Global Vegan Awards 2022

Page 8 LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2022 Dating back to the second century BC., Ayurveda – a form of traditional, alternative medicine – believes that the universe consists of five elements, and that these elements form the three humours of the human body. Simply, in Ayurveda, harmony between nature and the humours must be maintained in order to cultivate a healthy state of living. The philosophy boasts a rich and extensive history and is also the fundamental concept that underpins the products produced by Suneeta London. Suneeta London Ltd. is a small, femaleled, family-run business that specialises in wholesome skincare products that are fun and easy to use. Every product is handmade by Suneeta Dinraz, the company’s owner, and they are inspired by Ayurvedic recipes from Suneeta’s childhood. Henceforth, Suneeta London’s products consist of only the purest ingredients – they are organic, cruelty-free, un-refined, and homegrown where possible. At Suneeta London, there is a firm belief that families should be able to use products that they can trust; therefore, Suneeta London only sells products that Suneeta uses in her own home. Everything is done by hand, with its most technical piece of machinery being an electric whisk. The small team of women that pot and label the products are therefore a fundamental factor in supporting the business, and they are enthusiastic about contributing to the smooth running of the brand. It is clear that there is an abundance Natural skincare doesn’t have to be unaffordable or inaccessible. Suneeta London Ltd. is a cruelty-free, organic, and handmade skincare brand that is not only luxurious but also easy on the wallet. Created by Suneeta Dinraz, the brand truly practices what it preaches, subverting the trend of consumerism that plagues the market. Sep22565 Suneeta London ltd Best Anti-Aging Vegan Skincare Products eTailer - UK of hard work that goes into the production of Suneeta London’s products. Indeed, there are a plethora of defining factors that set Suneeta London apart from its competitors: it is zero-waste and ecofriendly, it believes in making natural skincare affordable and not ‘elite’, and it wants to encourage people to be resourceful and experiment with creating their own skincare. However, the key factor that highlights Suneeta London as a rare jewel in the skincare industry is the fact that it wants to make people feel good – it’s not about achieving perfect skin, although, it does cite this as a bonus. Its prices are affordable, guaranteeing that ethically produced and natural products can be accessible to all. Moreover, Suneeta London caters to everyone, and is neutral in regard to the age, ethnicity, and gender of its clients. This is why Suneeta London’s products are packaged in a stripped back, functional design, as this is more inclusive – it does not want to alienate any group with specific, targeted packaging. The company is, in essence, as client-centric as a company possibly can be. It is open to communicating with its customers at every given opportunity, and Suneeta London takes pride in the fact that customers love to meet the team in markets and talk to them about the products. Suneeta London is the antithesis of consumerism. It believes that cosmetic packaging is a prime example of consumerism and throw away culture on a global scale. As such, by placing emphasis on the product rather than the packaging, Suneeta London is paving the way for reusable packaging. Additionally, Suneeta London offers its products in zero waste, reusable, plastic-free, or biodegradable packaging, such as kraft containers, paper, glassine bags, and recycled glass. With these innovations in its pocket, Suneeta London has been awarded four awards over the past year, and it hopes to continue along this path, growing and sharing what it does along the way. So far, social media has played a vital role in increasing the brand’s profile, and its following continues to grow on the daily. However, if this isn’t enough to convince you, then perhaps the five-star reviews will. As one customer states: ‘I love everything I’ve bought from Suneeta London. Everything just works so well and there are some products I just couldn’t be without. I love knowing that everything is carefully made from the very best ingredients, vegan and cruelty free. And always carefully wrapped. Highly recommended!’ Contact: Suneeta Dinraz Company: Suneeta London Ltd. Web Address: