Global Wedding Awards 2023

18 | LUXlife Magazine wedding is an incredibly special event, one that people spend years dreaming about and months planning. After dedicating so much time and effort to organising the perfect day, couples put their trust in a wedding photographer to ensure that every special moment is captured, from sneaky glances to fun candid scenes. Not only that, but the quality of their wedding photo album is determined by the abilities of the photographer. The last thing a couple wants is blurry or poorly edited pictures to remember their wedding by for years to come. With TB Photography and Videography, clients can trust that their photo album will be full of precious memories encapsulated in high-quality, beautiful photographs. From getting ready for the day, to the ceremony, to the reception that follows, Tanya and Mike will capture moments that reflect the clients’ personality and emotion. The guests and location will also be photographed, ensuring no aspect of the day is forgotten. Clients can choose from packages involving just photography, just videography, or both. No matter their choice, they can trust that the day will be truly immortalised, and the memories preserved for years to come. Before commitment is made, Tanya and Mike love to meet with potential clients to discuss what each package involves, with a detailed brief and examples provided. This way, they can get a thorough understanding of what the client requires, and clients can discover more about the services offered by TB Photography and Videography. Tanya and Mike’s work encompasses many styles, including modern, photo-journalistic, relaxed, and traditional. Their style of photography very much depends on the specific wedding and the couple they are working with. They take the time to get to know the clients before the day, ensuring all photos and videos truly reflect who they are. On its website, TB Photography and Videography’s extensive portfolio of example work can be viewed, which showcases a range of styles. The passion Tanya and Mike have for what they do can easily be seen in the stunning photographs and videos they take. They love their job and see it as an adventure as they learn new things and strive to accomplish their goals and overcome challenges. Tanya has loved photography since she received her first camera at the age of 11. Since then, she has been taking photographs to preserve moments that inspire her. When Tanya met Mike, an avid music fan, she started going to gigs with him and capturing the unique concert atmosphere. Mike ventured into the world of photography and videography when he was inspired by Tanya to learn how to work the camera. Together, they created TB Photography and Videography, which started as a company that captured live bands and has since expanded to Most Captivating Wedding Photographer 2023 (Australia): Tanya-Louise Trandafil Owned by passionate professionals Tanya and Mike, TB Photography and Videography is an Australian company offering professional multimedia services for events across Melbourne and Adelaide. For many years, the company has captured couples’ unique stories on their wedding days, preserving magical moments for a lifetime through photo and video. include weddings. At gigs, Tanya and Mike love to infuse the lively atmosphere into their photos and videos, with dim lights, emotive faces, and the reactions of the crowd. They utilise these abilities to encapsulate the ambience at the weddings they work on, which is what makes their photos and videos so special. As a result of Tanya and Mike’s passion, TB Photography and Videography provides an incredibly high level of service. The company has garnered a 5-star rating on Google, with clients praising their dedication, professionalism, and high-quality work in their many positive reviews. Feedback also mentions their flexibility and their ability to adapt to any style or theme, which makes them very easy to work with. Considering the company’s great reputation in South Australia, it is no surprise that one review by Mobile Make-Over Australia states, “We work with a lot of photographers and videographers and highly recommend TB Photography and Videography. We are always bumping into Tanya and Mike at weddings, which is a great indicator that they are loved and a popular choice for weddings. Not only that, but I personally used them for my own wedding too.” Backed by an eye-catching portfolio of wedding photographs and glowing feedback from customers, Tanya-Louise Trandafil has been awarded Most Captivating Wedding Photographer, Australia, in the Global Wedding Awards 2023. The coming year will undoubtedly bring plenty of exciting projects for Tanya as she continues to provide unparalleled wedding photography services to every client she takes on, bolstering the already great reputation of TB Photography and Videography. Contact: Tanya-Louise Trandafil Company: TB Photography & Videography Web Address: A