Global Vegan Awards 2021

Page 10 LUX 2021 Global Vegan Awards Located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Ambrosia Speciality Foods (Ambrosia) is a food wholesaler offering a wide range of alternate, healthier product solutions for store retailers at affordable prices, working alongside globally recognised and award-winning companies in Greece and other areas of Europe. Products such as these, at a high-quality state and affordability, make them unseen and incomparable to rival products in the Australian market. Created by Emmanuel Spyroglou - who spent much of his formative years in Greece- the name Ambrosia was inspired by the Greek Gods, meaning ‘food of the immortals.’ He tells us more about the ethos of the firm. “Ambrosia’s purpose is to develop, market, sell, and distribute quality healthier food and nutritional products to the benefit of society’s wellbeing in the workplace, and at home, as well as in sporting, and social environments,” Emmanuel enthuses. “We want to offer Australians a large variety of the best organic, vegan products from the best leading food service companies around the world.” However, one of the product lines that Ambrosia is famous for is the Vegan Life series that is rich in plant nutrients, without gluten and, of course, without animals. Although Emmanuel emphasises that, while unique, his products are not competing with any other brands – they are simply a way to provide a Oct21754 Ambrosia Speciality Foods Pty Ltd/ Vegan Life Best Vegan Cheese Range 2021 (Australia): Vegan Life better, healthier, and excellent selection of vegan options to the Australian people. “Veganism is the new way of life,” he continues. “People that are lactose intolerant have been given the opportunity to eat non-dairy cheese flavoured products without the consequences of the lactose or any nut allergies. Our unique selling point is that our products are of award-winning quality, and they have been certified and accredited by the Vegan Australian organisation.” The main challenge that Emmanuel faced with the launch of Vegan Life was, surprisingly, not Covid-related. Instead, it was to do with the use of the word ‘cheese’. “Due to the non-use of dairy we had to be extremely cautious on the description of our products. Also, with the pandemic it was very hard to make transportation arrangements. Thankfully with correct guidance and proper planning we overcame these obstacles,” Emmanuel adds. Emmanuel puts the success of the company down to the fact it is based on proper and healthy eating, which reveals a lot about us humans. Since choosing to eat right is a reward to yourself. Emmanuel says, “Whatever I do in my life is always linked to my personal values which is the reflection in our company. My love and respect for my fellow man are basic values that “lead” me to my choices. With these values in mind there is no mountain that we cannot climb.” Having recently been awarded the prestigious accolade of Best Vegan Cheese Range 2021 (Australia) in LUXlife’s Global Vegan Awards for the Vegan Life products, Emmanuel could not be happier. He says, “I would like to thank my family and friends for their support. I would like to thank my friend and guide Stefano from Greece for his support and assistance. I would like to mention and give my special thanks to my wife and business partner, Helen, and my father, George, for his guidance and assistance.” So what does the future hold now for Vegan Life and its umbrella company, Ambrosia? “Our plan is to introduce our products to many more retail stores and by the end of 2021 and mid-2022 to be national to over 5,000 stores. For 2022, we have made already arrangements to introduce more flavours of vegan cheese products and award-winning pasta products at very competitive prices,” Emmanuel summarises. Contact: Emmanuel Spyroglou Company: Ambrosia Speciality Foods Pty Ltd/Vegan Life Web Address: www. With an exclusive range of high-quality products, to satisfy all tastes and dietary needs, Ambrosia Speciality Foods delivers specialist food items at affordable prices. We find out more about the company and its award- winning product line as we speak to Founder, Emmanuel Spyroglou.