the client’s intentions and guides them through the process from start to finish. Their first-hand knowledge of the destinations we send guests is a key reason I reach out time and time again. The attention to detail and high-touch service definitely sets them apart from the rest.” For its consistency in creating unforgettable travel experiences for the most discerning of guests, A&S Signature Journeys has been awarded the title of Best Luxury Outbound Exotic Tour Operator, USA, in the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2023. For the last 22 years, the company has focused its marketing efforts solely on reaching B2B clients, only recently beginning to target the end user. For this reason, it soon plans to launch a brand-new website that will be easier to use and more interactive, increasing the visibility of its offerings to its entire audience. Moving into 2024, A&S Signature Journeys has many exciting projects to look forward to, including several group departures. On top of this, the company is already receiving bookings for 2025 for destinations like Africa, where wildlife lodges are limited in capacity. Considering its astounding success thus far, there is no doubt that A&S Signature Journeys looks towards a bright future, and we look forward to seeing how its plans will unfold in the coming months. Contact Details Contact: Sheri Fazleabas Company: A&S Signature Journeys Web Address:

10 | LUXlife Magazine orn in Fort Lauderdale but raised in New Jersey, Tysen Knight’s creative journey began in high school when he started painting on jeans for other kids. Having grown up during the peak of the Street Art Movement, he found inspiration in the works of renowned street artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. At the same time, he was also significantly influenced by fine artist Pablo Picasso and pop artist Andy Warhol. Tysen’s interest in a variety of mediums shaped his current artistic style, which uniquely blends street art and fine art. His work boasts bold hues that create striking contrasts and effortlessly catch the eye. Each brush stroke and colour choice tells a tale, evoking emotions that resonate with the viewer at full volume. Tysen’s work also pays homage to his African American lineage and urban upbringing. With his inspiration, influence, and talents lying in the styles of fine art, pop art, and graffiti art, he came up with a new phrase to describe his niche: pop urban art. Today, Tysen is based in Palm Springs, California, where his distinct and colourful work brings life to the local area and is showcased in a number of galleries. It is clear that, for him, art cannot be confined to a canvas. Creating commissioned murals across the city, he tackles a variety of urban surfaces with enthusiasm. For example, in 2022, Tysen took to transforming benches around Palm Springs into bold, eye-catching conversation pieces, utilising an array of electric colours to invigorate and enhance the city’s iconic landscapes. He chose to depict famous figures like Elvis, Marilyn, and Judy Garland, whilst also featuring some of his personal inspirations, including Warhol, Basquiat, and Haring. Tysen found that, whilst many people recognised Warhol, fewer were familiar with Basquiat and Haring. He was pleased that, through his work, he was able to bring these inspirational artists to their attention. Interestingly, Tysen’s passion for creation extends to other forms of visual art, including film. With a love for acting that can be traced back to his time spent dancing, singing, and recreating movie scenes in childhood, he has been known to venture into the world of Hollywood. Over the years, Tysen has featured in films like ‘Epic Movie’, ‘Nora's Hair Salon 2: A Cut Above’, and ‘House Arrest’. Furthermore, his creative pursuits onscreen have landed him on billboards as part of the Meth PSA Drug Awareness Campaign in Los Angeles, California. Having gained a wealth of experience in the world of film, Tysen was later inspired to try his hand at filmmaking. He set out to create ‘The Art of Hustle: Street Art Documentary’, a full-length documentary that Best International Artist & Mentor (USA): Tysen Knight Striving to encourage people to “Be inspired!”, Tysen Knight is an international artist, muralist, and award-winning filmmaker whose colourful public art can be seen all over downtown Palm Springs. Here, we explore his impressive career, during which he has not only made a mark on his local area in California but also positively influenced the next generation of artists. B

Global Excellence Awards 2023| 11 explores his growth in the culture of street art, highlighting his resilience, passion, and, most importantly, hustle. The piece effectively showcases Tysen’s talents as a director, producer, writer, and actor. As a result, it was recognised at a number of renowned film festivals, including the American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs, the Oregon Documentary Film Festival in Portland, and the Street Art Movie Fest in Grenoble, France. Following the success of his first documentary, Tysen went on to create ‘The Art of Hustle: Homeless Street Artist Documentary’, which follows the lives of three homeless artists as they create art to survive with the odds stacked against them. Thus far, the film has received a multitude of praise and has been recognised at events like the Dumbo Film Festival in New York, the American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs, and the Lion International Film Festival in Italy. For this project, Tysen also won Best Director Documentary Short Award at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival in 2019. Alongside his work as an artist and filmmaker, Tysen is committed to supporting and inspiring the next generation of creators. For example, in 2018, he started “Boys Art Mentoring”, an educational programme through which he teaches art to students in local school districts. This initiative has been incredibly popular with students and teachers alike. Members of the faculty have praised his ability to inspire young people to express themselves through art. With a genuine passion for teaching and motivating students, Tysen has been incredibly grateful for the opportunity to inspire children of all ages. However, his commitment to supporting young artists does not stop there. Through the Tysen Knight Scholarship Fund, Tysen dedicates 10% of his earnings to providing high school students with the supplies or funds they need to pursue an education and career in the arts. Any young person who has a passion for art and would like to be considered for this scholarship is invited to submit an application on his website. As a result of his inspirational work, Tysen Knight has been named Best International Artist & Mentor, USA, in the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2023. Considering what he has accomplished thus far, there is no doubt that Tysen looks towards a bright future, and we wish him the best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Tysen Knight Company: Tysen Knight Productions Web Address:

When George Stander started Leocé Luxury Couture back in 2017, he did so from a financial management background, having studied this at the University of Pretoria and spent the first five years of his career operating within that sector. Even during this time, George felt that his destiny lay somewhere in the world of fashion and design, and he was proven right sometime in the fall of 2017, when he launched his first offering, a cruise-themed collection, under the brand name Geo by George. The fire was there, and it was not long before George set about rebranding, pledging to create a brand that celebrates women and femininity with timeless styles and premium textiles. The expansion of the brand over the past 7 years has yielded an ever-diverse selection of garments, beginning solely with couture and evolving to today feature sleepwear, kimonos, evening wear, and bespoke bridal offerings. Defiantly setting a new standard for style norms within the bridal community, each dress is representative of George’s unrivalled skill and creativity. Recent developments have even seen Leocé divert from womenswear, introducing a stellar range of genuine leather handbags. As George tells us, “We aim to give women excellent quality garments at affordable prices. Each year we add a division to our brand to essentially become a one-stop-shop for women.” During the early stages of Leocé, it specialised solely in the use of natural fabrics in its clothing, and while there is still an emphasis placed on utilising such fabrics, the range of other fantastic materials on offer, such as beaded lace and luxury fabric blends, were too good to pass up, and luxury fabrics are now sprinkled into many pieces across the brand’s unique collections. It is this blending of premium textiles with timeless designs that combine to result in Leocé radiating elegance and femininity, epitomising the brand as a standout in the field of luxury, bespoke womenswear. Across the brand, those working on the products are true artisans and customers are ensured every piece that they receive will be Dec23051 Best Bespoke Luxury Womenswear Retailer - South Africa Situated in a destination frequently referred to as one of the best places to visit in the world, Cape Town’s Leocé (leeoh-say) Luxury Couture is a stylish, elegant women’s fashion brand launched in 2017 by George Stander. The company is committed to using only the finest fabrics from the best boutiques, with manufacturing taking place in some of the finest factories dotted across the globe. Garments created by Leocé are done so for the truly classy lady of any age, and the range of garments available cover all bases, from business meetings through to cocktails by the pool a casual dinner, and even bespoke bridesmaids and wedding dresses. We have the pleasure of catching up with George in order to learn more about his luxury brand. of the highest quality and reflect the time and effort put into it. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Haute Couture, the brand’s flagship, and a range that can best be described using three key phrases, exclusive, custom-made, and high-end, ideal since these traits also reflect Leocé as a wider brand. Each of the pieces in this line are constructed by hand, tailored from start to finish in collaboration with a client to fully cater to their personal needs and leave them wholly satisfied with the finished clothing article. Across the space, nothing has more of an impact on a consumer than bespoke garments, and with these pieces of textile art designed to appease an individual’s specification and aesthetic needs, a one-of-a-kind piece is sure to result in the wearer being at the focus of attention in any room they walk in. Products gracing the Haute Couture line are completed with the specialist embroidery techniques and materials that are synonymous with the brand, combining the technical know-how of this skilled team with a customer’s vision. Every piece designed for a customer is done so with their input every step of the way, designed to accurately reflect a person’s true nature with a garment that has been conscientiously crafted to them only, confidently and distinctively, one stich at a time. As a result of this intrinsic sense of the bespoke, the final product is something that is sure to be cherished forever. Running parallel to this range is the company’s ready-to-wear line, a series of garments that breathe sustainability, slow fashion, ecofriendliness, ethical manufacturing, and luxury into the fashion landscape. These premium collections guarantee that a customer has the right outfit and style for both everyday life and those special moments sprinkled in between. Across this line, the finest fabrics are utilised by true artists to create pieces that boast an air of sophistication, with the UK’s luxury silk, Mauritius’ lush cashmere, and China’s beautiful wool in full effect across range to ensure exclusivity and products of the highest calibre. 12 | LUXlife Magazine

Global Excellence Awards 2023| 13 Not only is the fabric of this ready-to-wear range special, so too are the prints adorning these garments, designed by an in-house illustrator and printer directly onto the product. These famous finishing touches are again as standard to contribute to a high-end experience that is like no other one can find on the market. At a key point, these separate spheres of ready-to-wear and bespoke cross paths, as in addition to the standard sizes that are stocked online, clients are afforded the opportunity to send the team their measurements through a supplied template, so a garment can be created for their specific body type at no extra cost. As George explains, “we offer bespoke services and alterations for all our customers at no additional cost. We want our customers to feel comfortable and we want our garments to be all inclusive. Leocé is for everyone, and no one should feel excluded.” Bespoke is thus much more than just a sales term for Leocé, rather it is an ethos that is embodied throughout, spanning such meticulously detailed features as hand-painted buttons and exquisite embroidery, in addition to this customer-centric commitment. The final area of note regarding these offerings is accessories, and perhaps the focal point of these is the aforementioned leather handbags, which each one being made locally by hand, always from 100% genuine leather. A strict balance between durability and elegance is the fine line that is toed here, with both of these elements being afforded the uppermost priority when it comes to the designing and creating of accessories. Accessories are something that Leocé is keen to focus on as 2024 rolls on, as George tells us. “we are really excited about a new handbag collection that will be launching this year as well as the creation and development of our very own shoe line.” Developments such as this serve as vital for navigating South Africa’s fashion industry, where somewhat of a boom is currently being experienced. Unfortunately, this is largely offset by a substantial lack of investment on a country-wide basis, which is ultimately placing a constraint on the level of growth that can be attained. Since South Africa is a developing country, it is necessary for the funds of the government to spent in other places, and this goes some way in understanding the drive by George and the team at Leocé to reinforce the selling of the clothing at affordable prices, bridging the gap between luxury and being available to all, competing effectively in the global marketplace. When it comes to the inspiration for developing new collections for his brand, George tells us, “traveling the world inspires me and gives me new ideas for all my collections. The art is to not fall into the trap of following trends but to try to create your own trends and trademark.” Central to this innovation is the team, and integral to their success has been the nurturing of an internal culture that prioritises a calm and relaxed environment where everybody feels comfortable and at ease. In closing, George explains, “at the end of the day, Leocé [Luxury Couture] and the garments behind the name are a team effort. And everyone involved in the process of getting us where we are is valued and appreciated.” Contact Details Contact: George Stander Company: Leocé Luxury Couture Web Address:

Jun22596 14 | LUXlife Magazine Best Global Women's Beauty Brand Oulac Cosmetics, a member of BBI, is one of Asia’s largest cosmetics manufacturers with a distribution network in over 60 countries around the world. Its diverse range encourages consumers to express their individuality and celebrate the beauty of life in all its forms. With a variety of innovative makeup and nail products available, customers can obtain stylish and modern looks while supporting an ethical and sustainable company. Bestowed with this year’s Best Global Women’s Beauty Brand, Oulac Cosmetics has revolutionised the cosmetics industry by empowering customers to embrace and express their own unique beauty. Oulac Cosmetics is dedicated to inspiring customers with outstanding products that make every person look and feel like their true selves. Its extensive collection includes luxurious lipsticks, lip glosses, stunning eyeshadows, foundations, makeup bundles, and much more. The firm believes that diversity and inclusivity are essential to the industry and is dedicated to providing people with the right tools and products to celebrate their individuality. Its advanced formula and technology supports the company’s commitment to responsible consumption which ultimately contributes to a better world for everyone. Oulac Cosmetics provides its business partners with access to a diverse product portfolio that is supported by marketing, branding, digital, and business development services and expert Beauty Consultants from around the world. The global beauty brand has taken several actionable steps to achieve its mission. Oulac Cosmetics integrates innovation into every aspect of its work. Its research and development team is dedicated to exploring new formulas, ingredients, and technologies in order to create new, high-quality products. The firm remains at the forefront of its industry by following emerging trends, conducting market research, and collaborating with beauty professionals and influencers to meet the evolving needs and desires of its customers. Its diverse portfolio of products includes numerous formulas, shades, and finishes that cater to different skin tones, preferences, and styles. Oulac Cosmetics continually introduces new and innovative products to expand the definition of traditional beauty and allow individuals to express their authentic selves.

Global Excellence Awards 2023| 15 Passionate about customer engagement, Oulac Cosmetics engages with customers through various channels including social media, events, and collaborations. By actively listening to feedback and industry changes, the business involves its customers in the product development process. Its customer-centric approach enables the brand to produce products that continually exceed customers’ expectations and deliver extraordinary experiences. Oulac Cosmetics values innovation not only in product development but also in its commitment to sustainable practices. Unlike traditional cosmetic brands, the company is dedicated to animal welfare and environmental protection. It uses natural and cruelty-free ingredients are gentle on skin and align with its ethical practices. All its offerings are vegan-friendly, meaning that Oulac Cosmetics’ products, packaging, formula, and ingredients do not contain animal derivatives or animal by-products. Oulac Cosmetics’ values of diversity, innovation, quality, and sustainability have led the business to achieve global success. The team’s emphasis on innovation enables the brand to continually produce new and unique products that consumers can trust. Its customer-centric approach places clients’ satisfaction at its heart and strives to provide exceptional experiences. The brand aims to foster strong customer relationships to meet their needs with superior products. With its unique combination of core values, Oulac Cosmetics provides clients with beauty products that align with their ethics, deliver unparalleled results, and celebrate their diversity. The cosmetics industry is currently experiencing substantial growth due to the increasing demand for products due to the evolving beauty trends, social media, and the desire for authentic self-expression. Despite this growth, the sector also faces several challenges such as regulatory compliance, market competition, and shifting consumer preferences. Oulac Cosmetics invests significant resources to ensure that all its products meet international and local safety requirements, which can sometimes be challenging in terms of time and cost. The cosmetics industry is highly competitive. To remain at the forefront, the firm must foster innovation, utilise effective marketing strategies, and build strong brand awareness. Competition drives the team to continually enhance its offerings in order to differentiate itself within the crowded market. Consumer preferences are ever evolving, influenced by the desire for inclusivity, natural ingredients, sustainability, and transparency. At Oulac Cosmetics, the team is passionate about ethical beauty and has embraced the growing demand for sustainable products. By investing in organic ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and ethical practices, the company has become a trusted brand for conscious consumers. Oulac Cosmetics addresses industry challenges through its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and its customer-centric approach. This focus enables the business to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and achieve success in its dynamic industry. The team at Oulac Cosmetics employs several techniques to remain informed about emerging trends, consumer preferences, and industry developments. By monitoring industry