Global Wedding Awards 2023

38 | LUXlife Magazine ormer winner of the LUXlife Customer Service Excellence Award 2022, Casey Micallef, is back again to claim a new prestigious award as Best Family & Wedding Photographer 2023 (Mid North Coast NSW). Casey has an artist’s eye for staging stunning and distinctive pictures, whether they be a newborn baby’s first exciting photo shoot, an expectant mother’s proudly displayed baby bump or a blissful romantic moment caught between two newlyweds. Casey is committed to providing her clients with a service resulting in something tangible they can take away and cherish. Her company covers weddings, maternity, newborn and family portraits. It is dedicated and determined to put clients at ease in front of the camera, working hard to ensure they feel as comfortable as they possibly can. This helps to create successful, powerful images everyone can be proud of, which is great because Casey strongly believes all her clients deserve to have photographs of themselves they truly love. She must have heard that line we all say about looking terrible in photographs one too many times, and determined to change things around for the better. Casey does her utmost to capture life’s most valuable moments so they can be remembered in all their glory. Her journey to photography began with an epiphany moment, following the birth of her third child. A sudden realisation dawned on her that she had been missing out on documenting the important moments of life in her precious family. She set about changing this by picking up a camera and resolving to dedicate herself to providing the service she herself wished she’d taken advantage of years earlier. She realised that with her previous two children growing up fast, time had passed in the blink of an eye with nothing but a few snaps on phone cameras to remember important occasions by. Casey has developed a style of her own, focusing on emotive human conditions and capturing moments of life and passion. Her photography champions the idea of human connection, from first kicks to first steps to Best Family & Wedding Photographer 2023 (Mid North Coast NSW): Casey Micallef Casey Micallef Photography specialises in weddings, maternity, and newborns. Australian Casey is an award-winning photographer who is gifted at capturing people’s essence. She is an expert at catching life’s most precious moments for future posterity. first wedding kisses. After extensive training and upskilling in all manner of different styles and techniques, Casey began by launching her own photography business as a sole trader. Over time she developed her practice, introducing various new techniques. She took the time to concentrate and experiment with film, knowing that every new skill mastered could be added to the services she offers. Recently Casey has been studying in Sydney with the professional photographer Ana Brandt, one of the most recognised newborn photographers in the world. Following this rewarding experience, she is looking forward to putting her new skills into practice with more maternity and newborn photo sessions. As far as her award-winning wedding photography goes, Casey is eager to overcome her anxieties post the COVID-19 pandemic, and reschedule many shoots that had to be cancelled. Knowing that this particular area of photography is a saturated market, she is eager to stay ahead of the curve. Finally, there are a couple more exciting developments to note for Casey Micallef Photography. Firstly, there’s its newly built studio space, opening May 2023; an expansion that will be so helpful for the burgeoning business. The second new development consists of plans to introduce another photographer specifically for the busy wedding division. Casey has trained her husband Daniel to take on this role, and he has proved to be a highly adept, quick learning student. Nothing could be more appropriate for this amazing, award-winning photography studio than keeping it all in the family. Company: Casey Micallef Photography Contact: Casey Micallef Web Address: F “As a photographer my goal is to help you and your family create lasting memories that you can cherish for years to come. Whether it's a special occasion or just a regular day, I can help you capture those moments in a way that truly reflects the love and connection that you share. Don't put off capturing these precious memories any longer.”