Global Vegan Awards 2021

Page 16 LUX 2021 Global Vegan Awards Ethical House is a vegan, cruelty-free, eco- friendly, and refillable cosmetics company, offering a wide selection of quality products, well-being treatments and bespoke cosmetics. With a company ethos centred around trust, honesty, family and the ability to laugh a lot, it’s clear to see that this is a business with a very clear difference. Established by Faith Hanson, Ethical House is based on one simple core value and that is to ‘rethink your relationship with cosmetics.’ “This is our most important value,” Faith explains. “Be expressive, shout about what you love, try new things and explore the unknown. We live by this and hope to inspire our customers to do the same.” To ensure that all of Ethical House’s ingredients and finished products are formulated and completed to the highest standards, they must comply with the above company values, and suppliers have contractual agreements which guarantee ingredients remain cruelty-free, support a fair wage, and are vegan. In addition, Ethical House has selected numerous products to donate a percentage of their profits to environmental causes. “Our overall mission is to provide vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly quality cosmetic Sep21913 Ethical House Best Vegan Cosmetics Company -Yorkshire products to the many, to inspire our customers to reduce their plastic waste, to consume goods from eco conscious companies and to encourage customers to rethink their relationship with cosmetics,” Faith tells us. However, Ethical House isn’t just a cosmetics company. Faith and the team believe customers deserve more from their cosmetics and that’s why it offers bespoke cosmetic services and well-being treatments. “We want to inspire our customers to shop from more eco conscious brands and, in some cases, work alongside us to create perfect bespoke products for themselves, to benefit their individual skin concerns, and to work these products into a unique well-being treatment to further benefit our customers,” she explains. “That’s why Ethical House is so unique, we want better for our customers as well as for our planet.” When it comes to expanding her company and team, Faith is looking for the right candidate. This being any individual with a keen interest in the beauty industry and an eco-enthusiast with a creative approach to problem solving included just some of the great qualities she looks for when recruiting. Having recently been awarded the prestigious title of Best Vegan Cosmetics Company – Yorkshire in the LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2021, it seems that the future is bright for Faith and the team at Ethical House, however, there are challenges which are foreseen along the way. Since the UK has left the EU, the UK government are reviewing specific ingredients and are potentially looking to bring back animal testing for these specific ingredients. This is a challenge for any cruelty free cosmetic company within the UK. “Ethical House is watching the situation closely and will be working hard with chemists to ensure all our cosmetics return cruelty free and vegan,” Faith concludes. This will help to keep animals and the planet safe, because beauty shouldn’t cost the earth. Contact Details Contact: Faith Hanson Company: Ethical House Web Address: Faith Hanson has a dream: to share her passion for eco- friendly cosmetics and to have everyone love the planet as much as she does. This was the rationale behind her inception of Ethical House. We speak to Founder, Faith, to find out more.