reports, analysing social media trends, and studying patterns in consumer behaviour, the R&D team can anticipate shifting preferences and identify opportunities for growth. Oulac Cosmetics collaborates with beauty professionals, industry experts, and influencers, sharing knowledge and gaining insights into future trends. These collaborations help the business obtain valued feedback and remain abreast of emerging trends and technologies. The team also actively participates in industry events, trade shows, and exhibitions. Events provide essential networking opportunities and information about the latest innovations and product launches. At Oulac Cosmetics, its internal culture is built on values of collaboration, growth, and success. The company understands that nurturing a positive workplace is the key to driving innovation and achieving success for the brand. Its shared mission and vision ensure that every team member has a sense of purpose and remains aligned with the business’s core values. In a transparent culture that prioritises open communication, the team is encouraged to share their diverse perspectives and feedback which ultimately enhances the company’s offerings. By providing continuous learning opportunities, the brand helps employees grow personally and professionally. Its supportive environment empowers individual success and enables the business to pursue excellence. Moving forward, Oulac Cosmetics has ambitious plans to expand into new markets both domestically and internationally. The company aims to deliver its high-quality products and sustainable beauty to customers across the world. By leveraging emerging technologies, the business will be able to meet the evolving needs of its customers with innovative formulas and natural ingredients. Sustainability remains a top priority, and Oulac Cosmetics will continue to explore avenues to reduce its carbon footprint and improve its eco-friendly packaging. Over the coming year, Oulac Cosmetics aims to remain at the forefront of the cosmetics industry through its commitment to clean beauty, innovation, and sustainability. The team anticipates a significant increase in market presence and will continue to push the boundaries while remaining true to its core values. Oulac Cosmetics’ high-performing beauty products continue to shape the future of the cosmetics industry and have led the brand to receive this year’s Best Global Women's Beauty Brand. Contact Details Contact: Emma Ho Company: Oulac Cosmetics Web Address: Dec23080

Jun22596 16 | LUXlife Magazine The story of G&D Unique Designs’ beginnings is a humble one indeed, and it starts with none other than Gregory Simon. Inspired by the visual arts and classical music, Gregory sought to unite the pair in wondrous harmony, and did so through the medium of his now award-winning jewellery. At the time, he only wished to make a beautiful piece for his wife, but it wasn’t long before the compliments came in droves. Many expressed the desire to have similar pieces made for them, and thus G&D Unique Designs was born. Gregory had a talent, and it was about time to share it with all jewellery lovers and connoisseurs alike. Whether crafted for fine events, or for everyday wear, Gregory’s pieces are designed with remarkability in mind. After all, jewellery is a form of selfexpression, and everybody deserves to indulge in showing off their inner selves from time to time. It’s this diversity that really makes G&D Unique Designs so distinct – it’s able to forge fashionable pieces of timeless jewellery from concept to creation, be it for cocktail parties, weddings, or a night out at the opera. Regardless, Gregory’s signature style serves to enhance any moment, right down to the smallest gemstones. It's this pursuit of individuality that truly reflects Gregory’s vision for G&D Unique Designs. From the very beginning, when creating a unique piece of jewellery for his wife, Gregory sought to make something nobody had ever seen before. This sentiment has continued throughout the years, resulting in a line of bespoke pieces that each hold individuality in abundance. The personality of each piece shines through its composition, and it’s all thanks to Gregory’s incomparable eye for tasteful, wearable luxury – luxury that’s designed to last throughout the generations to come. However, this individuality is taken one step further through the G&D Unique Designs’ custom service. If you have a vision of your dream engagement ring, or perhaps a personal heirloom that you wish to pass down to those who follow in your footsteps, Gregory is prepared to go the extra mile to craft something truly bespoke. Accommodating such Dec23282 Most Innovative Online Luxury Jewellery Designer – USA Jewellery is more than just a combination of metals and gemstones. It’s wearable art – a means for people to express themselves exactly the way they wish to. Each piece tells a different story, and to capture this exact sentiment is how award-winning G&D Unique Designs came to be. With an unrivalled grasp on how to fashion the most intricate pieces of iconic jewellery, this designer demonstrates an eye for distinguished luxury that simply can’t be overlooked. Join us as we take a closer look at how G&D Unique Designs creates its many exquisite, handmade masterpieces.