Global Vegan Awards 2022 Page 5 LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2022 A hub for delicious seasonal dishes, Twisted Fork is one of Alberta’s leading restaurants, offering locally sourced produce, homemade preserves, and a welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant has big plans for 2023, including the possible launch of farm tours and workshops, which it envisions will be available by the summer. Twisted Fork Best Local Seasonal Cuisine Restaurant - East-Central Alberta Sep22503 At the epicentre of rural Alberta is a wholesome family restaurant named Twisted Fork. Open for over five years, the eatery is a proud supporter of farmers, and as a result, it utilises fresh and locally-sourced produce. Twisted Fork is wrapped up in a highly diverse area, providing it with access to a plethora of unique delicacies. Thereby, it attracts guests from across the globe, and it is this international draw that allows Twisted Fork to produce exceptional seasonal menus. Creativity and innovation are certainly at home at Twisted Fork. The restaurant’s mission is intrinsically linked to what it does and the way in which it caters to its clients; Twisted Fork wants to bridge the gap between its customers and the farmers it works with. Now, more than ever before, people are curious as to where their food is coming from, and there is a trend toward supporting local businesses, with sustainability being a key factor in this development. The restaurant’s Chef, Debra Poulin, serves to be the catalyst for the use of fresh foods at Twisted Fork, and this is something that she has done throughout her career, maintaining her core values and determination to provide customers with something delicious. Indeed, Twisted Fork works closely with its farmers and sources, regularly visiting their farms and partnering with them to create exciting events. Through these providers, Twisted Fork acquires some of the freshest vegetables, herbs, and microgreens, with produce being completely organic. Grounded in a love for food, this passion continues to grow. During the Covid-19 outbreak, for example, Twisted Fork remained open and utilised the increase of fresh fruits and vegetables to expand upon its line of preserves and pickles that it makes in-house. Of course, the pandemic created several key challenges, contributing to the current food supply chain issues that many businesses are facing. Whilst Twisted Fork is at the heart of a farming area, it is not exempt from this problem. Consequently, Twisted Fork believes that it is imperative to look at ways to combine tradition with innovation, and as a community, Twisted Fork is looking at supporting businesses that are considering or are utilising alternative growing methods, including vertical growing, green houses, and sea can growing. Through taking this approach, the restaurant plans to further support its community in gaining fresh produce all year round whilst upholding the area’s farming culture. One pathway that Twisted Fork is following is the introduction of vegan dishes. The eatery’s current focus is currently upon finding new plant-based items that can be incorporated into its menus whilst still maintaining a harmonious balance for everyone. It is constantly searching for alternatives, attending conferences, and reaching out to others in order to become better. Twisted Fork prioritises excellence in every regard, from the ingredients it uses to the way it deals with its customers – this is what makes it stand out in the Alberta restaurant scene. Twisted Fork is on a roll, with numerous accomplishments coming its way. The company cites its biggest project as becoming an Économusée Artisan at Work for its preserves, of which it currently has 22 products with flavours ranging from Peach Basil Jam to Pickled Garden, and they are all gluten-free and vegan. Moreover, throughout 2022 and 2023, Twisted Fork will be continuing to support local farmers and also local artists. Boasting an on-site art gallery, customers are invited to enjoy the art, and if they wish, purchase the pieces. Contact: Debra Poulin Company: Twisted Fork Web Address: