Global Vegan Awards Packages 2023

About Us Introduction LUXlife is happy to announce the return of the Global Vegan Awards! Now entering the third year, this award recognises the standout companies, brands and products working within the Vegan industry. The Global Vegan Awards 2023 will once again shine a light on the industrious companies that are revolutionising the global food market and encouraging a fairer and greener way of life. Through innovation, these brands are pioneering a new future for international consumer spending. With many now embracing the vegan lifestyle, now is the perfect time to reward the hardworking companies involved in the industry. From food and beverages to beauty products and fashion accessories, the vegan market is growing to encompass all aspects of the lifestyle industry. This dynamic market is transforming the production and manufacturing lifecycles of consumer goods and food products. This is best seen through the environmental benefits of switching to a Vegan lifestyle, with plant-based foods emitting only half the amount of greenhouse gases as animal-based foods. Consumers are increasingly motivated by ethical considerations, and the actions and commitments of a business are now proving a key factor in consumer decisionmaking. With Vegans predicted to amount to 1-2% of the global population, standing out within the Vegan Market currently is a challenge. Following an explosion of exciting new products, the industry remains populated but niche, where small independent producers are at risk of being overshadowed by established powerhouse brands. Attracting a loyal consumer base is thus an important goal for each company, and those striving to lead through innovation are paving the way forward. As such, we at LUXlife wish to celebrate the dedicated efforts of trailblazers involved in the Vegan sector by providing recognition on an international scale. The Global Vegan Awards 2023 is the perfect platform to applaud and commend these companies and individuals. Bronze Package 695 GBP Full page article Bespoke trophy Personalised digital logo