Global Vegan Awards 2022 Page 7 LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2022 Curly hair is beautiful, and it deserves to be celebrated, nourished, and protected. This is, quite simply, TaniaJane Naturally Curly’s mission. Home to a range of haircare products and an abundance of information surrounding the maintenance of curly hair, TaniaJane Naturally Curly is leading the haircare industry, encouraging many to embrace their natural texture. Best Clean Beauty Hair Care Product Line 2022 - Canada Sep22620 TaniaJane Naturally Curly is a family-owned business that is built upon sturdy values and a passion for curly hair education and maintenance. The company, which began in a kitchen, has since moved into a factory setting; however, it has continued to uphold its vibrant family-business spirit. Alongside her sons, Michael and Brandon, Tania Jane has created a business that benefits people, animals, and of course, the planet. For example, the company does not use animal by-products, as it firmly believes that these hold no benefits for hair and that animal testing is highly unethical. Ethics play a fundamental role in the running of TaniaJane Naturally Curly; the company focuses on sustainability and how it can best support its clients and community. Henceforth, the company uses custom-made bottles which are made up of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic complete with refill pouches that have been designed to minimise any required packaging. In addition to this, TaniaJane Naturally Curly searches for ingredients that are not connected to human or animal cruelty, choosing sustainable and ethical providers. TaniaJane Naturally Curly’s range is therefore packed with powerful, natural ingredients that are vegan-friendly and perfect for the nourishing of curly hair. As the company has held these values since its inception, it has been able to adapt to any industry developments that come its way, meaning that TaniaJane Naturally Curly is always ready and able to switch to the best available direction. In essence, TaniaJane Naturally Curly promises to always choose better. This attitude extends much further than the company’s products and it is infused within the company’s desire to aid its community in tandem with its own growth. Consequently, in this area, TaniaJane Naturally Curly has a multitude of exciting plans in the works. Behind this approach stands a small yet passionate team. Indeed, TaniaJane Naturally Curly is backed by passion, integrity, and creativity, with these factors stemming from the people who assist with the day-to-day tasks, from admin work to stocking the shelves. It is a firm belief at TaniaJane Naturally Curly that these team members are as equally important as the CEO, and that the CEO is no more deserving of financial recognition than the staff who carry out such tasks. Additionally, the company ensures that it supports its staff in ways that many companies fail to: TaniaJane Naturally Curly is a family-friendly workplace. Factoring in each of these elements, it is clear to see that TaniaJane Naturally Curly has carved a path through the industry, introducing vegan, sustainable, and crueltyfree products to the wider market. Tania Jane, throughout her career, has cultivated an environment in which curly hair is celebrated, and this has continued through her range of products. In turn, the company’s success is sure to continue. The company saw rapid growth during the pandemic, and it is looking forward to expanding once the supply chain becomes stable. Contact: Michael Smith Company: TaniaJane Naturally Curly Web Address: