Global Vegan Awards 2021 Page 17 LUX 2021 Global Vegan Awards Launching onto the Oakland restaurant scene in 2019, Vegan Mob has since served thousands of loyal customers and achieved unprecedented success. Serving homely, traditional soul food and barbecue dishes, the restaurant devotes itself to being entirely plant-based, creating vegan versions of popular meals such as Fried Shrimp and Sweet Potato Pie. The restaurant continues to soar above the clouds of success, becoming incredibly popular amongst vegans and non-vegans, all the while staying true to its modest roots. Vegan Mob Best Vegan BBQ Dining Restaurant - West Coast USA Oct21164 With a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Oakland and a food truck in San Francisco, Vegan Mob is taking over the Californian culinary scene. Creating a fusion of traditional soul food and barbecue, Vegan Mob infuses a plant-based twist, aiming to provide nutritious and healthy food to its surrounding communities. Indeed, each delectable dish, from its Spicy Fried Chicken to its Mob Burger Cheese Rolls, is entirely vegan. Founded by Toriano Gordon, a dedicated father and husband from San Francisco’s Fillmore District, Vegan Mob comes from humble beginnings. A few years prior to opening the business, out of concern for his health, Gordon made the plunge into veganism. Whilst he noted a dramatic shift in his overall health and wellbeing, the change left him unable to eat barbecue and soul food, and as a result he struggled to find a suitable alternative. With a history involving culinary training and a love of home cooking, Gordon realised his dream of owning a restaurant and created Vegan Mob. Built on the foundations of an immense passion for food, Vegan Mob empowers its customers with food they’ll love whilst supporting a healthy lifestyle. Its dishes are hearty and ambrosial, embracing the traditional soul food flavours that originated within African American communities in the southern United States and the smokiness of barbeque. All the while, the dishes remain entirely plant-based, as Vegan Mob sources the best alternatives for popular ingredients. Vegan Mob endeavours to create meals that appeal to both vegans and non-vegans alike, striving to create authentic-tasting, delicious, and nourishing food. Offering a diverse menu filled with mouth- watering dishes, Vegan Mob truly caters to everyone, supplying a vast range of both gluten and soy free meals. For $15 there is the option to indulge in Vegan Mob’s Fully Loaded Fries, a gluten-free combination of seasoned crispy fries, plant-based brisket, Mob Sauce, sour cream and guacamole, smothered in a generous helping of nacho cheese. Furthermore, its Mob Burger with Fries is a tempting treat of a succulent, vegan Impossible Burger, topped with tomatoes, onions, cheese, and Tasha’s Slaw. Vegan Mob advertises an array of appetising options, crafting each dish with only the finest quality ingredients and a true love of vegan food. The Covid-19 pandemic had a great impact on numerous businesses, particularly the food and hospitality sectors, and changed the way that many customers interacted with visiting franchises. Initially operating as a takeaway, Vegan Mob opted to launch a delivery arm, enabling it to continue reaching customers with its flavoursome meals. Of course, Vegan Mob, no matter what the circumstances may be, always puts the customer first. Going forward, Vegan Mob faces the new challenge of potentially having to change location. Its current home on Lake Park Avenue is merely a temporary stay until it finds a permanent residence elsewhere. Gordon aims to remain in the Oakland area, having built a large, star studded, local customer base that includes the chart- topping singer-songwriter, Kehlani. However, the future looks increasingly bright for the business, as it continues to climb the ladder of success. There are plans to expand further, spreading veganism across the United States and, perhaps, beyond. Contact: Toriano Gordon Company: Vegan Mob Web Address: