Global Wedding Awards 2023

22 | LUXlife Magazine ather than having a ceremony in a church or house of worship, some couples opt for a free wedding ceremony that celebrates love regardless of religion, gender, and spiritual affiliation. In the modern day, free weddings are becoming increasingly popular, offering boundless opportunities for the customisation and personalisation of speeches, rituals, and vows. Since 2014, Naomi Baroness von Sachsen has worked full-time as a certified wedding speaker in Los Angeles and Switzerland. Since childhood, she has had a love for singing, often losing herself in music and lyrics. Over the years, she has worked hard to combine her passion for entertainment with her love for weddings. Now, Naomi designs free wedding ceremonies that suit the individual needs of her clients, delivering personalised performances at weddings in German, CHGerman, English, and Italian. In order to create the perfect ceremony for her clients, Naomi works hard to get to know them personally beforehand. The process always begins with a first, non-binding meeting in which she connects with her clients, aiming to learn about them both as individuals and as a couple. She then creates a tailored speech, focusing on capturing the story of how they first met, when their love came to life, how the proposal went, and what they love most about each other. Naomi works with her clients to create a personal, emotional, and humorous ceremony which, while joyful and casual, has traditional elements. She will also create and deliver a poem written especially for the clients. As part of the silver, gold, and platinum packages, Naomi will sing live at the ceremony. Couples are invited to request their favourite songs for her to sing during this time. Following this, as part of the gold and platinum packages, Naomi will ensure the entertainment flows seamlessly into the aperitif. She will ensure that music fills the air, creating a good atmosphere and mood as guests await the arrival of the newlywed couple. This package also includes further live entertainment and singing while guests eat. With the platinum package, Naomi provides DJ services into the evening, continuing to provide the perfect music for a celebration. She will take care of any musical interludes and coordinate highlights including the entry of the couple into the ballroom, the wedding dance, throwing the bridal bouquet, and cutting the cake. This package also includes a disco ball light for the dancefloor and help with any other required event technology. Those who hire Naomi can trust that their wedding will be filled with fun, great energy, and positivity. This is evident in the excellent reviews she has received from clients, which frequently refer to the emotional, funny, and exciting way in which she told their story. They are often thrilled with Best Intercultural Wedding Speaker 2023: Naomi Baroness von Sachsen A wedding is a celebration of the love shared between two people and the unique story behind their partnership. The Wedding Lady, Naomi Baroness von Sachsen, is a certified wedding speaker who loves bringing a couple’s personal story to the forefront of their wedding, through emotive and humorous speeches, poems, and live music. the ceremony she created for them and would highly recommend her to any other engaged couples planning a wedding. Glowing feedback from Carmen and Dominic states, “We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful musical accompaniment, all your work and your warmth. You made a significant contribution to making this day unforgettable for us.” As a result of her outstanding ceremonies, personalised speeches and beautiful musical entertainment, Naomi Baroness von Sachsen has been awarded Best Intercultural Wedding Speaker in the Global Wedding Awards 2023. Moving on from this success, the Wedding Lady continues to deliver incredible ceremonies, helping couples create memories that last a lifetime on their most special days. We wish Naomi the best in her endeavours and look forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings for her. Contact: Naomi Baroness von Sachsen Company: Wedding Lady Web Address: R