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Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: LUXlife is happy to announce the return of the Global Vegan Awards! Now entering the third year, this award recognises the standout companies, brands and products working within the Vegan industry. The Global Vegan Awards 2023 will once again shine a light on the industrious companies that are revolutionising the global food market and encouraging a fairer and greener way of life. Through innovation, these brands are pioneering a new future for international consumer spending. With many now embracing the vegan lifestyle, now is the perfect time to reward the hardworking companies involved in the industry. From food and beverages to beauty products and fashion accessories, the vegan market is growing to encompass all aspects of the lifestyle industry. This dynamic market is transforming the production and manufacturing lifecycles of consumer goods and food products. This is best seen through the environmental benefits of switching to a Vegan lifestyle, with plant-based foods emitting only half the amount of greenhouse gases as animal-based foods. Consumers are increasingly motivated by ethical considerations, and the actions and commitments of a business are now proving a key factor in consumer decision-making. About the Global Vegan Awards 2023

4. Tousuiro Gion: Best Tofu Restaurant 2023 - Kyoto 6. GlindaWand Pty Ltd: Most Comprehensive Vegan Skincare System 2023 8. BIOLUME CARE: Best Plant-Based Cosmetics & Skincare Brand 2023 - APAC 10. Mosna GmbH & Co. KG: Vegan Pasta Brand of the Year 2023 - Germany 12. BIG sister Café: Best Vegan Food Experience 2023 - France 14. Vendula London Limited: Most Innovative Vegan Accessory Brand 2023 - UK 16. Oshen’s Essentials: Best Vegan Cheese Manufacturers 2023 - Caribbean 17. Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages: Leading Specialists in Vegan-Friendly Asian Travel 2023 18. Veggie Republic: Best Vegan Catering Business 2023 - UK 19. Ink Defense Tattoo Care: Best All-Natural Tattoo Skincare Brand 2023 20. Craig McQueen Salon: Best Vegan-Friendly Hair & Beauty Salon 2023 - Atlanta 21. Gigibee Beauty: Best Cruelty-Free/Vegan Make- Up Brand 2023 - Netherlands 22. JSL Essentials: Best Plant-Based Hair & Skincare Products Manufacturer 2023 - South East England 23. Earth & Halo: Vegan Skincare Brand of the Year 2023 - USA 24. Noshing: Best Vegan Cheese Manufacturers 2023 - Australia 25. Hanna Sillitoe Skincare: Best Vegan Health & Beauty Brand 2023 – UK & Best Vegan-Friendly Sensitive Skincare Product 2023 (UK): Multi Strain Biotic 26. Lord of the Fries: Best Ethical International Fast Food Chain 2023 - Australia Contents

4 | LUXlife Magazine or vegetarian and vegan travellers visiting Japan, it can be difficult to find a place to eat that serves traditional Japanese food whilst catering to their dietary requirements. Although Tousuiro Gion is not an exclusively plant-based restaurant, it does have a delicious vegetarian and vegan menu that offers a great taste of authentic Japanese cuisine. Tousuiro Gion has been serving dishes made with tofu, a well-known vegetarian staple, since its establishment. However, until relatively recently, there was no vegetarian or vegan culture in Japan. For this reason, when Tousuiro Gion’s customers began suggesting a vegan menu, it did not know where to start. Despite this, the restaurant was motivated to create a menu that would meet the needs of those who do not eat meat, seafood, or dairy. Following a rigorous testing process, the restaurant finally perfected its vegan offering, which is now one of its most popular courses. Available when requested in advance, Tousuiro Gion’s vegan course is a tofu kaiseki, consisting of a range of interesting and artfully presented dishes. Guests can enjoy tofu in all its forms: chilled, boiled, fried, grilled, sweet, savoury, and even as an ice-cream. Those who order the full menu should set aside ample time for the experience since they will be served several courses to enjoy consecutively. Today, Tousuiro Gion is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Being located in the traditional Gion district, only a 15-minute walk away from Gion-Shijo station, the restaurant is close to Yasaka shrine, Kodaiji temple, and Kiyomizu temple, making it the perfect spot to stop for a bite to eat after a day of sightseeing in Kyoto. Boasting a calm, warm, and classically Kyoto atmosphere, Tousuiro Gion is situated within a renovated 130-year-old merchant house. This quaint venue offers a unique, relaxing space in which people can enjoy a delicious meal. However, given its popularity and size, it is important to make your booking early to avoid disappointment! Competing with many other restaurants in the area, Tousuiro Gion sets itself apart through its exceptional staff members, who are all trained and motivated to create beautiful and delicious food. Keen to see customers smile and enjoy their experience, the staff are also very friendly and welcoming in nature. Furthermore, whilst many traditional Japanese restaurants are hesitant to interact with customers from overseas due to language barriers, Tousuiro Gion communicates confidently with all its guests. The restaurant contacts them by email before their booking, sending them all the information they need in advance. This facilitates seamless communication between parties and makes guests feel more welcome and comfortable when they arrive at the venue for their meal. As a result of the hard work of its employees, Tousuiro Gion has received several positive reviews over the years. Impressively, the Best Tofu Restaurant 2023 - Kyoto Located in Kyoto, Tousuiro Gion is a serene eatery serving traditional kaiseki cuisine, including a variety of seasonal tofu dishes, freshly dipped yuba, assorted sashimi, and more. The establishment has become known for its specialised vegan kaiseki course called“Rokuhara”,whichismadewithoutanyseafood,meat,ordairyproducts.Thissetisalsoavailablewithadjustmentstomake it completely gluten-free. F establishment has amassed a 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor and a 4.3star rating on Google. For example, one satisfied customer describes their experience at Tousuiro Gion, sharing, “Exceptionally high-quality food, presented with so much attention to detail. Waiting staff and chef were very friendly and welcoming. Options available for pescatarians, vegetarians, and vegans. I’m a big fan of tofu and this is the best I’ve tried!” Another thrilled customer comments, “I reserved the vegetarian meal and was amazed by every course. Tofu sashimi and the tofu skewer were my favourites! I loved the friendly service here as well. The chef asked if I eat egg and since I don’t, the meal was vegan. I think the price was worth it given the high quality of the ingredients and amount of food. Will definitely be back!” Lastly, one customer explains, “This meal was fabulous. There were so many different styles and preparations of tofu. The service was perfect. The chef walked us through how to eat each course (we were absolute beginners and knew nothing) and the servers were always immediately ready as soon as we finished courses and began the next ones. All in all, this was a great experience and I’d highly recommend it if you’re in the Gion district.” In light of its excellent reputation and the wealth of praise it has received online, it is no surprise that Tousuiro Gion has been recognised in the Global Vegan Awards 2023. For its outstanding menu and the exceptional standard of service delivered by its staff, the restaurant has been named Best Tofu Restaurant, Kyoto, by LUXlife. In the modern day, things are changing at a rapid pace in Japan. Tousuiro Gion has noticed that, in comparison to previous years, more customers are coming to Kyoto from other prefectures and even from overseas. Having embraced the opportunity to create a unique vegan offering, the restaurant’s mission is to continue evolving and improving to satisfy the needs and desires of customers from all over the world. To achieve this goal, Tousuiro Gion has recently launched a glutenfree kaiseki course at its Gion branch. Through this, it hopes to allow even more people to enjoy Japanese cuisine during their trip to Kyoto, regardless of their dietary requirements. Since this new offering was introduced in March, many customers have ordered it and expressed satisfaction. For anyone visiting Kyoto who loves tofu or wants to try something new for lunch or dinner, Tousuiro Gion is a great option. The experience of enjoying elaborately prepared cuisine in such a special location is certainly worth the trip! Contact: Shigenobu Nakai Company: Tousuiro Gion Web Address:

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6 | LUXlife Magazine ith more than three decades of experience in the beauty industry working as a hair and makeup artist, Jacqueline Hutton was inspired to embark on a mission to redefine the way women perceive and feel about makeup. Makeup has been worn by people across the world for hundreds of years, dating back to as early as 6000 BCE. With social media and society pushing certain beauty standards, many women have come to see makeup as a necessity and cannot imagine leaving the house without it. Jacqueline believes that makeup should not be a chore but rather a joyful ritual that women love to carry out. Aiming to provide them with the tools they need to feel confident in their own skin, she established GlindaWand to deliver a comprehensive range of premium yet affordable makeup and skincare products. “GlindaWand isn’t just about creating makeup; it’s about celebrating the authenticity of women everywhere, making them feel valued, and empowering them to shine in their own unique ways,” shares Jacqueline. “In a world often focused on unrealistic beauty standards, GlindaWand offers a refreshingly real and empowering approach, making it a cherished brand among women across the globe.” Since she embarked on her impressive career in the beauty industry in 1985, Jacqueline has noticed that many companies favour serving the needs of professional makeup artists, celebrities, the affluent, and younger women. She felt that the beauty requirements of the everyday woman had been sidelined. GlindaWand was created to fill this gap in the market and has become known for its guiding philosophy, ‘Real Makeup for Real Women in Real Time’. In founding the company, Jacqueline’s goal was to ensure that women of all ages could enjoy the benefits of highquality, luxurious beauty products, regardless of their income. Every item in GlindaWand’s product line has been personally handcrafted by Jacqueline herself, who has created world-exclusive Most Comprehensive Vegan Skincare System 2023 In 2015, GlindaWand took the ever-evolving world of beauty and glamour by storm, led by talented hair and makeup expert Jacqueline Hutton. The company stands out in the market, delivering a fine blend of simple, multi-purpose, and luxurious skincare and makeup products that are vegan, cruelty free, and natural. Here, we dive into GlindaWands story and the product for which it has won Most Comprehensive Vegan Skincare System 2023. formulations that are truly a testament to her innovative spirit. Throughout the product development process, she takes steps to ensure the utmost quality. These efforts have culminated in a range of outstanding items that offer extraordinary value for money, cementing the brand’s distinct identity in the marketplace. GlindaWand is so confident in the quality of its products that it offers a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. With GlindaWand’s skincare and makeup offerings, people are empowered to enhance their individual beauty and charm. The brand’s secret lies in creating items that inspire people to be themselves, providing a platform through which they can allow their own beauty to shine through. Internally, Jacqueline is accompanied by a one-of-a-kind team of individuals from all walks of life, further reflecting GlindaWand’s philosophy of celebrating unique beauty. She comments, “We are proud to have multi-cultural and diverse staff members. We believe every person adds value in their own unique way.” Since its establishment, GlindaWand has created and launched a number of highly rated products, including the Divinity Foundation, Hollywood Glamour Lashes, and the Seven Deadly Sins Lipstick Range. However, one of its most innovative products is the Fountain of Youth Elixir, which is a complete skincare system in one bottle. It is a super hydrating, collagen-boosting, toning, and brightening moisturiser with which users can fully rejuvenate and enhance the beauty of their skin. GlindaWand’s Fountain of Youth Elixir’s world-exclusive formulation boasts four low molecular oils: jojoba, sweet almond, rosehip, and essential damask rose. It also features three activated vitamins, A, C, and E, for maximum tone and volume. Furthermore, it contains Co-Enzyme Q10 for youthful radiance. The Fountain of Youth Elixir is capable of balancing all skin types. Its comprehensive formulation provides intense hydration for dry skin, W • Sep23413

Food & Drink Awards 2023 | 7 Similarly, another customer shares, “I love this Elixir. The beautiful rose smell that you get when you first apply it is magic. When I apply at night my skin is still soft and hydrated the next morning. This is the best I have ever used. I use it as a primer under my GlindaWand Divinity foundation. It is just luxurious. I will never be without this now, it is so good for my skin.” For the innovative, effective, and all-natural formula delivered by the Fountain of Youth Elixir, GlindaWand has been awarded the title of Most Comprehensive Vegan Skincare System in the Global Vegan Awards 2023. In the years to come, there is no doubt that the company will continue to launch highly successful and effective skincare and makeup products. We are thrilled to congratulate Jacqueline Hutton and her team on their success in this awards programme and wish them the best of luck in all their endeavours. Contact Details Contact: Jacqueline Hutton Company: GlindaWand Pty Ltd Web Address: controls oil production, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and soothes problematic skin conditions. It also evens out skin tone, improves the overall appearance and cellular structure of the skin, and contains powerful antioxidants that help fight free radicals. On top of this, the product boasts the highest percentage of ‘actives’ available on the market. Containing everything you need for great skin in one bottle, GlindaWand’s Fountain of Youth Elixir simplifies your daily skincare routine, replacing hundreds of dollars’ worth of other products. Furthermore, the elixir is made in small batches, which guarantees the quality and freshness of every bottle purchased. Over the years, GlindaWand has enjoyed receiving thousands of positive reviews for the Fountain of Youth Elixir. For example, one satisfied customer comments, “I absolutely love this product. It feels amazing on my skin, so smooth and hydrated all day. Perfect for under my Divinity foundation, whether I'm applying it wet or dry. Most of all, it is incredibly convenient, especially when travelling. One product for all of my moisturising, priming, and liquid foundation needs!”

8 | LUXlife Magazine Best Plant-Based Cosmetics & Skincare Brand 2023 - APAC BIOLUME CARE is a company that makes totally vegan skincare products that are formulated using all natural ingredients and essential oils. It specialises in the research and development of products that are derived from organic, plant-based ingredients,andpromotesskincareformulationsthataresuitableforallskintypesincludingsensitive.Byeliminatingtheuse of artificial and synthetic fragrances, its aim is to encourage everyone to enjoy skin that feels good, embraces relaxation, and is altogether much healthier overall. he unique products made by BIOLUME CARE are all derived from natural and organic sources, and are carefully selected to cause no harm to the environment. This makes them eco-friendly, safe for sensitive skin, and most importantly absolutely magnificent for people to use. They are designed to be pure and simple skincare additions that complement daily life, and advance the importance of natural, plant-based essential oils. The company wants everyone to be able to enjoy its skincare products, and has designed them to be safe to apply directly to the skin. It has also developed a range of essential oil products that are naturally derived from organic plants. This means all fragrances used by BIOLUME CARE are genuinely acquired, and not artificial in any way. BIOLUME CARE aims to promote the importance of natural plant-based essential oils to enhance people’s everyday life. All the raw ingredients selected by BIOLUME CARE are of premium quality, and derive from natural resources. It determines to use only ingredients that are good for the environment and have excellent sustainability characteristics imbued in them. Ever since it began, BIOLUME CARE has been committed to producing products that are suitable for all skin types, and are irritant and stress free. It has a company objective to accentuate the beauty of essential oils through both skincare products and fragrance. In so doing, its fabulous goal to emphasize the role sustainability and responsibility in the beauty industry really comes to the fore. For BIOLUME CARE, beauty is more than just skin deep. T “Our R&D management team are experienced and hold professional licenses in Natural Medicine and Aromatherapy, originating from medical backgrounds. BIOLUME CARE’s mission is to share our unique and carefully curated natural products and philosophy worldwide.”

