Global Wedding Awards 2023

24 | LUXlife Magazine Wedding Travel Association of the Year 2023 International Association of Destination Wedding Professionals (IADWP) is a group of destination wedding and romance tourism specialists, mainly wedding planners and travel agents. The association strives to educate its members and provide them with access to the best vendors in the industry. Engaged couples planning a destination wedding are encouraged to ensure that their chosen vendors are professionals affiliated with the IADWP. International Association of Destination Wedding Professionals (IADWP) was originally MexicoWed, a company created to organise conferences and trade shows for destination wedding professionals interested in learning about Mexico and its established resorts and vendors. Through this, IADWP enabled businesses to become more knowledgeable and provide their clients with the highest standard of service. Today, IADWP has grown to become the largest association of its kind, with over 2,500 members in more than 20 countries across the globe. The association consists of a worldwide community of destination wedding and romance tourism professionals, mainly wedding planners and travel agents. It is dedicated to educating its members through international conferences, seminars, webinars, and certification programmes, enabling them to keep up with their competitors and remain cutting edge. IADWP has organized conferences around the world, including the USA, Canada, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, and more, facilitating the exchange of knowledge amongst network members in these countries. As well as conferences and trade shows, IADWP offers members an online global network through which they can research destinations, hotels, resorts, photographers, and vendors, whose services are beneficial to engaged couples looking to plan a destination wedding or honeymoon. In addition, the association offers yearlong programmes featuring seminars, webinars, certification programmes, and WTS (Wedding Tourism Specialists) Distinctive, which is the only official recognition for destination wedding professionals. After two challenging years for travel and events, which have significantly affected destination weddings in particular, many celebrations have been rescheduled for 2023 and beyond, making the coming years particularly busy in the industry. IADWP has learned from its North American and Latin American members that businesses have experienced significant growth in 2022 and are expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Although data from other countries is harder for the association to obtain, it understands that the situation is undoubtedly similar in popular European destinations such as Italy, Portugal, and Turkey. As a result, the future looks bright for all players and vendors involved in the destination wedding market. Consumer expenditure has increased in the last two years with more guests, longer stays in hotels, and more sophisticated celebrations. More and more engaged couples are planning full vacation-celebration experiences for their weddings. Couples also seem to be realising that, in comparison with the cost of a large banquet at home, destination weddings can be financially beneficial to them if guests cover their own travel costs. Furthermore, in recent years, sustainability and inclusion have become increasingly important in the wedding and celebration industry. Vendors are paying more attention to the resources they use, striving to create sustainable celebrations that are mindful of the environment. As well as this, vendors are becoming more accepting of the LGBT community and their wedding celebrations. Some are also paying more attention to the celebrations of people with special needs. The IADWP is supportive of these developments and encourages its members to aid in the progression towards a comprehensive world. As a result of the innovative and inspiring education and resources it provides destination wedding planners and travel agents across the world, the International Association of Destination Wedding Professionals has been awarded Wedding Travel Association of the Year in the Global Wedding Awards 2023. With busy years ahead, members of the association will undoubtedly thrive with the assistance of IADWP. Recently, IADWP has launched the second edition of the International Destination Wedding Planner Certification, recognised by the Marista University, in Spanish to the Latin American community. Later this year, the English version will become available, expanding its reach to more members of the association. Contact: Kitzia Morales Company: IADWP Web Address: