Global Wedding Awards 2018 Page 29 LUX 2018 Global Wedding Awards As in any service industry, in wedding planning and décor exceptional client service is vital to success, and this would not be possible without a dedicated team of staff. Marina discusses her team and how they work alongside her clients to create something truly special, every time. “Fundamentally, my team is the backbone of MV Décor and I could not do this work without them. I work closely with my entire staff and we are one big family who enjoys every moment spent together making these weddings come alive. They understand our level of standards and expectations; ensuring every detail from the chair and napkin placement to the thickness of our wall draping, every item has its place.” With a growing trend for DIY wedding decoration, many decorators have struggled to attract clients, however, Marina believes that her work’s incredible quality speaks for itself, and that a change in the market is also underway which will offer her many more opportunities going forward, as she proudly concludes. “Over recent years, wedding decorators, in particular have faced declining demand, as more couples embraced a do-it-yourself approach. However, I believe a stronger economic environment here in Canada will help counterbalance this decrease to a certain extent. Rustic weddings held in barns and other DIY settings have been popular consumer preferences; we believe that a more formal approach will come back. Brides are starting to say, ‘my friend, cousin and big sister did that, I am going to do something different. We will be there to accommodate all dreams the best as possible. Company: MV Decor Contact: Marina Kovacevic Address: 19784 Wildwood Pl, Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, V3Y 1M6, Canada Phone: 1-604-250-0339 Web Address: Established in 2016 MV Décor works alongside its clients to create truly unforgettable experiences that meet their needs and budgets. Marina explores how the firm works to achieve this aim for every client it supports. “MV Décor was created with a vision of helping brides achieve their dream weddings at an affordable cost. We work with all brides and we want every off them to feel special, excited and confident about coming to us because we know can promise them so much more than a dream wedding. We listen to our brides and differentiate ourselves from the competition in the industry and we feel our work speaks for itself.” Based in British Columbia, MV Décor is a wedding and event planning company specializing in wedding design and decor. We invited Founder Marina Kovacevic to tell us more about the range of services her firm provides. MV Decor Best New Wedding Planning Company 2018 - Southern British Columbia MV Decor © MV Decor © MV Decor ©