Food & Drink Awards 2023 | 9 BIOLUME CARE is a definitively vegan friendly company, with an ethos that encompasses what it is to know oneself, and reduce unnecessary product purchases. Much of the time, we don’t need as much as we think, and therefore there really should be no issues when it comes to living in a sustainable, environmentally caring fashion. There is no good reason to do harm to living creatures or the environment in order to achieve our own wants and needs. Especially considering there are alternatives, such as the all-natural plants and flowers being used by BIOLUME CARE. This forgoes, for example, the oft used beauty industry substance ambergris, which is derived from whales, and is used to manufacture perfumes. Furthermore, by concentrating on trying to reduce packaging, and use more recycled materials, BIOLUME CARE is taking practical actions to help lessen waste. It does its utmost to honour its strongly held belief that both beauty and a good quality of life can be achieved through means that do not hurt animals or negatively impact the environment. It is proud to be able to encourage its customers to swim happily in our beautiful oceans without worrying about corals and marine life having to suffer all for the sake of humankind’s beauty whims. BIOLUME CARE serves a diverse array of clients including vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, and people who love nature and animals. Its fan base are united by the belief that beauty aesthetics and sustainability can co-exist in harmony, without causing harm to the environment. BIOLUME CARE enjoys connecting with its client base through social media, via websites, and face to face at its occasional events. It seeks to create a positive and long-running interaction between the BIOLUME CARE brand and its users. The main thing that differentiates the company from its competitors is also the very thing it stands for, and that is the decision to use plant essential oils as the base for its products. Aside from the formulas being vegan in nature, the BIOLUME CARE product range also embraces a role in catering to religious customers. It also keeps certain flavours and spices in mind as it knows they have an appeal to the Asian market. It also has an eye on appealing to post-medical cosmetic care, as its products are so gentle and skin nourishing they are also suitable for use in this market. The work ethic for staff at BIOLUME CARE is one that champions respect, honesty and a responsible attitude. Everyone who works for the company is admired and respected for their own unique area of expertise, and encouraged to focus on their role, and strive to reach their own potential. This is further extended to encompass respecting and supporting the work of other team members, so everyone can operate at the best of their abilities. BIOLUME CARE has a strong belief in the importance of collaboration, and maintains the opinion that teamwork lies at the heart of problem solving and innovation. The company actively encourages participation and the sharing of ideas. It thinks this not only allows for a smooth flow of information between individuals and teams, but also helps to build trust and reduce misunderstandings. Asking questions, sharing ideas, and solving problems together is very much the BIOLUME CARE way. It is also the best way to move forward, and achieve the company’s mission and goals. Within the beauty and fragrance industry, the technology now exists to manufacture products at a fast-paced, and low-cost rate, using chemical methods. Alternative methods, such as those employed by BIOLUME CARE, require longer, but it’s easy to see why. Using plant essential oils can be impacted by adverse weather, because the natural ingredients need time for cultivation and growth. In this respect, climate change has had a somewhat challenging effect in recent years as it has meant various plants and flowers have been scarce, or even that the quality has gone down. Add to this the fact that the raw materials are rising in price every year, and it is easy to see where the challenges materialise. BIOLUME CARE tries to find ways to address such problems. For instance, it backs friendly planting, using recyclable materials, and employing sustainability within the skincare industry. The company has future plans to emphasize its decision to eschew animal experimentation, through its marketing campaigns. It also wants to promote its energy conservation, carbon reduction, and the packaging pruning it is advocating for. It is also on board with the current trend of pure beauty, which focuses on clean skin care with no carcinogens, no skin irritation, and an adoption of plant-based choices. This seems perfect for the newly crowned Best Plant-Based Cosmetics & Skincare Brand 2023 – APAC. BIOLUME CARE’s desire to bring back a simpler beauty aesthetic sits beautifully alongside its concept of combining vegetarianism and essential oils, and all points to a future full of opportunities for this groundbreaking company. Company: BIOLUME CARE Web Address: Contact Name: Sara Hsu “Immerse your skin with the wonders of nature’s gift. BIOLUME CARE’s products are simple, pure and designed to complement your daily life.”

Jun22596 10 | LUXlife Magazine In 1975, the five Mosna brothers set off for Cologne on a mission to provide fantastic pasta to the people of Germany, initially starting off their small business from a shed, before progressing through the ranks to supplying local Italian restaurants in the area, before expanding its operation to the capital city, Berlin. From here, steady improvement was garnered, until 2005, when the brand’s continued growth meant that production had to be moved to a larger facility, with a subsequent move to Troisdorf taking place. With an increase in demand for fresh pasta with and without filling, the company began to service the B2B sector, investing in the aviation industry to supply retailers with its stock. Not only did this new location allow for greater production levels, but it also enabled manufacturing to be carried out in a much more sustainable way across the region, benefiting not only Germany, but the wider planet. Moreover, Mosna GmbH & Co. KG is committed to constantly adapting, expanding, and updating its extensive range of vegan products, catering to the needs of those who enjoy a traditional Mediterranean diet but are also more conscious in their consumption habits. To this end, the business has attached great importance to sourcing quality ingredients that always come from hand-selected and certified Italian and German suppliers, and if this is not possible, then those from surrounding countries. An extensive range of high-calibre products are available across the website and online store, with the most noteworthy of these of course being its range of fresh and organic vegan pastas. As pioneers in the industry, the team is constantly honing its recipes and expanding its range, which