Global Vegan Awards 2023

20 | LUXlife Magazine Best Vegan-Friendly Hair & Beauty Salon 2023 - Atlanta Describing itself as “The World of Beauty Redefined” Craig McQueen Salon has quickly become Atlanta’s go to salon for looking,feeling,andbeingbeautiful.Withanunwaveringcommitmenttoprovidinghigh-end,personalizedservices,each guest is encouraged to attune themselves to their inner, and outer, beauty. Partnered with its devotion to vegan objective, Craig McQueen has set itself apart by providing vegan friendly, environmentally conscious services in which our guests can reconnect with their true, beautiful selves. In a world where beauty often comes at the expense of ethics, Craig McQueen Salon exclusively uses Vegan Eco-friendly products to ensure every guest’s beauty journey is aligned with the principles of compassion and sustainability. Working in close collaboration with Aveda, the world’s leading company for all manner of eco-friendly, vegan haircare and skincare. Craig McQueen Salon has long since made the switch to a healthier way of providing hair and beauty services to its guests. When in the hands of highly skilled, personable stylists. Aveda’s products allow Craig McQueen Salon to truly work in harmony with the guests’ values. As a result, the guests depart with their hair nourished by the kindest haircare products on the market and shaped by Atlanta’s most attentive and inviting stylists. Whether you are seeking out the newest trend in all thing’s hair, or are hoping to have an indulgent pamper during your regularly scheduled haircut, Craig McQueen Salon promises an unparalleled experience each and every time. Through its top tier services, it has mastered the art of catering to every haircare need. Be it hair colouring, precision haircuts, extensions, and smoothing treatments. Craig McQueen Salon takes pride in delivering a completely bespoke experience fit for a celebrity. This quality is among one of its most alluring – every guest deserves to feel pampered and rejuvenated at Craig McQueen Salon. However, if guests are seeking the region’s most renowned vegan haircare treatment, they needn’t look further than Craig McQueen Salon’s revolutionary Scalp Solutions Exfoliating Treatment, courtesy of Aveda. Renowned as the pinnacle of vegan haircare innovation, this treatment applies a gentle exfoliation technique – one that utilises liquid gel to eliminate sebum, pollutants, and buildup within the hair. This is accomplished whilst also nurturing the scalp’s natural barrier, ensuring a healthy and happy head once the treatment has concluded. The most revolutionary part, however, manifests through its freedom from drying alcohol, sulphates, silicones, and parabens. By replacing a harmful composition with a nourishing one, clients can experience the feeling of a truly rejuvenated scalp after just one treatment. To Craig McQueen Salon, empowering guests to embrace their innate beauty via a wholly collaborative relationship with their stylist is the most crucial part of the salon experience. Having devised an extensive list of vegan-friendly services just begging to be tried by guests across the region, Craig McQueen Salon has set a new industry standard that fully embraces the need to reform the world of beauty. It’s essential that we all appreciate each other’s true beauty. Only then, through prioritising the health of your hair and scalp, can you truly flourish as a person. We are all beautiful in our own right, and Craig McQueen Salon is at the forefront of spreading this message to its guests. We’re so excited to turn the spotlight towards Craig McQueen Salon. Its vegan, eco-friendly, yet Innovative services embody the true meaning of rejuvenation. Whether it’s conveyed through the wonderful team, or through the blissful experiences delivered via its range of vegan haircare products and treatments. The salon thrives in delivering an uplifting experience for all guests. We believe it’s best to leave the closing line to Craig McQueen Salon – “Join us at Craig McQueen Salon, where beauty, ethics, and innovation converge to create a world of confidence, style, and radiance. We look forward to being a part of your transformation." Contact: Lisa Craig Company: Craig McQueen Salon Web Address: