Global Vegan Awards 2023

Food & Drink Awards 2023 | 21 Netherlands based Gigibee Beauty is a vegan and cruelty-free make-up company co-founded by celebrated YouTube influencer Giorgina Juanita and company CEO Gelano Fijten. The micro company was created to sell vegan and cruelty-free eyelashes to the followers of Giorgina Juanita, but quickly transitioned into a full-blown make-up brand, and now it offers all kinds of products including lip oils, eyeshadow palettes, make-up brushes, and more. Best Cruelty-Free/ Vegan Make-Up Brand 2023 - Netherlands that terms like vegan and cruelty-free have become hype terms, and wants to assure its customers that is not the case as far as Gigibee Beaty is concerned. The faces behind the company are all vegan or vegetarian themselves, and share a commitment to the ethics the company stands for. It believes in creating a compassionate and environmentally-friendly new world order, and continuing to positively innovate. It determines to fairly assess all R&D, being careful never to settle too quickly for replacement vegan ingredients. This is because it knows that some people are in it for the wrong reasons, whilst remaining blind to what Gigibee thinks the vegan industry is actually about. The main client base for the company is its Millennial and Gen-Z audience. This is why the majority of its marketing efforts are concentrated online, through relevant promotions. Gigibee Beauty thinks that people just want to be understood, and it is happy to relate on their level, through memes, jokes, context, content, and more. This is essential to unite the customer and brand. Of course, Giorgina herself is the biggest selling point for Gigibee, as she is out there selling the company’s products just by being herself. The company’s latest game changing product is the Beeloved Brow Fix. This is a flake-free, strong-hold but lightweight brow gel that can do it all. This is a product that can create any brow look, from fluffy to natural to laminated. Just as Gigibee Beauty is delighting customers, we are delighted to announce it as Best Cruelty-Free/Vegan Make-Up Brand 2023 – Netherlands. It’s ethical and innovative products are a real boost to the beauty industry, and we can’t wait to see where it will expand next! Company: Gigibee Beauty Web Address: Contact Name: Gelano Fijten ouTube is big business in the make-up world, and home to literally tens of thousands of how-to videos. To rise to the top in such a jam-packed arena is no easy task, and shows an unerring dedication to your craft. Giorgina Juanita has made a name for herself in this competitive environment, and built up a loyal following. When she made the decision to transition to a more vegan lifestyle, she was taken with the idea of complementing her lifestyle brand videos with a makeup company that fulfilled the same ethos. This was back in 2019, when there weren’t enough big brands responding to the call for vegan and cruelty-free make-up products. Forming a company with her partner Gelano Fijten was the natural answer, and meant that she could market and sell the eyelash products of her choice to the audience she had built up over the years. The essential Gigibee Beauty company consists of just 3 people, but it outsources to agencies such as 3PL to ensure it keeps up with demand. CEO Gelano explains to us how his role is part creative, part finance, part product development, and part marketing. He really does a bit of everything, and finds himself working all over the place to ensure the company prospers. Gigibee Beauty is first and foremost always a vegan and cruelty-free brand, but it also has a major focus on 3 other company goals. These are to strive to make people’s daily make-up routines easier, to develop products that are easy-to-use and beginner-friendly, and to only bring products to market that are considered absolute necessities in everyone’s make-up bag. Since the company first launched back in 2019, the proliferation of vegan and cruelty-free make-up brands has flourished, which has meant that to stand out from the crowd Gigibee had to innovate. Hence its additional 3 core values. The company values have helped to shape the brand, and now they combine seamlessly to present an overall mission; to be a useful and instantly recognisable make-up brand. It wants to be recognised as a company that can be trusted, with every single step it takes done with a discernible purpose. It wants people to know that everything is done consciously, and never for a ‘sell out’ reason. It is saddened by the fact Y