Global Vegan Awards 2023

12 | LUXlife Magazine Best Vegan Food Experience 2023 - France At BIG sister, we transcend the conventional to champion a business ethos rooted in ecology. Its mission is to lead by example,fosteringacommunitythatcelebratespositivity,trust,andreliability.BIGsisterstrivestoinspireauthenticity,wellbeing, and a collective commitment to preserving our planet through the BIG sister Café, a five-senses experience. ocated in the heart of Nancy, France, BIG sister Café is a revolutionary force in the hospitality industry. Its unique dining experience seamlessly blends the sophistication of a premium restaurant with the warmth of a local coffee shop. While its menu proudly boasts an upscale all-day vegan brunch, and desserts à l’assiette, its strategic approach targets not just vegans but all discerning food enthusiasts. In France, culinary traditions are steeped in meat and animalderived products. However, BIG sister challenges the norm, positioning itself as a refreshing alternative. As the sole vegan establishment in the area, meticulously crafting dishes to perfection, drawing customers in through vibrant social media engagement and compelling branding. BIG sister Café not only serves mind-blowing food but also champions eco-consciousness. Operating with 60% less energy consumption than traditional eateries, its commitment extends to using exclusively green energy sources. Achieving zero food waste, significantly reduced water consumption, and efficient electricity management, we embody sustainability at every turn. The eclectic interior and a blend of secondhand and modern elements, complements its ethos, offering a comfortable yet trendsetting ambiance. Its commitment to sustainability extends beyond its practices – it defines our culinary innovation. BIG sister believes in expanding the reach of veganism by inspiring through authenticity. It wants to encourage people to view life differently, through a sustainable and eco-friendly lens that helps usher in a brighter future for everyone. A recent testimony from customer Jessica embodies everything that BIG sister aims to convey. She writes, “This place definitely has a ‘vibe’ that is hard to describe - it's best if you go there yourself! It feels like you're stepping into the apartment of your best friend or ‘big sister’, in the sense of ‘make yourself at home, but I’ll serve you delicious food.’ Everything is vegan and incredibly delicious!” The BIG sister team embraces veganism not as a diet but as a culture. Every food choice is made consciously, driven by ethics and boundless creativity. Its goal is to instigate a shift in perspective, emphasizing that veganism is a lifestyle embedded in ethics and meaning. While the vegan industry faces challenges, BIG sister remains steadfast in its mission. It rejects the notion that veganism is a fleeting trend; veganism is a lifestyle rooted in purpose and meaning, and it has a plan to show it to the world. Its aim is to reintroduce meaning into life, disrupt societal norms, and transform our world collectively. Recent challenges faced by the vegan food industry have resulted in some major players losing market share L