currently consists of seven exciting products. This selection is comprised of spinach ravioli, basil rondini, pomodoro tortellini, chia seeds penne, nidi fettuccine, lasagne, and cannelloni. Each of these products is able to proudly boast the organic label and is certified as being entirely plant-based, as well as incredibly tasty. Along with this exciting vegan range, Mosna GmbH & Co. KG offers a plethora of products suitable for vegetarians, and these likewise combine a variety of tasty ingredients to create something that will satisfy even those with the most particular tastes, whether this be using truffles such as in its rondini tartufo, spinach like in its ricotta and spinach ravioli, or gorgonzola as it does in its giganti radicchio gorgonzola. For those after a simpler treat, varieties are also available with cheese, mushroom, and basil, in a host of shapes and sizes. Of course, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike are also invited to try the vegan range, which for Marco and the team, remains their proudest accomplishment to date. Oct23109 Vegan Pasta Brand of the Year 2023 - Germany Mosna GmbH & Co. KG is a family-run business with founders that originate from near Lake Garda in northern Italy, who emigrated to Germany in the mid-1970s in order to bring Italy’s premier national dish, pasta, to a new audience. From a small garage in Cologne, the Mosna family began production on fresh tortellini, confident in the knowledge that fresh tastes so much better. Over the past few years, the company has begun to focus its attention on curating exquisite fresh and organic varietiesofveganpasta,withandwithoutfillings.Today,thecompanyworkscloselywithseverallargecateringcompanies, restaurants, hotels, and selected retailers across Germany. We catch up with employee and family member Marco Mosna, who tells us more about the company’s fantastic range of products, including its famed vegan pasta. The company’s passion for veganism likely stems from its desire to embrace everything new, resulting in its team having been able to effectively embrace the influx of people adopting a vegan diet, and the broader industry shift towards an emphasis on quality and organic products. Boasting in-depth knowledge of the sector, Mosna has deduced that people who consume vegan produce do so for different reasons, whether they have food intolerances or adopt the idealism for purposes of supporting animal welfare, for instance. There are also customers who only occasionally eat vegan produce, perhaps a set number of times per week, so it is important to cater to all of these markets in order to sustain success. Furthermore, the company’s drive does not end solely with the production of vegan products that happen to be organic, an innate determination is present that strives to curate products that are organic, not only for environmental reasons, but also for the increased quality and taste. As Marco explains, “the next logical step [was] to combine fresh and organic vegan in our products”, offering an experience that can boast the best of both these worlds. Combined, this careful blend of freshness and organic vegan ingredients make up Mosna’s unique selling point, and solidify the brand as being head and shoulders above the competition. Another factor serving to make the company stand out from the crowd is the open and respectful culture which it has fostered, allowing all of

its employees to make the necessary mistakes, learn from them, and develop both personally and professionally. Marco describes the staff as being, “the foundation of our company”, bolstering its successes across the board. The team’s enthusiasm for quality, great service, and innovation can be traced back to the five Mosna brothers who first visited Germany back in 1975, and the highest quality standards have guided the company across every element of business ever since. Looking ahead to the future, Mosna remains steadfast in its commitment to quality and will continue to strive to exceed the demands of customers and provide an easily digestible, tasty slice of Mediterranean cuisine that boasts high-quality ingredients and flavours. Ultimately, it is this dedication to organic and vegan products that has established the company as being a frontrunner in the industry and serves to represent just how far it has come in the approximately 50 years since the Mosna brothers first made their way over to Germany to revolutionise Germany’s pasta landscape. In light of its continued success, drive to innovate, and the responsible, sustainable, and environmentally conscious products it offers without having to sacrifice on taste, Mosna GmbH & Co. KG is more than worthy of this award celebrating it as Germany’s ultimate vegan pasta brand for 2023. With its family ethos in toe, it is sure to continue to stimulate success for years to come and will continue to disrupt the industry with its world-class offerings suitable for fans of pasta from Troisdorf to Munich, and beyond. Contact: Marco Mosna Company: Mosna GmbH & Co. KG Web Address:

12 | LUXlife Magazine Best Vegan Food Experience 2023 - France At BIG sister, we transcend the conventional to champion a business ethos rooted in ecology. Its mission is to lead by example,fosteringacommunitythatcelebratespositivity,trust,andreliability.BIGsisterstrivestoinspireauthenticity,wellbeing, and a collective commitment to preserving our planet through the BIG sister Café, a five-senses experience. ocated in the heart of Nancy, France, BIG sister Café is a revolutionary force in the hospitality industry. Its unique dining experience seamlessly blends the sophistication of a premium restaurant with the warmth of a local coffee shop. While its menu proudly boasts an upscale all-day vegan brunch, and desserts à l’assiette, its strategic approach targets not just vegans but all discerning food enthusiasts. In France, culinary traditions are steeped in meat and animalderived products. However, BIG sister challenges the norm, positioning itself as a refreshing alternative. As the sole vegan establishment in the area, meticulously crafting dishes to perfection, drawing customers in through vibrant social media engagement and compelling branding. BIG sister Café not only serves mind-blowing food but also champions eco-consciousness. Operating with 60% less energy consumption than traditional eateries, its commitment extends to using exclusively green energy sources. Achieving zero food waste, significantly reduced water consumption, and efficient electricity management, we embody sustainability at every turn. The eclectic interior and a blend of secondhand and modern elements, complements its ethos, offering a comfortable yet trendsetting ambiance. Its commitment to sustainability extends beyond its practices – it defines our culinary innovation. BIG sister believes in expanding the reach of veganism by inspiring through authenticity. It wants to encourage people to view life differently, through a sustainable and eco-friendly lens that helps usher in a brighter future for everyone. A recent testimony from customer Jessica embodies everything that BIG sister aims to convey. She writes, “This place definitely has a ‘vibe’ that is hard to describe - it's best if you go there yourself! It feels like you're stepping into the apartment of your best friend or ‘big sister’, in the sense of ‘make yourself at home, but I’ll serve you delicious food.’ Everything is vegan and incredibly delicious!” The BIG sister team embraces veganism not as a diet but as a culture. Every food choice is made consciously, driven by ethics and boundless creativity. Its goal is to instigate a shift in perspective, emphasizing that veganism is a lifestyle embedded in ethics and meaning. While the vegan industry faces challenges, BIG sister remains steadfast in its mission. It rejects the notion that veganism is a fleeting trend; veganism is a lifestyle rooted in purpose and meaning, and it has a plan to show it to the world. Its aim is to reintroduce meaning into life, disrupt societal norms, and transform our world collectively. Recent challenges faced by the vegan food industry have resulted in some major players losing market share L

Food & Drink Awards 2023 | 13 as they face strong opposition from the meat and dairy lobbies. On the one hand, this is a frightening situation, but on the other, it is a sure sign that veganism is far more than the short-lived trend some have sought to call it. Veganism is all about transformation and changing consumer behavior, and this is something that will take time to solidify. The vegan industry has plenty of work to do, turning people into conscientious consumers – it’s true. But BIG sister is certainly doing its utmost to open people’s eyes to reality and help them extrapolate to become the best versions of themselves. It is full of hope that as the future slowly unfolds, veganism will be the path that leads to lasting change. BIG sister Café has recently been awarded the title of Best Vegan Food Experience 2023 – France, in the Global Vegan Awards. This terrific and fitting dedication goes to show just how well the company is thriving in Nancy. Furthermore, we are delighted to hear that it is actively working towards opening a second BIG sister based in London, UK. The choice of location is currently being decided upon, but it will be targeting West London. BIG sister is definitely looking to install its unique presence in the UK by 2024. This is an opportune moment for it to expand and bring its sustainable, vibrant, high-quality vegan hospitality experiences further afield. We are championing BIG sister’s extraordinary desire to empower everyone it encounters to make a change and effortlessly embrace their own heroic potential. Contact Details Contact Name: Mailys Torterat Company: BIG sister Café Web Address:

Jun22596 14 | LUXlife Magazine A chance meeting between Vendula Zemanova and Raymond Lam in 2003 quickly led to an idea for a business that would fill a gap in the fashion market. With most handbags and purses still made of traditional leather, the pair chose to use vegan leather and synthetics to appeal to vegan and animalfriendly consumers. Starting out as a wholesale brand, Vendula London has expanded into a multichannel B2B and B2C brand. With online sales accounting for around 45% of its business, wholesale brings in 35% of the company’s revenue with the remaining 20% coming from retail sales. With a customer base in more than 12 countries worldwide, Vendula London’s main markets are the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, and Japan. We ask Raymond to tell us about the core values and goals of the brand. He shares, “The goal of our brand has always been to bring smiles to the faces of our customers – and to make people ask, “Where did you get that bag!?” We do this by creating perfectly crafted, unique, and fun products using animal-free leather. Our products are vegan approved by The Vegetarian Society. By continuous monitoring and evaluation of our supply chain, we ensure the production process is cruelty-free, environmentally sustainable, and that all workers are paid fairly.” The team at Vendula London are a close-knit bunch. Each team member is crucial to the success of the business. And, as innovation and creativity are fundamental to its success, brainstorming sessions for each new season’s collection involve everyone. Raymond says, “We serve a diverse client base that values the finer details, creativity, and quality of our products. When recruiting for our team we look for individuals who are passionate about what they do. It’s important that the team works well together to deliver outstanding customer service.” The team at Vendula London continues to experiment with new ideas and materials as well as reusing existing materials. Ranges this year include: The Emporium Collection celebrating Vendula London’s inspirational 20th anniversary in 2023. The bags are adorned with the most festive artwork: party balloons, bunting and a colourful display of their most iconic bags over the past 20 years. Ribbons and Bows Haberdashery is not only a beautiful collection – it also is raising awareness and funds for breast cancer charity Pink Ribbon Foundation. The second collection to support the charity is now seen on the arms of celebrities and influencers too. Celebrating the occasion of the coronation of His Majesty The King Charles III is the Coronation collection. Magnificently detailed artwork for the 2 designs. Sep23566 Most Innovative Vegan Accessory Brand 2023 - UK Handbag and accessory company, Vendula London uses vegan leather to produce its quirky and unusual collections. The unique, cruelty-free brand created by Founders, Vendula Zemanova and Raymond Lam takes design inspiration from fashion greats such as Vivienne Westwood and Lulu Guinness. With an ever-growing fanbase, the company distributes its range of stunning collectables all over the world. One depicting a country pub front and the 2nd showing “King Cat” arriving in Buckingham Palace aboard the royal carriage, escorted by two royal corgis and surrounded by Union Jack flags and flowers! Both of these collection ranges are now completely sold out. Due to the nature of Vendula London’s design and production of these kind of collections, they sell out fast and only a few people in the world have the same items. Limited edition items, which are even more rare, guarantee that people who own them are part of a very unique and special group. With this in mind, Vendulettes had to be quick for this year’s festive collection – The Christmas Theatre. The collection sold out in days. Offering advice on how to choose the best vegan handbag for Veganuary – or any time – Vendula London had this to say: “Selecting a vegan handbag doesn't mean you have to blend in with the crowd. Let your passion for fashion and animals shine through by choosing a handbag that reflects your unique style and ethical values. Whether it's an unconventional material, a quirky design, or a brand that you resonate with, you can make a statement that's as quirky as you are while championing a cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyle. So go ahead and have some fun with your next handbag purchase! “Choosing the right vegan handbag involves considering various factors, from your personal style preferences to the materials used in the bag's production. Here's a step-by-step guide from Vendula London to help you pick a vegan handbag:

“Determine Your Needs: Consider the purpose of the handbag. Are you looking for an everyday bag, a special occasion bag, or something to carry just your essentials? Think about the size you need. Do you prefer a small clutch, a medium-sized tote, or a larger shoulder bag? “Material Consideration: Research the different vegan leather alternatives available and choose one that aligns with your values and preferences. Consider factors like durability, texture, and appearance. Some materials closely mimic traditional leather, while others are more focused on fabrics such as hemp. “Quality and Durability: Look for well-made bags that are sturdy and constructed with attention to detail. Check the stitching, zippers, hardware, and overall craftsmanship to ensure the bag will last. Check certification – and perhaps even awards!” “Brand Research: Look for brands that specialise in vegan products and have a reputation for ethical and sustainable practices. Read reviews and customer feedback to get an idea of the quality and customer satisfaction. “Style and Design: Choose a bag that fits your personal style and complements your wardrobe. Consider the bag's colour, shape, and any additional design elements. “Functionality: Evaluate the bag's features, such as pockets, compartments, and closures, to ensure it meets your organisational needs. Check if the bag is comfortable to carry, whether it's a shoulder strap, crossbody style, or handheld. “Sustainability and Ethics: Research the brand's commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and transparency in their supply chain. Look for certifications, statements or even awards indicating their eco-friendly and cruelty-free approach. “Price Point: Set a budget for your handbag purchase. Vegan handbags can vary in price, so it's important to find one that fits within your financial constraints. “Care Instructions: Check the care instructions for the bag's maintenance and cleaning to ensure it remains in good condition. Does it come with a dustbag so you can safely protect your bag as well? “Remember that selecting a vegan handbag is a personal decision, and there's no one-size-fits-all answer. Take your time to explore your options and choose a bag that aligns with your values, lifestyle, and fashion preferences.” Vendula London has won several awards including those in LUXlife’s Global Vegan Awards. The brand is also vegan certified at The Vegetarian Society. There are other certifications to look for too including Viva! and The Vegan Society. Moving forward, the company has one mission, and that’s to continue delighting its fans. Raymond says, “We’re simply passionate about Vendula London. We have exciting plans to create more awareness around how wonderful vegan handbags can be. We want everyone to know their bag can be cruelty-free, long-lasting, and fashionable without breaking the bank. We love our ever-growing client base and would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our fans.” To see Vendula London’s products first-hand, why not visit its shop at Gabriel’s Wharf on the Southbank? It features a curated collection of the company’s best-selling ranges. Or for more information, visit the company website. Contact: Raymond Lam Company: Vendula London Limited Web Address:

16 | LUXlife Magazine Best Vegan Cheese Manufacturers 2023 - Caribbean Oshen’sEssentialsisasmallAntiguanveganfoodmanufacturingbusiness,onethatparticularlyspecialisesintheproductionof healthyandtastyveganalternativestotraditionallyunhealthyfoods.Thecompany’sprimaryfocusistomanufacturefoodsthat arerichinflavourandofferexcellentnutritionalvalue,bolsteredbyaproductlineconsistingofthreekeyelements,FluDefense, SneakyTreats,andperhapsmostnotably,itsextensiverangeofvegancheeses.Theseappealingalternativestocheeseserve to satisfy the hankering yet provide healthy and cholesterol-free options that don’t sacrifice on taste. We speak with Ishawna Long, who tells us more about the company’s products and commitment to veganism. Oshen’s Essentials offer a wide range of cheese alternatives that are completely free of dairy, soy, and gluten. Made from either a cashew or coconut base, these items are available in cheddar, mozzarella, spicy cheddar, garlic and herb, and parmesan styles, with this extensive selection appeasing cravings and being great for cooking or as a healthy snack. At present, the premier offering from this line-up is the business’ vegan cheddar style spread, which stems from a coconut milk base and is packed with a bold flavour. The spread also features some hidden extras, such as chickpeas, split peas, carrots, and red peppers, providing that extra boost. This up-and-coming company is built upon the firm belief that all people are designed to thrive physically, and that diet plays a great role in this process. Oshen’s Essentials’ innate desire to play a noble role in helping others attain a healthy lifestyle spurs on their commitment to produce food items that are not only vegan, but also healthier alternatives. The management of Oshen’s Essentials strongly believes that customers deserve the utmost dignity and respect, and to this end, the team ensures that quality is inherent across all of its offerings, with every product being produced with ingredients of a high calibre throughout the year. The company boasts the tagline: “Eat this instead!”, springing from its awareness of the extremely desirable nature of the non-vegan options. Instead of these, all are invited to devour its healthier, yet pleasing, alternatives. A customer-focused approach is inherent across the production process, and as a result of this, staff are sought out who possess excellent attention to detail, and the company celebrates meticulous adherence to upholding the correct procedures. A small company with family at the centre, Oshen’s Essentials was established back in 2019, after the family behind the business became vegans and were tired of the challenges of eating good quality foods that catered to their requirements and were healthy. Setting Oshen’s Essentials apart is an unbridled commitment to ethics, as unlike other food companies that will do whatever is necessary to extend shelf life and have a focus that lies almost exclusively on profits, the team here avoid the use of chemical additives where possible, and although this reduces shelf life, it ultimately results in a better, healthier product. For Ishawna, “it is exciting to see more and more persons gravitating towards a plantbased diet and more options available to them.” While all products are essentially plant-based, both vegans and non-vegans alike buy and enjoy Oshen’s Essentials’ products, with many of the latter group having diet restrictions or seeking healthier alternatives to improve their physical wellbeing. Increasing evidence points towards the array of benefits present in the following of a plant-based diet, and these products showcase this perfectly with their healthy and tasty nature. Looking ahead to the future, there a few challenges the business will have to overcome, chief among them being the increase in cost of plant-based alternatives, which tend to be higher than non-vegan options. Nevertheless, the future looks bright for Oshen’s Essentials, which is soon to be unveiling charcuterie boards comprised of a choice selection of cheeses and new speciality vegan sausage, which will serve as a perfect addition to parties, and represents the business’ wholehearted dedication to continually innovate and provide quality, satisfying products. Along with its vegan cheese, the company’s Flu Defense brand is also stellar, loaded with ingredients that naturally boost the immune system. Moreover, its Sneaky Treats offerings include vegan ice cream and popsicles, boasting low or no sugar options, and serving to cement the company as one of the premier vegan food suppliers in the region. Ultimately, it is easy to see why Oshen’s Essentials has won this award, as its range of products are tasty, high in quality, and promote a better lifestyle for all. Contact Details Contact: Ishawna Long Company: Oshen’s Essentials Web Address:

17 | LUXlife Magazine egan Travel Asia by VegVoyages is a unique travel experience where community-based storytelling, travel, and veganism are all rolled into one through the offering of immersive, responsible, and fully vegan tours that provide a deep cultural understanding of countries across Asia. All guests are afforded food that is locally sourced and 100% vegan, contributing to the company’s mission of providing not just a visit to a country, but an experience of its true essence in a way that way upholds environmental conservation, local interactions, and absolutely no animal exploitation. This commitment to cruelty-free experiences is something that resonates deeply with travellers, especially in the travel landscape of today, where authenticity and meaning are necessary ingredients for success. Vegan Travel Asia has thus cultivated a portfolio of loyal clients, with the result being a supportive community that is embraced by longtime patrons and new visitors alike, as the shared core values by both parties leads to seamless integration with the cause almost every time. This, partnered with a continued emphasis on building bridges between cultures, sets the company apart in a highly competitive market. From December 2022 onwards, all tours operated by the business have been “carbon conscious”, which entails the active reducing of carbon levels to lower than those the tour emits. With this in mind, Zac Lovas and the team proudly compensate three times the amount of every unit of carbon emission that is produced by a tour, as well as being signatories to the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism. To this end, the team take takes pride in the belief that more than just serving the vegan traveller, they are reshaping the whole travel industry at a time when cruelty-free is facing wider acceptance. Sourced from a profoundly personal journey, Zac’s experience of being teased and isolated for being a vegetarian at a young age has led him to become an advocate for the vegan cause, with this culminating in the founding of Vegan Travel Asia. At the time, the company was one of incredibly few vegan travel providers, but today, the market has become increasingly saturated, a fact Zac calls, “heartening.” As he explains, “it’s not just about offering vegan options anymore; it’s about the industry’s conscientious shift towards sustainability and community”, something the company is proud to have helped pioneer. With its unique blend of storytelling, bridging cultures, guaranteed departure policy, community empowerment, social responsibility, and Leading Specialists in VeganFriendly Asian Travel 2023 Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages is a company that was founded by three friends from three countries, who combined their religious and cultural backgrounds to curate bespoke, immersive, and responsible tours emanating from their homebase in Texas. Starting in 2004 with three trips to India, Vegan Travel Asia has since expanded to welcoming more passionate vegans and activists into its leaders’ team board, running 27 different tours across nine Asian countries. Having workedwithlocalcommunitiestocultivatetravelexperiencesthatareauthenticallyvegan,guestsareprovidedanuanced understanding of the country, its culture, and as importantly, its cuisine. We speak with Co-Founder Zac Lovas, in order to learn more about these fantastic vegan travel experiences across Asia. commitment to sustainability, Vegan Travel Asia not only plays host to vegetarian and vegan customers, but also the environmentally conscious traveller. At the centre of this success is the company’s staff, which Zac refers to as, “the beating heart of Vegan Travel Asia.” Ultimately, hierarchical success is shunned, and a familial and close-knit dynamic has been fostered where everybody’s voice is equally valued every opinion holds weight. Despite its successes, the company has not been without challenge, as in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, travellers are infinitely more cautious. Environmental concerns are also becomingly increasingly prominent, and with the industry’s commitment to sustainability, it is vital that organisations adopt the approach that Vegan Travel Asia has, establishing deep roots with local communities that reap measurable benefits. Moreover, it is integral for the company to toe the line between the new and the old, remaining acutely aware of industry trends while not rushing to embrace them and compromise on their winning formula. As the company continues its journey, Zac explains, “there are some thrilling adventures we’ve been meticulously crafting, and we’re ecstatic to unveil them to our travel community.” These are a vegan tour to Bhutan set to launch in 2024, and the first annual fundraising trip to Sumatra (Indonesia) - in support of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme, with both of these promising to uphold the same quality vegan group tours and travel experiences that Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages is famous for and has won it this award celebrating its brilliance in the industry. Contact Details Contact: Zac Lovas Company: Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages Web Address: V