Global Wedding Awards 2024

Global Wedding Awards 2024 | 13 managing to still imbue its most outstanding features with a fresh exploration of opulence. To Hatzi Mansion’s team, attaining the maximum level of quality is essential to crafting the perfect wedding ceremony, inspiring it to invest a great deal of time and attention into perfecting the aesthetics of the venue. As a result, Hatzi Mansion itself stands as a marriage in its own right – a union of age-old history and modern luxury. Additionally, Hatzi Mansion not only presents couples and guests with a stunning environment, but also offers a myriad of comprehensive services to ultimately alleviate any stresses surrounding the big day. As such a character of a building, Hatzi Mansion deserves to be appreciated in all its beauty, and it’s for this very reason that its team has tirelessly worked to develop services that are simply invaluable to any wedding party. Be it arranging accommodation, transfers, videographers, photographers, flower decoration, pre-wedding beach parties, and much more, Hatzi Mansion’s experts truly excel in creating a seamless experience that pays heed to what matters the most – the love shared between couples as they embark on their new journey as one. Whether couples are looking to be wed in the Olive Grove – an area boasting sculpture-like olive trees that have overseen a quarter of a century of history – the Entrance of the Knights in Hatzi Mansion’s grand gate, or on the 300 year old Byzantine-style mosaic floor that depicts the symbol of everlasting love, immortality, renewal, and protection between two Byzantine peacocks, Hatzi Mansion is happy to accommodate. From the moment it was selected to host its very first wedding, Hatzi Mansion has masterfully united lavish beauty and Grecian history to create an unbridled air of exclusivity that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Capable of performing a myriad of ceremonies – be they religious, civil, symbolic, etc. - Hatzi Mansion specialises in realising the wishes of its couples, and creating the perfect environment for them. Not everybody wants to have a huge, blowout wedding after all, and Hatzi Mansion prides itself on its ability to balance both types of preferences. Intimacy is as equally honoured as extravagancy, defining Hatzi Mansion has a wedding venue that has long since understood its role in bringing together two people hopelessly in love. Their unity is what matters, and Hatzi Mansion is nothing if not a paragon of ensuring that every experience under its roof is one filled with historical harmony. LUXlife Magazine prides itself on discovering those who are reinventing the meaning of luxury, but what we love seeing most is how historical settings are enriched with their own definition of glamour. Hatzi Mansion is one such setting – a wedding venue that promises to immerse couples and guests alike in a traditional Grecian atmosphere. Comprised of picturesque grounds and surrounded by some of Athens’ most compelling sights, Hatzi Mansion is undeniably the region’s best possible choice for any looking to start of the next chapter of their lives in an unforgettable way. It's for this very reason that we have been unable to resist featuring Hatzi Mansion in LUXlife Magazine’s Global Wedding Awards 2024. To close, we’d be honoured to share some words from the venue’s team itself – “Get to know Hatzi Mansion, its unique architecture, its tastes, and its people. Meet... Greece.” Contact: Evgenia Limantzaki Company: Hatzi Mansion Web Address: