Global Wedding Awards 2023

44 | LUXlife Magazine Best Bridal Boutique 2023 – Brisbane You’ll find Oh Hello Bride based in an iconic heritage home in Hamilton, gazing out over the yachts cruising the Brisbane River to the city beyond. The company, founded by wedding stylist Jodie Ladhams, has one aim – to help you find your dream wedding dress. We chat with Jodie and take a look at Oh Hello Bride and its unique approach to your special day. When it comes to your special day, you know there’s one thing that has to be perfect – your dress! Feeling like a million dollars when you walk down the aisle, after all those months, or even years, of planning is non-negotiable. But finding exactly the right dress can be a daunting experience. Not so if you enlist the help of Jodie Ladhams and the team at Oh Hello Bride. Oh Hello Bride invites its clients to an exclusive wedding dress discovery experience. The company’s collection features dresses from local and international designers including Luce Sposa, Perfioni, Katya Katya and Olya Mak. With decades of experience in the wedding industry, the team at Oh Hello Bride are experts at helping clients find the perfect gown for their perfect day. Jodie tells us, “We strive to provide a unique experience that we hope becomes a positive memory for our brides. We want to make lasting memories.” And, if that wasn’t enough, every bride receives a custom Barbie doll wearing a miniature replica of their very own wedding gown! The small team at Oh Hello Bride prides itself on its personalised and attentive service. Jodie introduces us to her staff, “Ruby is my assistant. She’s a gem. She and I are on the same page when it comes to anticipating brides' needs, knowing which dresses to select and coming up with new ideas. Even our insanely methodical cleaning habits are in tune. “Jasmine is our alterations specialist. She’s as wild yet sweet as the flower whose name she bears. She is a New York native and an amazing seamstress – her beading is out of this world.” It hasn’t been all champagne and roses for Oh Hello Bride though. The company opened its doors for business shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic hit Australia. And not long after, it had a major flood disaster to contend with. Jodie tells us, “Through it all, we kept our eyes and hearts facing forward, knowing that this too shall pass. Since the return of weddings and events after the lockdowns we’ve met the most gorgeous brides and helped make some beautiful bridal memories. “I’ve learned a lot about trust and complications since opening this business. To trust our instincts, ourselves, each other and our decisions. Complicating simple issues is something we have learned to pay attention to. If it gets too complicated, it isn’t right. Whether that be with staff or designs or contractors, if it starts becoming too complicated then it’s time for both sides to cut ties.” Oh Hello Bride has recently launched its own line of gowns. Simple in their elegance, the cuts and fabrics chosen are those which are most popular with clients. Once selected, the gown is then customised with a little Oh Hello Bride magic. A giant bow here, a pink overskirt there, the bride’s imagination leads the way. Looking to the future, the company plans to renovate the front terrace and pool bar area of its premises as a hen party venue. Offering such a full service to brides and brides-to-be, Oh Hello Bride has positioned itself as a fine option for making your moments exceptional. Contact Details Contact: Jodie Ladhams Company: Oh Hello Bride Web Address: