Global Vegan Awards 2021 Page 5 LUX 2021 Global Vegan Awards of spectacular collections such as Vendula Apothecary, The Swan Inn, and the Fortune Teller collection. The Shakespeare’s Theatre – Macbeth collection is heavily inspired by the Jacobean tragedy. Depicting elements of the Globe Theatre and the play’s Three Witches – represented, naturally, by cats – the collection fully utilises Vendula London’s ability to create intricate, out-there pieces whilst maintaining a sense of sophistication. Manufacturing its pieces in a variety of styles, Vendula London truly caters to its customers’ individual preferences. Whether it is delicate grab bags or large, spacious shoppers, there’s no denying Vendula London’s dedication to providing glamorous, vegan products. Each item is crafted with the utmost amount of care, and is produced at the company’s own pace, ensuring the level of quality for which it is known. The company takes its time sourcing the most suitable materials and components from around the world to make its range both chic and affordable. After all, the company promises to deliver first-rate items, prioritising the longevity and sustainability of its products. Alongside its magnificent inventory of bags, Vendula London is known for its range of accessories. A concoction of luxurious quality and eye-catching designs, Vendula London’s accessories are produced with the same level of attention and care as its bags. Similarly, its accessories are all created with cruelty-free, vegan products, and, handily, can be paired with a matching bag. Producing multiple sizes of wallet, phone cases, and purses, the company continues to stray away from conventional designs, instead playing with illustrations and embroidery to adorn its pieces. It could be said that some of its designs, taking the Old Book Shop Phone Case for example, invoke a sense of cosiness. Whereas, other items, such as the Vendula Flower Shop Clipper Coin Purse, is bright and creative. There is something for every taste and style. Vivienne Westwood, responsible for bringing new wave and punk fashion to the mainstream, has had a great influence over the brand. An architect of the punk fashion phenomenon that took over the 1970’s, Westwood is notorious for her often bizarre designs and innovative take on the fashion industry. Westwood’s influence can be found across multiple brands, and, of course, Vendula London is no exception. In addition, the company is inspired by Lulu Guinness’ iconic, quintessentially British designs. Since 1989, Lulu Guinness has been creating internationally renowned bags – most notably the Florist’s Basket handbag, which is now a permanent feature in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s fashion exhibition. It is not hard to understand how and why such brands have influenced Vendula London. The abstract and colourful