Global Excellence Awards 2023

Global Excellence Awards 2023| 43 Luxury Contemporary Hotel of the Year - Morocco Situated on the edge of the famous Bou Regreg river, Morocco’s Fairmont La Marina Rabat Salé Hotel & Residences elegantly brings together the country’s old-time charm with all of the amenities and comfort of a contemporary, luxury hotel, comprised of 274 terrific rooms, suites, residences for longer stays, and complete with fantastic bars, restaurants, and one of the location’s best spas. This hotel serves as the premier offering for those looking to stay in the area, and patrons are sure to relish in the opportunity to explore everything that the capital city of Rabat has to offer, thanks to the hotel’s perfect location. Jérôme Lobier, General Manager of the hotel, tells us more about this top hotel. A mere 20 minutes from Rabat-Salé Airport and 10 minutes from some of the location’s most rewarding cultural sights, this fantastic hideaway is ideal for everything from business trips to sightseeing holidays, with the hotel itself serving as a destination. A rooftop bar and restaurant provides tremendous, 360-degree views of the landscape, including the water gardens that surround the hotel, and a large infinity pool helps to ensure that guests are encompassed by paradise throughout their stay. Those in search of wellness are afforded access to one of the region’s state-of-the-art fitness centres, and the hotel’s own Fairmont Spa provides facial and body treatments aplenty, including the traditional Hammam. Nowhere is the hotel’s contemporary nature more apparent than in its commitment to sustainability and its adopting of appropriate solutions, aided by the hotel’s status as part of both the Fairmont brand and Accor group. The former has served as a beacon of sustainable development for more than 30 years, and the latter inspires the hotel’s holistic approach to social, environmental, economic, and cultural responsibility. As Jérôme tells us, “it’s not just a matter of turning off the lights or planting an organic garden, although it’s very important. Rather, its about taking action and implementing concrete measures.” This all begins with the employees, who serve to wholeheartedly embody these values and ethics every day. Moreover, each of the buildings that make up the hotel have water and energy consumption monitored, “in order to identify energy-hungry segments and take corrective action where necessary”, Jérôme explains. Going further, the team have set up an incredibly effective purification system that manages all of the wastewater stemming from the hotel. An airconditioning system is in place that not only keeps everywhere cool, but also transfers and recovers ‘lost’ energy, and the hotel’s water-heating system uses specialised heat pumps that boast the claim of being able to consume up to 3x less raw materials than a natural gas system. Working with local suppliers is favoured where possible, and these partners must share a likeminded vision and similar values regarding responsible practice and sustainability. These positive actions go deeper and are apparent across the customer experience. Patrons have access to the latest in digital technologies and tools across their stay, the dual-natured purpose of which being to streamline available services and reinforce this commitment to environmentally beneficial solutions. As an example, Jérôme tells us, “our customers can consult national and international newspapers and magazines on their phones or tablets, thanks to the PressReader tool.” Similar initiatives can be found across the premises. All of the in-room amenities are eco-responsible and single-use plastics have been banned and replaced with suitable, reusable alternatives, and a partnership with local company TelusBikes has seen electric bikes made available to all guests on request, with an extensive selection available. Charitable acts such as beach clean-ups and school refurbishments are too carried out, and local artisans and maalem are also afforded a platform to showcase their creations through the hotel. Jérôme elaborates, “our hotel is a storefront of craftsmanship, from the zellige on our walls to the handcrafted wrought iron adorning our doors and the artwork displayed along our corridors.” Rabat has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for more than a decade now, and the team at Fairmont La Marina Rabat Salé Hotel & Residences are determined to highlight its cultural assets and fascinating history to all who visit. Through its luxury offerings and commitment to sustainability and supporting local businesses, the hotel is more than doing this, aided by some of the most talented men and women working in the industry. Celebrating its first anniversary recently, Jérôme tells us that the hotel aims to continually, “contribute to enriching the region's artistic and cultural agenda, […] collaborating with world-renowned artists and showcasing young local talent.” Contact Details Email Address: lamarinarabatsale. 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