Global Wedding Awards 2024

Jun22596 16 | LUXlife Magazine For over sixteen years, Rosella Lanzafame has been delighting couples across Sicily with her exceptional eye for organising showstopping weddings. From the moment she onboarded her very first client, Rosella has proven that she’s able to not only understand what couples want, but how to bring these very wishes to life. After all, marriage is beautiful, and the ceremony itself should possess a matching beauty that’s carried through even the tiniest of details. Couples want their big day to be absolutely perfect – flawless even – and it’s here that Rosella Lanzafame truly thrives. To her, removing the potential to make irreversible mistakes is paramount when putting together a wedding, and she therefore offers her aid to couples who boast an abundance of complex dreams just waiting to be realised. Going as far as to say that, should a client ask for a wedding on the moon, she’d be the one to make it happen, Rosella Lanzafame continuously expresses an honest love for her work. It’s clear that wedding planning is her true calling, and it’s what inspires her to be the very best version of herself each and every day. Only then can she home in on every element of whichever wedding she may be working on. From the obvious features, such as the venue and décor, down to the tiny wedding favours, Rosella Lanzafame excels at exploring the intricacies of the wedding planning process. In doing so, she presents couples with access to thoughtful, meticulous planning that’s set to guarantee absolute perfection. Despite taking on roughly fifteen weddings a year, Rosella Lanzafame manages to continuously inject an incredible essence of personality into each ceremony. However, she only accomplishes this through the connections that she forms with her newly weds to be. In fact, this aspect is one that wholly defines Rosella’s approach to the art of wedding planning – she strives to create an empathetic relationship that’s built on the foundations of trust and understanding. In forging such invaluable bonds, Rosella Lanzafame is able to truly recognise their nuances as a pair, allowing her to map out a wedding that’s catered to their unique characteristics. On such an important day, the spouses must be at the forefront of everyone’s attention, and this begins with representing them through every single detail. Branching off of this approach, Rosella Lanzafame also integrates a more advanced sense of comfort into the ceremonies she plans. To Mar24236 Best Luxury Wedding Planners 2024 - Sicily Anybody set to get married will tell you that, above all else, their big day must be perfect. It needs to showcase the love between the lucky couple, while wowing guests with its splendour. However, while you may know exactly what you want for your wedding, actually planning it can create a wealth of problems that aren’t so easily solved alone. Thankfully, Rosella Lanzafame is an award-winning luxury wedding planner that specialises in opulence, allowing couples to capture what beauty means to them, without having to do any of the heavy lifting. Below, we venture into how Rosella Lanzafame goes above and beyond to make your special day all the more memorable. both Rosella and her team, ensuring that both parties not only feel captured by their surroundings, but are made to feel at home from the moment they arrive at the venue, is essential, and it’s this very mindset that distinguishes this magnificent wedding planning collective from all others. Truly, Rosella Lanzafame is the best wedding planner in Sicily, with its eye for detail and knack for developing unique atmospheres only lending to its remarkable reputation. In terms of both aesthetics and logistics, Rosella Lanzafame ensures that couples can keep their focus on enjoying the entire process of celebrating their one-of-a-kind wedding day, from start to finish. Rosella Lanzafame itself details how – “Rossella Lanzafame collaborates with a selected team, and each married couple receives our complete attention. This is why we can dedicate ourselves to a limited number of couples during the year. Our work is meticulous and accurate - from the evaluation of suppliers, who must respect the needs of the bride and groom, to the smallest details, the timing of the wedding phases, and much more. In practice, we become the eyes and ears of the spouses during the event, making sure that everything goes as planned.” Nobody wants the biggest day of their lives to go awry, so Rosella has situated both herself and her team in the optimal position to ensure there isn’t so much as a hair out of place from the initial consultation to the very end of the reception. From the moment one sets their eyes on Rosella Lanzafame’s website, the first thing they’ll notice is the shining smile of a woman who clearly adores the part she plays in changing the lives of all sorts of couples. From those dreaming of a Sicilian spectacle, to couples with their sights set on a more understated ceremony, no couple is excluded from the welcoming embrace of this wonderful wedding planner. Rosella expresses how it’s this very approach – one that sees her realising the dreams of her clients – that brings her the truest form of happiness. In her own words – “My most complete satisfaction is the joy I see in the eyes of my spouses every time I make their dreams come true, and the awareness that I have contributed to making such an important day special makes me love my job more than anything else in the world.” In an age where weddings have become increasingly commercialised, Rosella brings the wonder and whimsy back to the forefront of the