Global Vegan Awards 2022 Page 9 LUXlife Global Vegan Awards 2022 B.Y.L.T.® (Beyond Your Limit Training), is an advanced vegan electrolyte sports drink developed by Elite Beverage International using a patented SmartCarb® technology that helps athletes hydrate faster, increases endurance, and improves recovery and performance. It combines a plant-based blend of electrolytes, BCAAs, and antioxidants together in an allin-one ready-to-drink beverage that will help take your training beyond your limits. Elite Beverage International Best Plant-Based Sport Drink Brand 2022 - USA Oct22509 B.Y.L.T. is for everyone, from professional athletes to pilates enthusiasts, weekend warriors to kids, and anyone simply looking for ways to stay hydrated. Even pregnant or breastfeeding women in their post-partum journey can benefit from hydration with electrolytes and antioxidants. B.Y.L.T. is also the only sports drink that has patented SmartCarb® technology that doesn’t spike blood sugar and is safe for diabetics to drink. CEO and Founder, Joey Firestone tells us, “We didn’t want to compromise quality over costs and it’s okay if we have less margin than other brands, but we wanted to make something healthy that works and makes a change in the functional beverage/hydration space – not only for athletes, but for kids too – zero caffeine and ingredients that don’t promote tooth decay. We also recognize the increased demand in the market for plantbased performance products and made sure that B.Y.L.T. met the needs of that growing customer segment.” How does it work? B.Y.L.T. is comprised of four key elements that work together to optimize athletic performance. 1. B.Y.L.T. contains electrolytes comprised of key minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium) that are essential to your health. These minerals help carry electrical signals that power your nerves and muscles and maintain your blood’s proper pH. The body loses electrolytes when you sweat, so electrolytes help to balance fluids in your body. 2. Our patented SmartCarb® technology with Palatinose™ (from sugar beets) combined with BCAAs support an extended boost in energy, fat oxidation, along with increased nutrient absorption. Plant based aminos aid in muscle recovery and unlike sugar, Palatinose™ is slowly digested, resulting in lower blood glucose and preventing a spike in insulin response. Insulin is responsible for fat storage and the inhibition of fat burning. Through this limitation, the SmartCarb® technology in B.Y.L.T. supports extended energy and enhanced fat oxidation. 3. HydroMax™, which is a vegetable-based glycerol, increases fluid concentration in blood and tissue (hyperhydration) to increase stamina and blood flow. 4. Spectra™ is a potent antioxidant made only from fruits, vegetables, and herbs, inhibiting free radical production, optimising cellular activity, and increasing nitric oxide levels. Always improving “We are always looking to innovate,” says Joey. “Our team is constantly striving to take the product to new heights. We are always looking for ways to improve our formulation and trying different flavour systems so we can have the most advanced product and something consumers will enjoy as well.” Elite Beverage International has also been working hard to overcome challenges that have impacted markets all over the world. Staying ahead of ingredient sourcing, packaging and freight pricing has allowed B.Y.L.T. to avoid many of the issues affecting other companies in the marketplace. The key to this success is a hard-working team made up of people who share the same vision and goals as the company. Joey says, “We are always looking for motivated individuals that strive to be successful in all aspects of their career. It’s the little things that add up and help make the company reach its goals.” Elite Beverage International has a bright future ahead of it as it looks to expand B.Y.L.T. distribution into more accounts and chains throughout the US along with the international market with our debut in Canada in 2023. Company: Elite Beverage International Contact: Joey Firestone Email: [email protected] Website: