2020 LUXlife Global Wedding Packages

Diamond Package The main front cover image and headline is the most important placement within any publication, the most viewed page of the magazine and the most sought after. Front cover inclusion is great for bringing in new business and raising awareness on your company, product or cause, targeting 95-100% of VIP audience. The 4 pages of editorial within the 2020 Global Wedding Awards winners’ magazine are such a huge feature and a great way to follow on from gracing the front cover! You will be able to link your specific pages on multiple platforms such as websites, social media and emails. You would also be entitled to receive a high-resolution PDF copy of your editorial piece at the end of the process for use in your own promotional and celebratory activities! We have an amazing in-house creative team create your 900-word piece for or alongside you, to find out more, please see page 11. The 2 personalised crystal trophies are perfect for individuals seeking to celebrate achievements in style and receive accreditation for their success in the 2020 Global Wedding Awards. Each trophy is personalised by our in-house creative team to feature an award title, company name and company logo; serving as a great way to share the news of your win with customers and clients. In addition to looking great around the workplace or events, they also feature nicely in social media posts or group photos. Our new contemporary style slate trophies are a sleek way to compliment your crystal trophies. Again, these will be personalised by our in-house creative team to feature an award title, company name and company logo; serving as a great way to share the news of your win with customers and clients High resolution 2020 Global Wedding Awards personalised digital winners’ logo can be used in many ways! You can use a digital logo as-and-when you wish, in whichever way suits you. They are very versatile! These are compatible with all digital platforms such as websites and social media and also printable, meaning you can print it onto flyers, business cards, newsletters etc. giving you the best of both worlds! Furthermore, they are an ideal way to showcase your award in an eye-catching and fun way! Our personalised digital certificates are presented in high resolution PDF format, stating your company name and award title. We can also include your company logo if you would like! The certificate is print ready and, as it is a digital item, it has unlimited usability, making it an essential tool to any company’s marketing strategy. The digital certificate is A4 in size and can be created by our design team in landscape or portrait; whichever suits you best! Featuring a stamp of approval and a signature form one of the directors here at LUX, the digital certificate is a great way to certify your success. Our new 100 Personalised promotional stickers are such a fun way to get noticed! Our high-quality stickers will consist of the LUXlife logo, your winning title and company name. Breaking from the digital world, the stickers are a great touch to any physical material you may use, such as letters, at events/ fairs, and on flagship products, amongst many other uses! The wall mounted certificate is an aesthetically pleasing way to showcase your title and serve to remind both yourself and clients of your recognition and success with LUXlife! Much like the trophy, the wooden backed plaque is personalised by our in-house creative team to feature an award title, company name and company You will receive you very own 8-page digital brochure of your inclusion. This will act as your very own digital winners’ magazine and will include only your editorial and, obviously, the covers. This acts as a great read for both past, present and future clients! The 50 x high end hard copies of your 8-page brochure are a huge bonus! As a digital magazine, we understand that sometimes within this industry, you want something to physically hand clients at events such as trade shows, or just in store. We at LUXlife will both design and print your high-quality brochure, featuring the news all about you and your company only! As well as being in the spotlight as the main feature of the 2020 Global Wedding Awards by LUXlife, we will dedicate a full page advert to your company in any issue of LUXlife of 2020 magazine, giving you double to amount of exposure to our global circulation of 238,000.