Global Wedding Awards 2024

Jun22596 12 | LUXlife Magazine Built atop an astounding Anavyssosan hill situated in the Athenian Riviera, more commonly known as Synterina, Hatzi Mansion is a 500 year old Byzantine stone mansion whose fairytale atmosphere has to be experienced to be believed. Capturing the unique historical identity of Greece, this illustrious venue provides the perfect place for couples looking to tie the knot under the spectacular Athenian sunset. Enhanced both by the legacy the venue carries and the horizon over which the mansion looks, Hatzi Mansion presents a whimsical environment that perfectly balances every element needed to make a couple’s big day distinct. Thriving off of tradition, Hatzi Mansion has quickly become a coveted choice for couples who are fascinated by the rich history of the region. Not only is its surrounding area capable of providing an aura of exclusivity that greatly adds to the intimate nature of every ceremony, but it does so while telling a tale of days passed. Captured in its atmosphere is a sense of unapologetic timelessness – a trait that has long since attracted all manner of couples and guests alike. When marrying the one you intend to spend the rest of your life with, you deserve to do so in a place that promises to weave your story into its colourful tapestry of history, and Hatzi Mansion does so to the utmost degree of seamless elegance. From its painted cobbles, to its 300 year old olive grove, lemon trees, orange trees, almond orchard, and acre of picturesque lawns overlooking Athens’ world-famous sunsets, Hatzi Mansion provides guests and newly weds alike with a little slice of perfection in which they can spend the most important day of their lives. There’s truly something for everyone to enjoy, with its perfectly kept scenery Mar24546 Most Charming Luxury Wedding Venue 2024 – Athens & LUXlife Excellence in Hospitality Award 2024 Nestled away in a hidden olive grove that has watched centuries come and go, Hatzi Mansion is a historical venue whose legacy is etched into every nook and cranny. A legacy that, over the years, has been further enriched by the exciting experiences of newly weds sharing their vows against the sun-kissed horizon of Athens. Hatzi Mansion truly is an opulent spectacle – one that’s proud to welcome the couples who are ready to commit themselves to their boundless futures as spouses. Join us as we delve into how, by combining historical beauty with traditional values, Hatzi Mansion has become LUXlife Magazine’s definitive choice for Athens’ Most Charming Luxury Wedding Venue 2024. only elevating an already beautiful experience. From the moment attendees and couples arrive, they’ll be treated to sights unlike anything they’ve ever seen, allowing each ceremony to flourish as a standout event that’s bound to transcend the constraints of time and memory. Of course, it’s impossible to discuss the elegance and luxury of Hatzi Mansion without mentioning the dedicated team behind the magic. From the moment Hatzi Mansion was chosen to serve as a wedding venue, its collection of professionals have gone above and beyond to keep the grounds true to their legacy, while