Global Wedding Awards 2024

Global Wedding Awards 2024 | 15 Adding to this exceptional selection of personalisation, Coastal Kreatives Candles also offers customers the option to customise the labels on their candles, should they wish to further integrate them into the overall theming of the event. No two weddings are the same, and this variation is what truly empowers such a handmade oriented business. To Cassandra, presenting couples with totally unique products to gift to their guests is paramount, and she has thought of every possible way to further individualise her items. In doing so, she has imbued Coastal Kreatives Candles with the means to flourish as a renowned, made-toorder business that any couple would be delighted to support. Mason jar candles have become all the rage in recent years, and yet it’s this very popularity that has contributed to their more coveted nature. With such a high increase in demand, one would think that every collective selling such products would be eager to raise their prices to contend with one another. However, Coastal Kreatives Candles was founded to provide couples with a budget-friendly solution to their wedding favour conundrums, and Cassandra has made it clear that she intends to uphold this founding ethos, regardless of how the industry may shift. To her, enriching the experience of newlyweds and their guests alike is the most important part of her craft, and it’s this characteristic that continuously attracts all kinds of customers to her beautiful business. Coastal Kreatives Candles is an exemplary small business who, guided forward by both an exceptional woman and her equally wonderful husband, has consistently elevated weddings across the US. Though simple, its made to order, 100% soy candles capture the art of customisation, without demanding that customers exceed their budget in order to indulge. Creating connections, and seeing the impact that its products have on any couple’s big day, form the foundations upon which Coastal Kreatives Candles has built itself, and we’re certain that 2024’s wedding season will only continue to showcase the brilliance of this business. Here at LUXlife Magazine, we are always looking to shed light on those who have dedicated themselves to injecting a little extra luxury into the lives of their customers, and Coastal Kreatives Candles is a shining example of this. As such, we’re delighted to present the business with this award, and we hope that this feature can assure couples that, no matter what, your wedding favours will be in great hands with Cassandra of Coastal Kreatives Candles. Contact: Cassandra Behrendsen Company: Coastal Kreatives Candles Web Address: