Global Wedding Awards 2023

Global Wedding Awards 2023 | 15 Red Velvet Weddings offers three different planning packages, catering to a range of needs. Firstly, Ise offers a full planning package, in which she supports clients from the moment they brainstorm their initial ideas. She aims to drive these ideas into reality, assisting with venue searching, selection of vendors, budget management, and coordination of bookings and payments. Through this, she expertly creates the event of clients’ dreams. On the day, she is present to help set up in the morning and coordinate the full event. Secondly, Ise offers partial planning, which perfectly suits those who have all the planning and organizational skills to get the job done but need a helping hand in the finalisation process. They may get lost in the many options and struggle to keep on the right path. Ise can guide clients in the right direction and pick up where they left off to finalise the perfect day. This package also includes morning set up and full day coordination. Lastly, for those who have planned every detail and arranged the event of their dreams, Ise offers coordination services for the last month before the day of their event. She ties up any loose ends, sets up in the morning, and coordinates on the day. This service allows the client to enjoy the lead up to their event and focus on spending time with their loved ones on the day. Ise has had a hand in putting together an impressive portfolio of stunning events, which can be seen photographed on the Red Velvet Weddings website. As the main planner, she is assisted by two other members of staff, making the Red Velvet team officially a team of three. However, Ise is proud to also have some of the best partners in the business, including a florist, photographer, videographer, caterer and a hair and makeup artist, whose skills she has complete faith in. Ise is able to hire these partners for most of her weddings, meaning her events are backed by a true dream team of professionals. The fruits of her hard work are demonstrated in the glowing reviews Red Velvet Weddings has received from clients. They frequently mention her professional, thoughtful, and helpful services, as well as her attention to detail in every aspect of planning. There is no request or idea that Ise is unwilling to accommodate, in fact one review states that her response to everything is “I’ll see what I can do”. Another client expresses her appreciation for Ise’s services, stating, “She was by our side through this entire experience, and I truly believe we would not have had our dream wedding if it was not for her. It was our wedding day, and I was not even the slightest bit stressed. She thought of everything!” As many know, travel and events were significantly affected by the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Weddings across the world had to be cancelled and postponed as a result. In 2022, Red Velvet Weddings faced its busiest year, with many rescheduled weddings to organize. As well as this, Ise noticed that many new couples were looking to celebrate their love together as soon as possible in the wake of the pandemic. Ise comments, “I believe this is the time to celebrate that we are alive, we are healthy, and we are in love. Go for it because life is not guaranteed! Eat that cake, do that hike, take that trip, marry him!” With her incredible organization, attention to detail, and superior vendor connections, Ise brings wedding dreams to life and makes couples’ journeys to the altar as relaxing as possible. Clients can trust that everything will go to plan, from rehearsal to grand exit. For this reason, Red Velvet Weddings has won Best Central America Destination Wedding Planner in the Global Wedding Awards 2023. The future is bright for Ise and her company as she continues to create beautiful and memorable occasions for her clients. Contact: Ise Chaves Company: Red Velvet Weddings Web Address: