Global Excellence Awards 2023

Global Excellence Awards 2023| 9 areas, so it often requires meticulous planning to organise vacations in the more remote of luxury destinations. Secondly, it can be difficult for A&S Signature Journeys to arrange trips to certain locations at particular times of year. For example, in Africa, season determines wildlife movement, which could affect the guest’s experience during their safari. Lastly, A&S Signature Journeys navigates the challenge of finding the right balance between providing guests with luxury, opulence, and comfort, and ensuring that they experience authentic cultural immersion. Overall, it is how A&S Signature Journeys overcomes these difficulties that determines its ability to deliver the best standard of service to its clients. For this reason, it maintains a collaborative and open internal culture where every team member is encouraged to share their ideas. Employees brainstorm together to devise strategies through which they could overcome obstacles in order to continue achieving the company’s mission. In this, feedback from clients is always considered, ensuring that any changes made ultimately benefit the guest. As a result of its steadfast commitment to the customer, A&S Signature Journeys has received a plethora of positive reviews, which are available to view on its website. For example, one pleased client shares their experience, explaining, “Our trip to Sri Lanka and India was fantastic. We were able to see not only the usual major tourist sites but also a great deal not seen by others we know who have visited these countries. The itinerary we received was customised for our special interests and needs. All this was handled flawlessly. This really allowed us to enjoy our vacation.” Furthermore, another client comments, “A&S Signature Journeys always creates wonderful custom vacation packages for our clients. Sheri and her team always take into consideration the client’s intentions and guides them through the process from start to finish. Their first-hand knowledge of the destinations we send guests is a key reason I reach out time and time again. The attention to detail and high-touch service definitely sets them apart from the rest.” For its consistency in creating unforgettable travel experiences for the most discerning of guests, A&S Signature Journeys has been awarded the title of Best Luxury Outbound Exotic Tour Operator, USA, in the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2023. For the last 22 years, the company has focused its marketing efforts solely on reaching B2B clients, only recently beginning to target the end user. For this reason, it soon plans to launch a brand-new website that will be easier to use and more interactive, increasing the visibility of its offerings to its entire audience. Moving into 2024, A&S Signature Journeys has many exciting projects to look forward to, including several group departures. On top of this, the company is already receiving bookings for 2025 for destinations like Africa, where wildlife lodges are limited in capacity. Considering its astounding success thus far, there is no doubt that A&S Signature Journeys looks towards a bright future, and we look forward to seeing how its plans will unfold in the coming months. Contact Details Contact: Sheri Fazleabas Company: A&S Signature Journeys Web Address: