Global Vegan Awards 2021

Page 8 LUX 2021 Global Vegan Awards Conversations between friends can spawn a myriad of ideas. In 2017, after a simple discussion amongst a group of friends, Just Vegan Marina was born. The topic of the future of food had arisen and, little did they know, that was the very conversation that would lead to a lifetime of success. Serving a delectable range of vegan food, Just Vegan Marina has quickly become a leading vegan restaurant in its home country, Dubai. The first vegan-only food branch opened in Dubai Marina, UAE, in 2017, and after booming success, the company went on to open a franchise location at ILA Restaurant and Café, Al Seef, and then another at Farooj Express, Barsha Mall. Consistently met with positive reviews and unprecedented success, in 2020 another restaurant was opened. The flagship private dining restaurant based in Jumeirah was inspired by nature and sustainability. Sprawling out over two floors, Oct21161 Just Vegan Marina Best Sustainable Vegan Food Brand 2021 & Leading Providers of Ready to Eat Vegan Curries 2021 Founded in 2017, Just Vegan Marina rapidly climbed the ladder to success, becoming a friendly face in the Dubai restaurant world. From its menu filled with mouth- watering dishes to its range of vegan products, the company is devoted to its cause – to show that everyone can eat differently without compromising on taste. With numerous accolades and positive reviews under its belt, Just Vegan Marina shows no signs of slowing down, hoping to further expand the business in the future.