Global Vegan Awards 2021 Page 9 LUX 2021 Global Vegan Awards its extensive menu aims to showcase the full power of fresh produce and, ultimately, just how delicious vegan food can be. Set firmly in its plant-based ways, the company’s driving goal is to create palatable vegan food that will appeal to everyone – whether vegan or omnivore. The company has designed dishes that locals and tourists alike will love, ultimately aiming to increase the amount of people exploring plant-based alternatives. Furthermore, Just Vegan Marina endeavours to make vegan food accessible and affordable for people of all ages and dietary preferences, therefore many of its foods are nut and gluten-free. Simply, the company envisions a world where both animals are treated with respect, and people lead healthy and sustainable lives free from discrimination. Indeed, each dish on the menu is 100% plant-based, and the company specialises in ‘veganising’ popular – often meaty – dishes. Just Vegan Marina takes the time to search for the best meat and dairy alternatives, innovating the current vegan food market by providing culturally rich and satisfying dishes. Aiming to satiate cravings for meat and dairy products, Just Vegan Marina has filled its menu with an array of adaptations of popular dishes, including no-eggs benedict, mac ‘n’ cheese, and a plethora of pizzas. From omelettes to pancakes, and soups to burgers, Just Vegan Marina offers a diverse assortment of magnificently presented, appetizing dishes. Its succulent range of burgers could even fool the most regular of meat eaters – the Big Daddy burger, for example, stacks high a mountain of flavoursome chick’n patties dipped in buffalo sauce, lettuce, coleslaw, and tomato. Meanwhile, for dessert there are the options of an organic dark chocolate Fudge Brownie or Wild Blueberry Pie. Introducing its Christmas menu both for dining-in and takeaways, Just Vegan Marina offers its plant- based take on the traditional holiday foods, including a Nut Roast, Sage and Chestnut Bread Stuffing, and Plum Cake. Based upon the hit Netflix show ‘Squid Game’, Just Vegan Marina has devised a special menu as a tribute to the hit. The show combines a sinister combination of innocent childhood games with the crushing burden of life changing debt – its 456 players are fighting for the chance to win 45.6 billion won. However, if they lose, they pay with their lives. Indeed, inspired greatly by the show, Just Vegan Marina has created its own challenge. There is a 20 AED entry fee for each player, which includes a free drink and dessert. In addition, if more than two players join the game, one player eats for free. Whoever wins the game receives a prize of merchandise. The secret menu is filled with dishes that invoke curiosity, yet whether it’s 067 or Fuel for the Game, it is certain that the food will be a plant-based treat for the tastebuds. Alongside its established plant-based restaurants, Just Vegan Marina sells a variety of vegan products that are available at a competitive cost across the UAE, this includes its brand new, smash-hit range of vegan curries. The popular curries are designed to replace the meat-filled alternatives whilst maintaining an authentic, tantalizing flavour. Moreover, the range is infused with both traditional and innovative flavourings – maintaining the typical chicken flavour, while introducing a vegan barbecue flavour. Additionally, the brand produces a range of ready-to-eat pizzas, pastas, and burgers, as well as a range of gluten-free granola, sea-salted crackers, and desserts. Of course, each of the company’s products maintains its 100% vegan promise, vowing to be a suitable solution for the real thing. Further promoting its products on its website, Just Vegan Marina supplies a variety of quick and simple vegan recipes through its blog. Promoting nutritious dietary choices, the company teaches readers how to make spectacular dishes, such as watermelon pizza, roasted Mediterranean chick’n wraps, and wholegrain pancakes. Each recipe takes under an hour, making them suitable for the busy daily lives of many of its customers. Using its restaurants as spaces for events, Just Vegan Marina has opened itself up to a host of new business prospects. The pet- friendly restaurant has provided amenities for dog yoga classes, dog socialisation events, and pop-up markets. It is also open to hosting baby and bridal showers, sound healing classes, and book launches. Taking a client- centric approach, Just Vegan Marina aims to make such events memorable, making it its mission to provide the best possible service. What’s more, the company fully caters the events, consistently impressing guests with fresh, heavenly vegan meals. It should come as no surprise that Just Vegan Marina has won the Best Sustainable Vegan Food Brand 2021 & Leading Providers of Ready to Eat Vegan Curries 2021 awards. Every decision the company makes is focused on furthering the vegan movement and painting it in a positive light, avoiding the stereotypes of being pushy or preachy. Instead, it simply proves its point with excellent food, quality service, and passion. Moving into the new year, Just Vegan Marina has plans to open two new restaurants – one in Dubai’s Business Bay, and the other at City Walk. The future seems bright for the company as it intends to expand its services, drawing in even more customers to try its incredible vegan dishes. Contact: Betcy Mary Thomas Company: Just Vegan Marina Web Address: