2020 LUXlife Global Wedding Packages

Who Creates These Items C We are luckily to have an amazing team, consisting of our design team and our editorial team. Any editorial piece will be created by our in-house team. They can create your bespoke piece in a number of ways, either via telephone interview, sending you a set of questions, or using the space for an advert. You can even submit a piece yourself if wanted. Our usual process consists of our editor sending across a questionnaire and then drafting up an article from the answers provided. You will receive proof of the article in a draft format so you can make any change you deem suitable. Once the wording has been finalised our design team will layout the page including images from yourself and and once again send this across so you can see the full article and images prior to publication! You will also receive a high-resolution pdf copy of the page, which you will be able to use at your own discretion. Any design item, such as the trophies, logos, certificates, stickers and plaques will be created by our in-house desig team. Our design team will send you a proof of each item before being sent to production, so you are able to request any amendments. The total turnaround time for the trophy is around six weeks from design, to production to delivery. We use a tracked courier service to ensure the trophy reaches you safely! With regards to the logos and certificates, you will receive these within 48 hours from your approval. The promotional stickers will have a turn around of 2 weeks from your approval. Both teams will be on hand to create and deliver your items to the best standard!