2020 LUXlife Global Wedding Packages

Time to raise your glasses to the 2020 Global Wedding Awards by LUXlife! Who are LUXlife Distributed digitally, group-wide to our circulation of 238,000, LUXlife is a luxury bi-monthly publication with a truly global reach! To view our media kid including our global circulation figures, please see here. With our ever-increasing web traffic over the years, 2020 is set to be our biggest and best year yet and we would love for you to be involved! 2020 brings the fourth year for the Global Wedding Awards hosted by LUXlife. To view the previous year’s winners, please see here under the ‘our winners’ tab. Once again, many congratulations from all of us here LUXlife for being named one of the very best within the wedding industry this year! As a LUXlife winner, you are free to choose our ‘Favour’ packaged as promised; you can find this listed in our contents page. As well as our complementary items, we have several commercial packages available which you will also find in our contents. These are completely optional and are each made bespoke to our winners’ wants and needs. In the ‘Order of the Day’, you will find information such as where to best use your winner’s items, LUXlife testimonials and some information about our wonderful teams. Congratulations once again, do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have! Welcome To The Global Wedding Awards Contents Page 3 – Favour Package Page 4 – Blush Package Page 6 – Ivory Package Page 8 - Champagne Package Page 19 - Diamond Package Page 12 – Individual Elements Page 13 – Testimonials and Reviews Page 14 – Who creates the items and how? Page 15 – How to order