Global Wedding Awards 2024

14 | LUXlife Magazine t’s no secret that weddings are expensive. In fact, your wedding may very well be the priciest commitment you ever make. And yet, it’s all worth it to spend an entire day with the person you wish to spend a lifetime with, tying yourself to them in an everlasting bond of love. Despite this, no couple can ignore that every aspect of their big day – from the venue to even the tiniest decoration – is going to cost them. Especially when, from the moment something is intended for a wedding, the price tends to soar. In circumstances where the happy couple are already close to exceeding their budget, possibly the last thing on their minds is the wedding favours. Because, surely, these little gifts for your guests are going to cost just as much as everything else. Right? Coastal Kreatives Candles answers this question with a resounding ‘no’. Created by the wonderful Cassandra Behrendsen – a woman who understands just how integral wedding favours are to elevating the experiences of both the guests and the newlyweds – and exclusively run by her and her husband, Coastal Kreatives Candles is a small business that promises to make costs the least of anyone’s worries. Specialising in Best Artisan Candle Wedding Favor Producer 2024 - USA Though they may often come as an afterthought to most, wedding favours are what can elevate a great wedding day to an unforgettable one for you and your guests. Think back to all of the weddings you’ve attended over the years. We can guarantee that the ones that stand out the most are those that cherished your presence enough to present you with a gift at the end of the day. Wedding favours are a simple, yet effective, way to honour your connection with your guests, and nobody understands this better than Coastal Kreatives Candles. Specialising in creating award-winning artisan candles, this small business has already had a big impact on happy couples across the US. selling hand-crafted, 100% soy based candles, Cassandra has spent her years connecting with couples across the US, all in the hopes that her products can help to elevate their wedding to an unforgettable status. Eager to work with anyone, be it the bride-to-be, couples, mothers of the bride or groom, event planners, and event coordinators alike, Coastal Kreatives Candles brings an entirely new perspective to the handmade wedding favours sphere. Since the art of gift giving was popularised, candles have been unanimously accepted as one of the most delightful items to receive, with their unique scents able to transport people back to the day they received them. Identifying this, Cassandra founded Coastal Kreatives Candles to capture this very essence. Providing candle favours ranging from 2oz to 16oz – ones that are completely free from dyes in order to ensure a clean burn time – Cassandra brings a welcome breath of fresh air to the art of handmade wedding favours. Empowered by the desire to be as budget friendly as possible, while simultaneously delivering an elegant product that perfectly aligns with the theming and atmosphere of any wedding, Coastal Kreatives Candles has quickly become a popular choice for couples looking to further enrich their guests’ attendance. And yet, some may be dissuaded from choosing candles as a wedding favour, mostly due to the unpredictable nature of how various scents may manifest. For example, lavender can smell different to different manufacturers, ultimately creating something of a gamble for any selecting candles as their main wedding favour. How can you guarantee that you’ll love the scent if you’re buying from an online store, after all? Coastal Kreatives Candles understands this concern, and therefore provides couples with the chance to purchase a selection of sample fragrances. Individually packaged to perfection, these samples allow clients to actually smell their candles before they’re made, granting them the freedom to choose whatever scent they believe their guests will love. This personalised nature is what truly distinguishes Coastal Kreatives Candles – where most would have customers purchasing without smelling, Cassandra presents an opportunity that eliminates any and all risks. As such, couples can purchase a bundle of candle favours that they love, detracting from the worry of any being left behind. Since they chose the fragrance, there’s a guarantee that every cherished favour will see use, whether guests take them home or not. I